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  1. Thanks guys, just trying to see what others are doing as I am always trying to learn from others. On my flatline board rods I currently have 15lb main line and then I was going to switch up the leaders to fluro based on the advice of you guys for my pound test. On my 2 & 3 color setups I have 20lb backing. Dipsy rods are setup with wire, and my downrigger rods have 30lb backing and leaders based on the target species.
  2. Hey guys, Was curious what people are running for line weight when trolling for Browns. I am seeing the reports about the occasional king hitting shallow baits and if it happens when I get there in a few weeks I want to make sue my lines are setup properly. In the past I have used 10lb leaders while trolling for Browns. Should I go up to 12 or 15lb? Thanks!
  3. The prices are insane for them.....this is why I decided to try the China ones. I have plenty already so im not in such a rush, I'll report back on when I get them and if they are any good. $22 a pack for 4 of the Off shore is just ridiculous.
  4. a look on Amazon, they have knockoff OffShore Planer style releases for a fraction of the price. I just ordered 40 of them, they are from China, but Im willing to give them a shot for the $22 for 20 I paid.
  5. The Smells Like Fish is for sale. If anyone is interested let me know. I will include everything currently on the boat except the Cannon electric downriggers. I will replace them with a pair of manual Cannons. This boat is a proven fishing machine. I am upgrading which is why I’m selling. Specs: 1996 Bayliner Trophy 2002 1996 Escort Trailer 2000 Johnson 130hp 2Stroke 2015 8hp Mercury trolling motor Full enclosure Great Lakes Planer Charter Captain Deluxe Rocket Launcher ITroll speed controller Lowrance 7 Nav/Sonar Combo VHF Radio Marine stereo with USB/Bluetooth More rod holders than I can count (I believe it’s more than 24) Any other questions just ask. $10k firm.
  6. Great job, I am itching to get back out there! May 9th cant come soon enough
  7. I do have a control head for one, I do not have the servo or cables that go from the head back to the motor. Just the control head.
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