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  1. Great Laker thaanls for the helpful report! Sounds likwthey might be pretty deep.
  2. Good points devoknevo and MuskysAnonymou!! The politically correctness and moral superiority of some people is frankly getting very tiresome as well as boring. Professional fisheries biologists determine size and quantity limits based on long term health of the fishery. Also catch and release mortality is higher than what most of those people realize. A study by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’s Marquette Research Station reported in 2017 showed mortality of angler-released fish averaged 43 percent when the surface water temperature exceeded about 50 degrees. Some of the catch and release "purists" often kill more than the legal limit whether they realize it or not.
  3. Icejohn is correct. There was absolutely no biological reason not to keep this legal fish. Congratulations on a great catch and being a good and ethical angler! Also, thanks for getting your kids involved in fishing and I hope your season continues to be productive!
  4. Thank you for the info on that spoon Chowdaire. Great fish and photo. Phil2 nice going thanks for sharing and for the good report.
  5. Thanks for the report Chowdaire. That is an beautiful looking Atlantic, Congrats. Did he hit a spoon? Thanks.
  6. Your welcome. The easterly flow coming in the next few days should bring the colder temps back up.
  7. Bob, Fished between Oswego and Fairhaven. We were 5 for 7 yesterday.afternoon. 300 FOW was best. Due to westerly blows the previous two days lots of warm water ...temp was in the 70's from the surface down to 90'. 50 degrees F at 110' 47 degrees at 125. Our 145 foot rigger and our dipsy 350 back were producing using FF and Cut Bait Twinkie Rigs. . Fish were 10 to 28 pounds.
  8. Wow, You guys did great. Nice helpful report too! Thanks!
  9. Thank you garrymny, Bad Habit, and whaler 1, On solo trips I usually quit fishing when I catch my legal limit since it is hard not to to release the mature fish without damaging them on the deck. When I fish with a crew in the Spring or Early summer we keep the fish in the bag of the net and remove the hook without letting the the fish hitting undergo any further trauma and get the fish quickly back in the water with good success. I will try using the bota grip for releasing on my next trip. Thanks! I love the king and coho salmon and enjoy smoking and grilling them and admire them for their beauty and their hard fighting sporting qualities. We are blessed to have this resource. In parts of SE Alaska this year there are severe restrictions on fishing for kings due to shortages. Hats off to Morningdew for doing so well and landing double while fishing solo. It is good to share information. Thanks.
  10. Hi Charlie, I went 3 for 5 out of Fair haven yesterday afternoon (7/23/19) on a solo trip. . They were manageable. The fight of the three fish I landed were not impaired at all by fleas (ie, I did not need to clear them at the tip top during the fight).. I use 30# or 40# Ande mono lines on the riggers. I use 30# wire on the diver rods with 30# Ande clear leaders. I bring in all lines at least every hour and clear them off at the knots and connections where they seem collect. Tight lines & good fishing.
  11. Morningdew, I don't have much experience releasing mature salmon after catching them (only small ones which are usually easy to shake of the hook and back in) . I'm assuming some were released to fight another day. I was wondering if they release okay after being caught? Thanks in advance.
  12. Buster, I just went on marks. I don't use a probe on my rigger.
  13. Fished from 1 till 4 went 3 for 3 on kings. 90 foot rigger was hot. Best bait and marks 60 to 90 down over 150 to 110. FF and Cut bait. White paddles.
  14. Thanks for posting p3434. God bless President Trump. If America survives as a free country it will be at least in part due to him.
  15. Thanks Pete! Great job, especially doing it all alone and capturing it so nicely on video! It was so good of you to share with us.
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