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  1. Thank you for that ..i cant wait already . probably wont make it up till may.
  2. Thanks ..im just getting back into the troll thing so i have some shopping to do .i did quit a bit back in the 80s
  3. Im look for info on the best time to come up for some browns in the lake.
  4. Did you get that fish trolling? What lure did he hit?
  5. I caught a 52 lb musky on st.Lawrence. .a few years ago
  6. What a beauty Was that caught on st.Lawrence?
  7. Thanks for the replies..so would it be safe to say the closer to the lake the better the chances of catching..?
  8. So after all the anglers are done there assault on the kings on salmon river ..what is a good time to head up for stealies and browns that follow..are they there all winter?
  9. Trolled oswego river today we went round in circles with the fleet. We go one nice king 25# range and that was it .lake was to snotty to troll. Give it another go tomorrow .
  10. I have a 10 lb downrigger weight which is too heavy for my downrigger the weight is brand new I'm looking to trade even up for an 8 lb ball. I will be up on Saturday fishing out of Oswego if anybody is interested
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