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    Hunting, Fishing and Old Time Cowboy Music
  1. Thanks Pete! Great job, especially doing it all alone and capturing it so nicely on video! It was so good of you to share with us.
  2. Thanks for the report! Wishing you continued Good luck. Hoping to get out next week.
  3. I am assuming they were released to the grill or the smoker. Nice Job.
  4. BaitNH. The fleas weren't bad on the downrigger lines. I use 30# Ande. The problem was mostly on the wire Slide divers (regular dipseys not so bad) where they would collect at the connection between the wire and the mono leader.
  5. Fished yesterday out of Fairhaven from 70 to 500 FOW from 0800 to 1600 . Only marked one probable Salmon and very few bait pods. Temp (53 degrees F) was initially at 75 feet, later 50 feet. Fished Dipsies, proven downrigger spoon programs, flashers and flies and cut bait all to no avail. Spiny water fleas were very bad on the dipsey rigs, had to clean them off every half hour to avoid clog-ups. Hope things improve soon.
  6. Well done! Thanks for the nice report, also well done! Great pictures!!
  7. Congrats on the nice kings and thanks for a very nice report!
  8. Wow what a nice buck and what a good story! Congratulations. Sounds like you did your homework well. -Charley
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