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  1. Shimano tekota 600 reel handle. My reel mysteriously fell apart on the down rigger. Lost the handle and a few small parts to the lake. trying to avoid paying $20 plus shipping from tuna toms
  2. I have the old style pulleys. Show me a pic of what you need.
  3. 8 inch chips. $42 + ship or meet around Syracuse. Pix of front/back
  4. 10 spoons total. 9 are Michigan stinger 1 DW super slim. $30 + $4 to ship.
  5. $40 shipped to your door. Spinnys are 8inch. Divers are 107s
  6. (2) Okuma convector 30 DS. One season old. Super fast but switching to tekotas. $75 each plus $12 to ship. Wire on the one reel is coming off before selling.
  7. BrokeOff

    Michigan stinger trebles?

    What brand?
  8. What hook comes on the Michigan stinger standard spoon? And where can I buy more? I think this was covered once but I did a search and couldn’t find it.
  9. $6 tyd. Die cuts are for 8inch flashers
  10. BrokeOff

    Northern king spoons

    Def get some nk’s in diehard pattern!