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  1. thereelshot.com search for: oki kingfisher
  2. Nice job, hope you get it working and thanks for the info and part #s.
  3. There is no delete, use the edit button on your listing and slide the for sale tab down to sold/closed
  4. Let me know which relays they are, I have 3 bad boards that look fine
  5. Well got one trip under my belt with the power pro/ cannon downrigger. As others stated I lost auto stop and also auto up... have to hold the switch to get the ball to the surface. So far I don't mind that. The 250# pro seems pretty thick, I think thinner stuff would be better. But it did take a few fish. It was definitely quieter without the hum. Debating whether to switch over another rigger.
  6. I just re-read thru this thread, I think you are on to something here. I am up to 3 fried boards in my cannons now. Sometimes while dropping a rigger my electronics will go off due to the draw
  7. Do you have a troll master? Mine would do that when the servo would get stuck. Would have to take the motor cover off and mess with it
  8. Got some 250# power pro. I left 100 feet of cable or so on the rigger and Albright knotted in 300 feet of the power pro. I also bought the Scotty blue rigger weight snubbers and bought replacement parts for my cannon retro ease weight retrievers. They were pretty chewed/grooved up from cable running thru. I'll give it a try and report back.
  9. $70 for the pair. They have the upgraded clips, great shape. Syracuse/Mexico area or add shipping.
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