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  1. I looking for a pair of cannon easi troll downriggers for sale
  2. Hey everyone..I just pickup a 2014 40hp mercury 4 stroke. I'm looking for someone who has this motor that can help me figure out the rigging as far as plugging in control box and plugging in tachometer at the motor end. Maybe a clear picture of that area ..I'd hate to pay a marina ..thanks in advance...Doug
  3. I'd have to think those small mouth are a little confused on where to spawn with the low water.
  4. Sounds like a good day tho..thanks for update..
  5. Wow that is bad..any luck?
  6. My crew an I will be headed up shortly to fish st.lawrance.around alex.bay. I was wonder what I can expect as far as the water level? . Thank you in advance..D
  7. Im good with catch and release ..thanks..i use to hold the record for musky 55lbs its just been awhile since i been up there for them
  8. I was thinking about doing some fall musky fishing what do you guys think would be the best month/week to hit st Lawrence for those musky fish?
  9. Hows the second week of september for say kings browns trolling lake.
  10. I have to know ..can i run a flasher and a dodger at the same time or do i need to be at different speeds for each?
  11. Yes im sure they are but they dont form a bait ball..thank you all
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