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  1. Pretty used and beat up. $40 takes them. Buyer pays shipping
  2. BrokeOff

    Thoughts on P-Line flouroclear

    Pline flouroclear is complete garbage!!
  3. BrokeOff

    Spoon Debate

    Frostbite stinger stingray. Gotta get one of them. Nbk like others said also a staple.
  4. BrokeOff

    Sold / Closed Sold

    if you split them up id be interested
  5. Yes they are lots of messages but no one has paid yet.
  6. I’ll take the Magda convector and sealine. How should I pay?
  7. BrokeOff

    Dipsey leaders

    20# seaguar red label for kings using spoons. $12.99 for 175yds...