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  1. Was that you I passed in the white ranger? Nice work regardless
  2. not sure it was on a alumacraft competitor 185 tiller and yes in 2-3' seas it would come out of the water.
  3. The topwater striper bite below melton hill dam in the morning is the most fun I've ever had fishing in freshwater. Most charters use live bait and planer boards but there is about a 2 hour window in the morning where you can target them on topwater (whopper ploppers, spooks, redfins) while they are on bait. I can't wait to get down and do it again.
  4. I never targeted walleye down there, however I targeted stripers and musky on watts bar and was successful. And bass on douglas, norris, tellico, and cherokee and had decent success on all of them.
  5. East TN is a touch further than 8 hours but the fishing is spectacular. Bass, stripers, musky, walleye, trout.
  6. Lithiums have a longer run time, longer service life, faster charge time, and less weight.
  7. Picked one up from Cabela's today, price was too good to pass up. Anyone have any experience with these? I had a fish hawk x4 before but hated the lag/delay time.
  8. I'm selling mine if you're interested
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