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  1. Sent you a PM Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I'll take the TD Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. If you want Browns you need to go towards Oswego from out of Sandy. Use same techniques we use in NH on Winni for early season salmon. Same lures too
  4. Looking to rent a house between Sodus Bay and Oswego Me and my buddies will be coming up for the spring LOC and im looking to see if anyone has a house or a camp for rent. If you do send me a note or reply here with contact information. Thanks!! -Scott
  5. Thanks everyone, I've been in touch with Troutman and when he makes up a new batch I'll be getting them from him. I appreciate all the responses, Happy Thanksgiving
  6. Thanks everyone!!
  7. Hi guys, Lake O is new to me, I was able to go out twice this year from NH with my boat. I troll in NH and on lake Champlain and use 10lb shark shaped downrigger weights. While on Lake O, I wanted to troll for lakers as well as salmon. Problem is I was having HUGE blowback issues. the 10lb weights just didn't seem to cut it for me, I also tried the Cabelas 12lb Pancake style weights. I ended up tangling them around each other, I am going to attribute that to bad driving, but I've noticed they just do their own thing and never seem to track well. What SHOULD I be using if I want to get down and stay close to vertical on Lake O. I've seen the big fish shaped weights at Fat Nancys and All Seasons also has ones that look like missiles. What shape is preferred for best tracking and what weight? I know they had 17lb ones and 20lb weights I believe. Also in case anyone asks, I have electric Cannon Digitroll 10 TS for downriggers. also anyone know a better source to buy them than the $90+ each at the stores. Thanks!!
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    I'll take them
  9. Id post some pictures but the app or website doesn't seem to let me anymore?? Sondog, I hope you guys ended up with a good trip. -Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Thought I would share this here....I posted on Facebook as well, but I know not everyone is on that. Had my maiden voyage on the "Smells Like Fish" 20ft Trophy on Lake Ontario over the weekend. Took my son, and my buddies Jim and Jared. I've read every report, watched the weather, took in every bit of advice, bought the Keating DVDs and the book, it is NOT as easy as some of you guys make it look. We got into Pulaski on Thursday night and tried to hit the water at 430 on Friday. Had to wait until 8am to actually get on the water. Skunked on the day! That was depressing. Saturday back out at it, caught our 1st salmon, 9lb coho, around 8am and then got a nice 24lb King around 2pm. That was it for the day. Sunday a bit of some better action, Dipsy's were firing but we lost quite a few. Finally landed one of them at 17lbs and my son got his 1st on the downrigger, 20lbs. I ran 250ft, 300ft, and 400ft coppers. 2 rods on the Downriggers, and. Dipsy on each side of the boat. 4 of the 5 salmon caught came on the Dipsy, 1 on the downrigger, and all I did was wash the coppers all weekend. Never even had a bite on them. We fished from Mexico to Oswego and back. Dipsy's were at 180-200, Downriggers I had running from 65-90. Purple A-Tom-Mik flies caught all 5 fish, numbers 151 and 155. Spoons never got hit. Only problems all weekend were 2 tangles I had to deal with with the coppers, which sucked because they weren't getting hits anyways.....a 300 and 400 joined together and then on Monday morning a king on a dipsy went across my 300 down the shoot before we could reel it out of the way. Was able to untangle them all while sitting on the boat. BIG shoutout to Eric Geary at SWAT/Book'em and Hook'em for all his advice.
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    Why do people continue to post ads for boats and not include pictures? How about waiting until you have pictures then post the ad? Doesn't make any sense. If you want people to be interested SHOW THE BOAT!!!
  12. Thanks Steelie, I also have some of the metal series. I just need a 30 to pair up with another I have.
  13. It won't let me edit it, I need a 30, NOT the 45. Thanks
  14. Anyone have one? Can't seem to buy them from Cabelas anymore. Thanks!
  15. Yes but I won't be there until Sept again