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  1. poplar kraft

    Cayuga Barney and Bear's 32nd Annual Trout Derby

    I know what you mean it beats you up.
  2. poplar kraft

    Meyers Launch condition

    Just for you info try to launch out of myer today 2-24-18 sat. At 6:30 am 17 foot polar Kraft. I launch the boat but bottom out half way out the channel about 50 feet passed the handicap lift got unstuck and went home.
  3. poplar kraft

    Meyers Launch condition

    Vogel never made it out Sunday wife and I took our son to the emergency room at 2:30 in the morning.....everything ok now.
  4. poplar kraft

    Meyers Launch condition

    Thanks vogel..that getting sludge hammer tmrw morning. 17 foot boat going out tmrw.
  5. poplar kraft


    Saturday launch was fine launch no problem....fish from 7am to 11am caught 1 17in LL water temp 38 degrees ...went ice fishing today (Sunday) slow day today to.
  6. poplar kraft


    Darkwater thank you.
  7. poplar kraft

    Meyers Launch condition

    Doubt it is open now???
  8. poplar kraft


    Checking my self. Is Tfalls launch open and bubbler working? Want to try this weekend have a 45 min drive one way..any info on launch would greatly appericated.
  9. poplar kraft

    Legacy- 2017 Deer Season

    Something wrong with site can't see pics of deer on any page?
  10. poplar kraft

    Owasco Trip last Sunday

    I live 2 miles from the lake for 47 years we don't play that way up here. I have had my hubs covers come off before just change hubs out last year because of that.
  11. poplar kraft

    Cayuga Salvo derby

    Saw you told my son that sucks. Happen to me once hope that's the only time. Hopefully you can get back out tmrw.
  12. poplar kraft

    Cayuga Salvo derby

    Was that you getting towed back by long point heading north?
  13. poplar kraft

    Spoon type

    No they are not. I have a bunch of them. Found out what they are they are R and R spoons just heard back from dave the owner. I thought that's what the were but was not sure. Thanks for the help decoy.