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  1. Lot 1: (10) stinger/ protroll 8inch $70 Lot 2: (8) protroll most missing back swivel 8inch $40
  2. No, never got it if you did. Still interested
  3. Sounds good, let me know and I'll send a check
  4. How much to ship to 13207 Syracuse?
  5. $30 shipped
  6. Sorry, I meant Jloggers location
  7. John, remember when you screwed me over on some otter boat keels? Guess what goes around comes around
  8. Muskrats got me last fall. Looking for the older style, with 6 pin male connector on it. Or the Raymarine adapter cable E66066
  9. I believe he is talking about the coiled up spring (on the right, in the picture) when you tear it apart. It's a PITA to get the spring back in tho.
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