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  1. I just bought a pair but wish I had seen this ad. It’s a great deal for those trees.
  2. The tree is 4 sided. You can put other things on either of the 3 remaining sides
  3. Let me see what the price to ship is. If it’s a lot I may ask you to split it. Fair?
  4. They are vertical trees. That pivot and can be moved to different parts of the tree post. Google Traxstech vbt-3
  5. Looking to sell my hummingbird ice-45 with travel cover. $250
  6. I’m looking to sell my set of tracks tech triple trees. I’m not sure how much they are worth so if anyone is interested present me with a reasonable offer and I’ll consider. There is nothing wrong with them. Just find I don’t use them that often.
  7. Ok I would like to purchase the them. I live in west Seneca but work in buffalo.
  8. Are the cold waters right hand? If so I’ll buy them please.
  9. Yeah wish I could mount it on my boat and try it. I already have a unit though.
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