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  1. How fast and slow do you recommend trolling scorpions? Thanks
  2. SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But not for 40
  3. 10 total hard to find pirates 7 55’s 3 66’s one 66 ripped out of the Package 45.00 shipped pay pal only
  4. OEM The six custom lazor spooks got new rings and hooks
  5. 10 new old stock NK 28’s 30.00 shipped PayPal only lot 4
  6. Actually 2 of the them have seen water. The others are brand new just opened out of old stock last year. With shipping included no tax that’s under 4 dollars a piece. Try and find those colors. Give me a break
  7. 20 most all have not seen water 80.00 that includes shipping pay pal only lot 3
  8. 20 nk mags some have never seen water some used all have newer hooks excellent condition 60.00 shipped PayPal only lot 2
  9. 20 Nk28’s most all of these have never seen the water $45.00 that includes shipping pay pal only lot 1
  10. Yes sir it’s still one of my favorites
  11. Glow ladder lazor green over the top. Saiff charters fished this a lot when they ran northern kings
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