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  1. thanks for the comments on the deer guys, so far the weston pro-1100 is leaps and bounds ahead of the food saver.
  2. Ordered a Weston pro-1100 unit, will report back after the next deer.
  3. Was fortunate to down a Nice early season buck and spent most of the afternoon cussing out my current food saver vacuum sealer. What’s everyone using for a vacuum sealer? Never been impressed with my food saver and need to upgrade. Is it worth investing in a chamber vac or is a “commercial” cabelas, Weston or LEM sufficient?
  4. I have 2 spooled with wire and backing, used them once but couldn't stand the linecounter placement. Let me know if you're interested.
  5. Are those the spring loaded big jon holders? If so I’m interested
  6. Looking for 2-4 of the BWD 7’ light action one piece downrigger Rods. thanks
  7. I’ve got a 2019 Yamaha Kodak 450 4x4 for sale with winch, and plow kit. Has 130ish miles and basically brand new just used for getting to and from the deer stand and on/off the ice. PM me if interested
  8. Used for 2 trips before realizing I have no need with the livescope and built in ultrex mega transducer. comes with all mounting hardware 100$ locally +10$ for shipping
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