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  1. ReelDiel3

    Fort Niagara

    Are the launches open and done? Haven’t been out that way yet this year.
  2. Sorry guys they all sold in like 5 minutes.
  3. 1 - Daiwa HLD-LC-702M $20 (brand new) 1 - Okuma Cl. Pro GLT CP—DR-862M $20 2 - Cabela’s Depthmaster 6’6” leadcore $20 each. 2 - Cabela’s depthmaster 8’6 telescoping planer board rods $20 each 2 - south bend downrigger rods 8’6” MH $20 each not shipping
  4. ReelDiel3

    Twili tip with Braid

    These would be for slide diver Lake Erie walleye trolling. I find braid to be more stealthy - no hum - and I have 4 wire rods for kings hi and lo.
  5. ReelDiel3

    Twili tip with Braid

    Was going to set up a couple divers with 50lb fire line and slide divers. Was wondering has anyone ran braid through twili tips? Any ill effects? I have a couple spare wire rods with tips and would rather just use these... just curious if anyone has any history doing this... thanks in advance!
  6. Everything pap said the other nice thing is you actually get 4 holders. In this style the top can actually hold a rod straight up. I always found myself putting furthest board straight up then using the top and middle holder, leaving the bottom open if I needed to move a dispy or downrigger around... you can loosen bottom set screw and tree rotates 360 degrees. This is a High Sea a brand... can’t beat the price of them, even new these are Only $165 each. I only upgraded becaus I went to Cisco to match everything else
  7. Located near olcott, but I travel to Rochester, syracuse, Erie, cleveland and Detroit... occasionally down to Pap's neck of the woods, only getting rid of cause I went to all cisco rod holders
  8. Mint condition - used once. Fit in track system or you could mount bases. No rubber caps, rounded all ends like cisco type holders, covered with black bedliner. $275 for both.
  9. Mint condition - fully spoiled with braided backer. Ready to fish just put on poles add swivels. $90 each or $320 for all four. If you need shipped you pay shipping.
  10. ReelDiel3

    The Catt - Lake Erie

    Fished Yesterday as well. Got 4 and a nice steelhead. Still lots of marks over 80-90 fow. Active fish were higher, moved a couple stackers to 35' and that's when we caught them. Gold/Perch Michigan Stinger was the money spoon yesterday. 3 ways drifting worm harnesses on the bottom would probaly produce for those with lockjaw, I didn't have any garden hackle with me.