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  1. Lately I've been favoring a 3-4000 size spinning reel with 10# power pro to a barrel swivel with a 18" 30# fluoro leader to a snap. Only reason I use leader is due to the amount Lakers roll when fighting. When you're jigging it's a reaction bite and there's no need to worry about fish seeing the line. Heavy, stiff leader reduces the chance of your hooks getting tangled in your leader. As for jigs I use bass pro xps freestyle jigs as they sink like a rock which is crucial when you're hunting down active fish and you need to drop right down on them. 95% of the time, an agressive pump jig is what I get the most strikes on.
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    I'll take renoskys
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    Deep, narrow spool and the thick diameter of the copper means minimal effort is needed to ensure the line lays on evenly. And these deploy much faster than levelwind reels because there is no resistance from the guide.
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    Nope, not needed with copper.
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  7. Shimano Calcutta 200b RH Brand New never used, right hand retrieval. No box comes with Shimano reel bag 200$
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    Bump for the fastest copper reel money can buy.