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  1. I believe he is talking about the coiled up spring (on the right, in the picture) when you tear it apart. It's a PITA to get the spring back in tho.
  2. Nice King, how'd the rest of the trip go?
  3. That's gonna be pricey at $7 a pop
  4. Lot #3 9 Stingrays, 1 Fishlander Sold
  5. Lot #2 10 stingers $35 shipped (Sold Pending Payment)
  6. Lot #1 7 stingers, 3 super slims Sold
  7. Glow frogs in the spring, and moonshine carbon 14 july-sept. Not quite as on fire as other years for us.
  8. 8inch mora strikemaster. Missing some paint but cuts fine. $15 pickup in Syracuse
  9. Less stress on your riggers, if you hang them up and break them off on bottom they're a lot cheaper than losing a 15 torpedo or shark. And yes blowback not an issue fishing real shallow.
  10. I can but it's probably expensive
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