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  1. H20chrome

    Fort Niagara launch

    Ok I wasn’t sure if that’s what you were referring to Gill-T, I think jimski is talking about the actual ice formed below the falls and the surrounding area. 3 years ago I was already out in 70 fow on Erie catching walleye, perch, and smallies casting a 3/8oz jighead with a 3” twister on it
  2. H20chrome

    Fort Niagara launch

    Boom in lower niagra?
  3. H20chrome

    Fort Niagara launch

    cars were parked down by the water/launch there so you can drive down to the launch, i dont think docks were in but you could still launch there if you had more that one person in your boat
  4. H20chrome

    Rainbow Trout Lures?

    Flourocarbon leaders a must, try a #3 vibrax spinner and adjust your speed so you can really feel the blade thumping. if they are still spooky send them out on planar boards
  5. H20chrome

    Five Horse kicker

    Where are you located?
  6. 90% of literally everyone on that platform had on a chartruese Mr. Twister in some form. 100% of the guys in that corner closest to the discarge were all snagging. older gentleman had a chartruese Mr. twister on a bare hook with a single bb size splitshot and a spring bobber set to 20 inches deep. Ive seen the salmon crowds but was just shocked to see the one on that platform chartruese Mr. twistering in harmony! hahaha what made me laugh was finally making the connection remembering in years past the dec fishing reports listing mr. twisters as one of the lures being used down there to catch salmon. I was there around noon on Saturday, prolly some guys actually fishing it in the morning while the waters still low
  7. Ocean rod, 50lb test, 3oz sinker, oversized hook, ohh and I almost forgot - green Mr. Twister, gotta have that on its key, thats the only thing they will "bite" on there LOL
  8. how many piece rod? i might be interested
  9. H20chrome

    Poll: Different kinds of fishing

    take a trip to lake erie and drift around in 50 foot and jig for sheephead, just for the sport of it. They get HUGE and average 7-8 pounds, and are always eager to bite, see no fishing pressure, arent line shy although that makes for a fun challenge and They fight twice as hard as any walleye and really thwack your jig. Plus you usually end up with a few keeper walleyes to bring home for dinner. best part is you have zero competition or other boats doing that. Did i mention how many sheephead are out there?
  10. Awesome video thanks for sharing!
  11. where is the boat located?
  12. how many and what type of clevises come with this? I don't see any in the picture. Also are you paypal only?
  13. Humminbird Autochart Pro WANTED Looking to pick up a used Humminbird Autochart Pro