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  1. I can say this boat has caught a ton of fish over the years! Good luck with sale Joe.
  2. Ulterra - yay or nay???? Currently run a terrova 80lb with i-pilot. Was thinking of stepping up to an ulterra 80ln with I-pilot. Love the auto deploy and trim feature. Would be really nice especially lower river fishing... the rub is. Seems online there are a lot of issues with this system... looking for some real world input. thanks fellas!
  3. SI / DI sonar best for under $1000 Really don't want to spend more then $1000. I don't really need mapping as I have a unit for that currently. Cabelas has some good deals on HDS Gen 2. Strictly for the dash, I do like lowrance wireless as I can run a screen off the tablet. 7 to 9 inch screen is a must. I like the elite ti-9 and the $1000 unit by Garmin. I fish for everything troll and cast - obviously screen resolution is important. what do you guys recommend?? Thanks!
  4. I'll throw them in if you buy the swivels ðŸ‘😎
  5. Swivels and plastic rod holders still avaliable!
  6. Nice deal... I have 6 of these reels as well for planet boards and reely like them, especially the way you can crank back and it drops the drag by 30% so you can deploy other lines
  7. The fish on ones are left as long as meangreen comes thru on the berts.
  8. likewise... We will make it happen next spring! Keep in touch.
  9. Trees are sold - rest is still available. Drop the Berts to $50 for both
  10. Took a quick trip out of the Fort this afternoon. Just s heads up fellas. South launch is complete closed. Do not use the North Launch! The water is literally 6" deep at the end of the ramp. I'm not sure why they didn't dredge this before they shut down the south launch. Also there is a piece of rebar sticking out of the concrete about 6" near the end of the South dock at the North launch right near the end of the ramp. Unless your boat is 14' I would avoid this at all costs, launch in Lewiston - just a heads up.
  11. Replied to pm be in Rochester end of next week
  12. Go for smallmouth at the mouth of river... Some slobs this time of year!
  13. My brother will also be in Chamount next weekend... So maybe he could meet you