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  1. I’ve been struggling to put together a good meat rig pattern and have had limited success. Are there any particular flasher, Twinkie rig and or particular meat head better than others? I’ve tied my own, used dream weaver rigs and struggled the last couple of outings. At this point I’m at a loss for what works and what doesn’t. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. In that range the temp was down over 100 feet. The wind has blown out of the WNW the last couple of days so hopefully it will move up in the column this week.
  3. The fishing has improved over the last week. Kings are beginning to show up, had an excellent evening on Saturday. Finding temperature and pods of fish takes time, but they’re here more than they have been since May. I’ve had success on the Moonshine Blue Jeans spoon in particular.
  4. We fished from 6:30 until 1:30. Found a decent pod of fish in front of the plant and worked them for a few hours, couldn’t make them bite! One shaker king for us was the sum total of the day. Better things should be happening soon!
  5. Fished from 4-8 tonight. One small king. Fished from directly in front of the plant to just east of Alcan. Best screens were in 150-160 feet, thermocline has set up in the depth with temp at 70 feet.
  6. In terms of direction, if there is a strong enough current the fish will orient to it. Imagine fishing in a river, you would never expect a fish to hit a down stream presentation. They will face into current if it is strong enough. If you find fish in an area hitting in one trolling direction that is likely the case.
  7. Far from a banner day, but we picked away at 6 browns, one lake trout and a nice King. 40-50 FOW west of the plant. Green Dolphin UV stinger, Gin n tonic stinger and Caddy Shack stinger produced fish.
  8. We hit fish yesterday in 40 FOW just west of the plant. A few Kings and a small brown. Fat Nancy UV stinger, NK 4D NBK and Black Widow stinger took hits. Riggers, planet boards with a snap weight and dipsy divers produced.
  9. The app called “Windfinder” is fairly accurate. We use that as a starting point.
  10. A couple of tips for fishing without a FishHawk. First, use your rigger cables as a guide for speed. If they are blowing way back you need to slow down a little. They should have some blow back and a nice hum. Second, fish multiple depths until you find kings. If you’re in 120 feet, set a deep rigger at 100 and work up from there with your spread. Also, if you average 2.4-2.8 top speed you will be relatively close on the down speed. Pay attention to when bites occur. Were you turning? Was the rod hit on the outside or inside of the turn? Lastly, I would recommend fishing very speed tolerant spoons and flashers. NK28s, Stingray Stingers, Spin doctor flashers. That always worked for us back in the day. A fish hawk is a great tool, but far from a necessity.
  11. Dreamweaver has toothpicks in their teaser/meat rig set ups.
  12. Well done. I have a home at the mouth of Catfish Creek, we fished most of the day on Saturday. The magic number for us was 185 FOW, fishing from 110-80 down. Took fish on Moonshine Blue Jeans, Caddy Shack UV, and Blue Jeans UV Dreamweaver with a custom blue teaser rig and the Soco Prime Cut in Lights Out. We couldn’t get a hit on FF combos, but we were happy with the spoon bite.
  13. Anybody running Honeybee spoons by Tamiron these days? Came across the old tackle box and there were several in there. Had tremendous success in the past, anyone in Lake Ontario running them these days?
  14. 9’s early. Black silver, blue silver and perch have worked best for me. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Work west toward Catfish Bay and along to the High Rocks. You should be somewhat sheltered in a Catfish Bay behind 9 Mile Point. Shallow running sticks and spoons in colors to accommodate the water clarity of the day. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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