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Charley Tuna

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  1. Buster, I just went on marks. I don't use a probe on my rigger.
  2. Fished from 1 till 4 went 3 for 3 on kings. 90 foot rigger was hot. Best bait and marks 60 to 90 down over 150 to 110. FF and Cut bait. White paddles.
  3. Thanks for posting p3434. God bless President Trump. If America survives as a free country it will be at least in part due to him.
  4. Charley Tuna

    6/8 Oneida

    Nice Job Jeff!
  5. Thanks Pete! Great job, especially doing it all alone and capturing it so nicely on video! It was so good of you to share with us.
  6. Thanks for the report! Wishing you continued Good luck. Hoping to get out next week.
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