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  1. Would using super glue work to hold bead in place?
  2. Here are some pics of what I am talking about
  3. I would like to tie my own triple fly rigs. i have store bought set up what or how do you space the flies on the leader it looks like a ball of melted mono is used to stop the flies from slipping down the leader any help will be appreciated thanks jim
  4. head unit Power cord Lss1 box Ethernet cable No transducer 600.00 I am located in euclid Ohio Any question call or text 216-509-2362
  5. Looking for spooling info for cv45 seven strand wire line capacity how much backer how much wire? thanks jim
  6. Heading up for the weekend does anyone have a report on the bite thanks jim
  7. Thanks for the offers but I am looking at buying new only anyone have the x2 with the slip ducer
  8. Which unit should I get and why thanks
  9. What size paddle/ spin doctors should I run on a meat rig thanks
  10. I’m new to salmon fishing was wondering what do you use to pin the strips in the head? thanks jim
  11. I know it is early with the weather forecast this coming weekend do you think fishing out of oak orchard will be possible winds look pretty strong I have never fished on lake Ontario before Thanks for the info
  12. When you catch salmon or steel how do you treat the fish do you bleed it then put on ice or do you use livewel Or just Throw them on ice in the cooler Thanks
  13. I have never fished for salmon before Looking for info on leader lengths I will be running downriggers and dipsys also have a 400 cooper Will be running spoons and flasher flies What pound test should I be using with these setups Also the lengths Thanks Jim
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