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  1. Does the black plastic piece come off? I’m looking for something low profile for my fish hawk.
  2. Looking for a pair of good electric downriggers. Preferably canon. Pics and description please if you have available.
  3. I haven’t tried. Don’t have a spanner wrench
  4. There service is and always has been SLOW. But they warranty them for ever. Definitely sucks.
  5. No they look like this. The tree lifts up from the base and swivels. It’s loose now.
  6. What paint did you use? How did you prep it? What was the condition of the paint before you started? Mine has a good amount of chaulking.
  7. Yeah I’m sure they are shut down. Possibly the owner working alone.
  8. I have a pair of Traxstech triple trees I’ve owned about 5 years. The base where they lift and swivel are getting loose. No obvious way to tighten them. I’m assuming on purpose. Anyone have suggestions? Anyone dealt with this?
  9. Looking to have my 20’ crestliner repainted. Live in Buffalo area. Anyone have a quality person in mind? Thanks
  10. $150. Works as should. Approx 3 years old. Have original box and contents. Will ship.
  11. Looking for a fish hawk unit for sale. Should be in proper working shape. If you have one please pm with with setup and cost. Thanks
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