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  1. Does anyone in the Rochester area repair big Jon? Need to replace a motor
  2. Works like it's supposed to, comes with swivel base. 125$
  3. Big jon down riggers

    interested, PM sent.
  4. New or used, black in color would be ideal.
  5. line for rigger rods

    The above mentioned baitfeeder style saltwater spinning reels actually work quite well for downrigger applications. There are cheaper from both Shimano and okuma as well as other brands I would assume. They have a secondary drag system that allows for constant tension on the descent and adequate spool sizes and drag capabilities needed to serve as downrigger reels if that is indeed what your are looking for. I only mentioned the thunnus as it is the only real l reel I have personal experience with.
  6. line for rigger rods 15-20# big game Light action ugly stick steelhead rod, works fine and makes for a fun fight.
  7. Pm sent on Bert's holder and rigger mount
  8. Massena area fishing

    Have a job coming up in Massena this June-July and was wondering if it was worth bringing the boat along. Any insight on fishing in the area would be greatly appreciated.