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  1. Where would you go if you had 5 days and Kings were preferred spieces?? Thanks for the Opinions Scott
  2. braided downrigger line

    braided downrigger line Does anyone have any feedback about using braid instead of cable? Curious about it picking up Fleas, Thanks in advance Scott
  3. swim platform Kicker Mount

    swim platform Kicker Mount Looking for one. Any one have any they recommend? THanks Scott
  4. Kings are in the Trench Heavy!!!!!!!!!!! Coming in in waves like normal at night Every morning the past few days the screen Lights up more and more by the day. Ol fruit basket with meat over the normal contour has been hot than a damn pepper sprout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pound that damn flasher over there head has been the key. They been firing up at all times during the day. Water temp has been a non problem. Kings been coing form warn water
  5. The bites been on IRON!!!! out of oswego NK MAGS!!!!!!!!
  6. Id run the 90 ft contour right out in front of the Harbor. NK Mags Black and Silver, and Black and Purple Tight to the bottom. Picking up Browns and Kings
  7. for sale : usa Wanted NK 28 Spoons

    Call bill saiff I'm sure he as a couple
  8. FLT spoons

    Is there left over stock in any shops anywhere?
  9. FLT spoons

    FLT spoons Whats the deal with them? Are they out of buisness??
  10. Several Charter boats from Henderson have been working SW of Stoney Point south toward Sandy. There coming back to the docks with Kings. That tells me they are there, or they would not be making that long of a run.
  11. NK mags

    NK mags What speed do u prefer to pull these spoons?
  12. Fleas in Oswego

    Can you even get flea flicker line anymore? I can find it anywhere on line to order
  13. WTB Oki Flashers Looking for some 11" oki big shooter flashers. Colors im interested in are BLue angel, any of the coho special colors, golden boy, monkey puke and some of the clear water series. Also would buy some of the great lakes series Kingfisher 2. Paypal transfer preferred. PM me if you are interested in selling any new or used Thank you
  14. Where would you go, why?

    Where would you go, why? If you were planning a trip to the big O for the beginning of July next year with a mixed bag in mind where would you go and why?