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  1. Wish i was there now.. Youve been fishing there for a long time.
  2. Ok thanks Gambler i think thats the answer i was looking for..
  3. So all you pros out there ...with this warm weather coming up do you think it will delay the spawn and the staging up .. Or is that not a factor?
  4. Thank you i will try early and late for sure..
  5. Thank you for the info..my work schedule only allows me to come up mid September and i hear the kings dont bite at that time. I hope i can troll a few up..
  6. I'll be running J plug this year in September early September I'm wondering how far back from the ball should they be. Also I'm going to try the Dodger with the fly how far back do you think they should be from the ball
  7. Are the browns still catchable in mid september.are they mixed in?
  8. Sorry for the short answers im still at work but thats great news
  9. Oh man that sucks kids are looking forward to it ..and i cant change date
  10. If you had to choose one lure for trolling for kings what would you choose.. Just one.....
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