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  1. I’ll take the Magda convector and sealine. How should I pay?
  2. BrokeOff

    Dipsey leaders

    20# seaguar red label for kings using spoons. $12.99 for 175yds...
  3. BrokeOff

    Dipsey leaders

    THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM: P-line absolutely sux. I have used the light stuff for browns and it snaps, and the heavy for kings and even the 30lb is garbage. Throw it away and save $ on lost gear. Big game!! 30-40#
  4. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    The board did blow. But it’s been wired the same since I’ve owned it 5 years. I do have a kicker
  5. These are 11 inch but not pro troll. Most are pretty beat could use new tape. Would sell them cheap..
  6. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    Ok thanks J
  7. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    The board looks shiny and new. The switch doesn’t look terrible either. But when power is put to the rigger the switch just makes an internal clicking noise:
  8. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    Wish I had a crank got to order one. Riggers came with the boat when I bought it 5 years ago. I’ll pull it apart and check for moisture. I did fish in pouring rain yesterday
  9. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    Thanks for the responses guys
  10. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    But come to think of it I plugged the port side rigger into the power port that the broken rigger uses and the port rigger functioned fine
  11. BrokeOff

    Cannon mag 10 STX stopped working

    No wasn’t sure where fuse was. I will have to check next time I’m up. Thanks hope that’s all it is!
  12. Fish strikes 110 down 15# weight. I hit the switch as we battle fish. Land it and realize the rigger never came up..... should be at the surface buts still 100 ft down. Tried reset button and other cannon outlets. Nothing. Ended up bringing up by loosening clutch and spinning wheel by hand. Took a break at 40ft to go. After resting for a while I realize the knob is spinning and probe and ball come to surface!? But it still won’t work. Figure maybe voltage issue. After running back to dock it still won’t work tho? Any ideas? Is the board fried?
  13. BrokeOff

    Sold / Closed 20 LB shark

    Illl take it
  14. dipsys are gone already called and paid just fyi
  15. Shimano tekota 600 reel handle. My reel mysteriously fell apart on the down rigger. Lost the handle and a few small parts to the lake. trying to avoid paying $20 plus shipping from tuna toms