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  1. To start off I came down from Maine last August with my boat and a good friend and we fished Lake O for the first time and had decent success. We boated over 35 fish in 7 days and lost a few. I plan on making monthly trips now I have a ton of brown trout spoons but a very limited selection of Stingrays and mag spoons. I was looking to buy a decent set of 40-50 spoons for the summer bite May-August. I wasnt sure what sizes or basic colors to stick with. I have a variety of flasher fly, meat rigs, dipsys but I definitely need to add to my spoon selection! Mainly fish out of Mexico and Oswego. Any info would be awesome. I research and read alot on here and really have learned a ton from everyone! Thanks everyone!
  2. Maine is amazing for hunting, fishing, ice fishing and living the rural life I love it. That's awesome I'm just outside Bangor!
  3. Haha I love fishing Lake O...totally different fishery then Maine! Well worth the 9 hour drive
  4. Thanks for all of the input. I'll be deciding soon on what to switch over to!
  5. Thank you everyone! Ill definitely be shopping around! I eliminated Cannons from my line up already.
  6. He does make great stuff! I got some tournament rig flys from him and landed some nice Kings!
  7. I fish in Maine a lot for Salmon and Trout but I recently started fishing Lake Ontario more and don't mind the travel down from Maine. I have a 21ft Islander with 4 Cannon UniTroll 10STX manual downriggers. Im not 100% sold on Cannon I've had a ton of problems with 2 of my current riggers while the other 2 have been great. Im looking for recommendations and reviews on a pair of electrics in the 1,000-1200 to replace two of my manuals. Open to all brands never owned electrics before and would like to have some feedback from folks who use them! Thanks Everyone!
  8. Took a week off from work to make a trip down to the lake with my buddy. We landed over 35 fish in the 15lb class the biggest 25.8lb. Ill definitely be back a few times next year to fish! It was a great first trip! Here is a few pictures!
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