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  1. The app called “Windfinder” is fairly accurate. We use that as a starting point.
  2. A couple of tips for fishing without a FishHawk. First, use your rigger cables as a guide for speed. If they are blowing way back you need to slow down a little. They should have some blow back and a nice hum. Second, fish multiple depths until you find kings. If you’re in 120 feet, set a deep rigger at 100 and work up from there with your spread. Also, if you average 2.4-2.8 top speed you will be relatively close on the down speed. Pay attention to when bites occur. Were you turning? Was the rod hit on the outside or inside of the turn? Lastly, I would recommend fishing very speed tolerant spoons and flashers. NK28s, Stingray Stingers, Spin doctor flashers. That always worked for us back in the day. A fish hawk is a great tool, but far from a necessity.
  3. Dreamweaver has toothpicks in their teaser/meat rig set ups.
  4. Well done. I have a home at the mouth of Catfish Creek, we fished most of the day on Saturday. The magic number for us was 185 FOW, fishing from 110-80 down. Took fish on Moonshine Blue Jeans, Caddy Shack UV, and Blue Jeans UV Dreamweaver with a custom blue teaser rig and the Soco Prime Cut in Lights Out. We couldn’t get a hit on FF combos, but we were happy with the spoon bite.
  5. Anybody running Honeybee spoons by Tamiron these days? Came across the old tackle box and there were several in there. Had tremendous success in the past, anyone in Lake Ontario running them these days?
  6. 9’s early. Black silver, blue silver and perch have worked best for me. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Work west toward Catfish Bay and along to the High Rocks. You should be somewhat sheltered in a Catfish Bay behind 9 Mile Point. Shallow running sticks and spoons in colors to accommodate the water clarity of the day. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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