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  1. The Catt - Lake Erie

    Fished Yesterday as well. Got 4 and a nice steelhead. Still lots of marks over 80-90 fow. Active fish were higher, moved a couple stackers to 35' and that's when we caught them. Gold/Perch Michigan Stinger was the money spoon yesterday. 3 ways drifting worm harnesses on the bottom would probaly produce for those with lockjaw, I didn't have any garden hackle with me.
  2. Dunkirk Erie

    You know it buddy!
  3. The Catt - Lake Erie

    Nice job man!
  4. Dunkirk Erie

    Thank you!
  5. Dunkirk Erie

    Dunkirk Erie The bloodbath is still on 85-92 FOW. Drop something to the bottom and limit out. Went out today we went like 37 for 39. In 4.5 hours. Lost a nice 8lber and a big steely. Started around 7 had 3 man limit by 1130. Body baits, on downriggers, dipsy @ 210, 10 color core, 300 coppers all took fish. I would say you got 2 days left before weather changes and they get back toward the west. Whites, yellow, gold doesn't matter. Speed 2.0 -2.5. Pic of my dad and days work!

    When I chartered my arrangement was, after taxes - 10% to boat, rest was split. I had a small boat so it was never more then 4 way split. Prize over $1000. Fun fishing boat counted as a person so if I took two buddies, 50% of winnings was coming my way. All prizes.
  7. Rods,Reels,lures,rod holders 2 - okuma 9'0 mooching with twili tip -$50 2 - south bend 8'6" black beauty downriggers rods $40 2 - big Jon multi axis rod holders, black $100 2 - okuma cold water 453D reels, mint one has 4 color lead core $160 4 - dreamweaver 11" paddles blue bubble glow back $8ea BNIB 11 - asst moonshine lures BNIB $4ea 4 - rapala scatter rap crank baits $4each 2 - Scotty striker rod holders with 1.25" rail mounts $45
  8. Olcott

    #bestboatnameever fishslayer23 wins!!!
  9. Cool enjoy, good luck fishing
  10. Drop me a couple extra dollars to ship
  11. Ok not close to drop off, mike diel 6772 s. transit rd lockport NY 14094
  12. Buffalo Small Boat Harbor..... mess! Small Boat harbors been redesigned. Looks pretty phenomenal overall. Bike baths, gazebos, new parking. Let's talk functionality- WTF? Does anyone know were the final plans are because as it sits that place will be a complete **** show launching boats this summer, unless I'm missing something. I can't wait to see how the larger boats navigate thru driving areas without rubbing the curbs constantly... also staging area for launching looks to be non-existent. Some nice washdowm areas when you pull out. Plus you can't drive to cleaning station anymore you need to traverse the parking lots and medians..... almost got it
  13. Okuma currently pending on us meeting up.....