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  1. Thank you everyone for the input! I ended up getting a set of Scotty 1116 ProPacks. Got a heck of a deal on them so it was hard to pass up! Tight Lines Everyone!
  2. To start off I came down from Maine last August with my boat and a good friend and we fished Lake O for the first time and had decent success. We boated over 35 fish in 7 days and lost a few. I plan on making monthly trips now I have a ton of brown trout spoons but a very limited selection of Stingrays and mag spoons. I was looking to buy a decent set of 40-50 spoons for the summer bite May-August. I wasnt sure what sizes or basic colors to stick with. I have a variety of flasher fly, meat rigs, dipsys but I definitely need to add to my spoon selection! Mainly fish out of Mexico and Oswego. Any info would be awesome. I research and read alot on here and really have learned a ton from everyone! Thanks everyone!
  3. Maine is amazing for hunting, fishing, ice fishing and living the rural life I love it. That's awesome I'm just outside Bangor!
  4. Haha I love fishing Lake O...totally different fishery then Maine! Well worth the 9 hour drive
  5. Thanks for all of the input. I'll be deciding soon on what to switch over to!
  6. Thank you everyone! Ill definitely be shopping around! I eliminated Cannons from my line up already.
  7. He does make great stuff! I got some tournament rig flys from him and landed some nice Kings!
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