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  1. I can but it's probably expensive
  2. Cannon dual rod holder $25 Pickup Syracuse area or can ship for extra
  3. 10# $15 each Pickup in Syracuse/Mexico
  4. I did the same thing, took apart greased the spring and put back together. Now I have to hook it back up and see if it's useable. One other thing though I forgot is which wire connects to the A/B port on the back of the computer. Is it red wire to A, black to B?
  5. Upgraded clips. $75 for the pair. Syracuse/Mexico Bay area
  6. Smart pilot is locking up my steering. So pulled unit ripped it apart. Can't figure out whats making it bind up. Lots of brass parts, not the plastic inards I was picturing. Unit is 10 years old, and steering has always been hard with the auto pilot installed. After removing the auto pilot steering is like new. Hard to fish without an auto pilot tho. Any insight would be great.
  7. All hits were on green chips with ATOMMIKs. Deep! Whites and Chrome's were dead for us.
  8. Haven't been out since Sunday. Went 4/5. But heard the charter guys are getting decent numbers yesterday and today. Looking windy again after tomorrow morning for the next few days.
  9. thereelshot.com search for: oki kingfisher
  10. Nice job, hope you get it working and thanks for the info and part #s.
  11. There is no delete, use the edit button on your listing and slide the for sale tab down to sold/closed
  12. Let me know which relays they are, I have 3 bad boards that look fine
  13. Well got one trip under my belt with the power pro/ cannon downrigger. As others stated I lost auto stop and also auto up... have to hold the switch to get the ball to the surface. So far I don't mind that. The 250# pro seems pretty thick, I think thinner stuff would be better. But it did take a few fish. It was definitely quieter without the hum. Debating whether to switch over another rigger.
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