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  1. Nice Job!!!! Looks like some of the charters going out of Henderson have been doing good the last few days, good mix of Salmon and Browns.
  2. Nice Fish, glad their is some around. Headed up there on Thursday, for the Holiday weekend, staying near Clayton. Would definately like to try for some walleye at night, never did that before. Any recommendations on some areas I could try, thinking navigating could be tricky in some spots in the dark. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Headed up for a few days later this week and weekend. How's the fishing been in the Mexico/Salmon River area? Thanks for any input.
  4. Sorry, we didnt go out any deeper. There were a decent amount of boats in the deeper water. We’re going out of Sodus tomorrow, then headed home in the evening.
  5. Forgot to mention, all between Mexico Bay and the plant.
  6. Had 2 good days Thursday and Friday. Thursday boated 6 and dropped 5. All in about 20 feet, lures down 5 to 10 feet. Today we boated 5 and dropped 3, all 30-40 feet down about 20. All spoons both days, mixed veggies and ice frog were best producers. My little guys first time on the lake, he did all the catching.
  7. Any reports from Henderson/Stony area? Headed to camp by Henderson this week.
  8. Hi All Headed up for my first trip of the year on Wednesday, sounds like the fishing out of Mexico has been pretty decent. Any advice or recent reports would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. I want have an autopilot installed on my boat, but I have virtually no knowledge of autopilots, so thought I'd come here for some expert advice. I have a 2019 Starcraft Fishmaster 196 with a 150HP Yamaha and 9.9 Yamaha Hi-Thrust Kicker. The motors are connected with a tie-bar, seastar hydraulic steering for the big motor. Any advice as to what brand/type of autopilot that would work for this setup would be greatly appreciated. Some questions that come to mind: Would the autopilot be installed on the big motor or the kicker? If on the big motor, would that motor need to be running to steer the Kicker Motor? Thanks Mike
  10. Near Hegins, Schuylkill County, about 40 minutes from Cabelas. Can definately meet somewhere if you’re interested.
  11. Pair of 10’ Blue Diamond Wire Rods For Sale. All roller guides. $100 for both pickup, $120 for both shipped. Located in eastern PA.
  12. That’s my dad in the picture, were fishing off my boat. Fish was caught right off Pillar Point, about 20ft of water. Caught on a Stinger, Dirty White Boy spoon, off a side planer. Going about 2.4 mph. Took us about 30 minutes to get it in, almost didn’t fit in net. Running 15lb main line with 8lb fluoro leader.
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