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  1. I've got a 7g2 chirp unit. Comes with the ice pack as well for 600$ if you're interested.
  2. Does anyone know which launches are open? I'm hearing mixed reports any info would be appreciated
  3. Just to clarify, what what you are getting is a helix 7G2 ice unit with GPS, chirp 2d sonar. As well as the components needed to mount and use it on your boat as a 2d sonar/GPS unit, and have the ability to swap back and forth between the ice pack and your boat by just moving the head unit.
  4. Yes, it comes with everything you would get with the ice unit (case, chirp transducer, standard battery) as well as a Dakota lithium battery. Also includes boat power cord, mount, and transom mount transducer. All you've gotta do is pop the head unit back and forth from the boat and ice pack and you're good to go.
  5. https://humminbird.johnsonoutdoors.com/fish-finders/ice/ice-helix-7-chirp-gps-g2 https://dakotalithium.com/product/dakota-lithium-12v-10ah-battery/ Also includes all mounting hardware and boat transducer so you can move it back and forth from boat to ice pack. Less than a year old. Included also is a 10ah Dakota lithium 10ah battery and charger purchased a month ago. This unit does not have side or down imaging. Price is 600$ no trades, located in Rochester NY, will ship at buyers cost. Message for photos.
  6. I use my salmon rods, 40# big game mono, 12# balls and steel cable. My biggest fish (11.5 was the biggest several over 10) in july and august and into september consistently came off riggers, 10-15' behind the ball pulling my homemade atomik fly harnesses with glass rattle chambers and scorpion spoons for blades. I just put rubber bands on my blacks releases.
  7. Single digit Thursday night temps have us reconsidering our options at this point. Thanks for the heads up Ivan
  8. Planning our annual black Friday musky hunt on chataqua and want to make sure the launch near long point is open/accessible prior to making the 3 hour drive down. Any fishing Intel would also be appreciated!
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