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  1. I sent two pm’s and got nothing but crickets..............
  2. What about shipping them?
  3. Inthebox30lbs

    Next weeks forcast

    Whats likely to happen to the bite on the eastern end with the persistent South East/ South wind forcast their calling for??
  4. Inthebox30lbs

    for sale : usa Northern king L 22 lot

    These are back for sale
  5. 8 nk L22’s (light version of C5) these are brand new bulk blanks painted by Nantahala Tackle Company 25.00 shipped to your door PayPal only https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  6. Repaints by Nantahala Tackle Company 7 nk28’s 4 pirate 55’s 34.00 shipped to your door PayPal only https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  7. These are all refurb/repaints by Nantahala Tackle Company. 7 nk L24 (4d lites) 2 purple puke, 2 blue puke, 3 dr death patterns. New hooks and rings on the NK’S. and 3 Michigan stingers in emerald shiner 30.00 that includes shipping https://m.facebook.com/nantahalanailer/
  8. Inthebox30lbs

    Sold / Closed NK mags spook patterns

    Sold pending payment