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  1. Not necessarily....I tend to see more people in the winter up towards the hatchery and further away from the lake.
  2. I was kind of thinking the same thing.......37 degrees???
  3. I bought some Torpedo weights from him in the past and I was looking to buy another set. Ive sent him an email, but no response. Thanks!
  4. Took my wife and 12yr old Nephew for their 1st trips to Lake O. Launched out of Mexico and took some local advice to start our trip. Didn't pan out the way we had hoped, had a few hits on Friday and landed just 1 brown. Saturday was a bit better for us had 8 hits and landed 3, a 4th was lost at the boat when the 12 year old knocked the hook out of the kings mouth with the net. Sunday we started off with our 1st king about 15 minutes after the lines were in. Had a few other hits but only got the 1 to the boat on Sunday. Had tons of marks in the top 20ft of water so ran a 4 color rod straight down the pipe but no luck with that. Best action for us was in 120ft of water between 60 and 80ft down. Mid 40's for temps were down in the 70ft range. Most of our action came out towards the plant. Our hottest rod all weekend was a 350 copper, had at least 6 hits on it, landing 2 of them. 3 hits on Dipsy's and just landed 1 of them. Meat rigs took our other fish. I wish our numbers were better but still had a blast.
  5. Holy hell, I never saw water that calm the whole time I was out there, except yesterday morning at 1st light. Great pictures.
  6. Havent got anything dialed in yet. Skunked so far today. Ran downriggers between 60&70 as that’s where we kept seeing pods of fish. Started out in front of the Salmon River in 110 ft of water, 48degree temp was approximately 65 down. Ran 2 Dipsys with FF and a 7 color and a 10color. On a lunch break now and gonna head towards the plant this afternoon. Hopefully better luck
  7. I don’t get there until Thursday Sk8man, thank you again.
  8. Thanks everyone, started packing up the boat today.
  9. Hey Mark, you have any other specifics on the boat? Motor? Any other pictures?
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