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  1. He’s looking to buy used and save some coin, but thanks Greg.
  2. Friend is looking for a decent salmon net. Syracuse/ Mexico/ Oswego area, thanks.
  3. Got more, spray paint green or black dots, green edges etc. comes out pretty good
  4. I’ll take em. Pm sent
  5. Great seller right here. Bought the jplug lot and he sent about 30 extra on top of what was pictured, sent me copy of shipping receipt and confirmed I received them. 👍
  6. Yes click edit then drop down on prefix
  7. Mods don’t close. There’s a drop down u get to from ur original post drag it down to sold/closed
  8. Peel the tape and retape, good as new!
  9. Nice video! Nice kings. Couple questions: whats up with that huge torpedo downrigger weight on the starboard side? also it looked like you had a snubber in front of the dipsy or did it just catch my eye wrong?
  10. So do you use braid divers as well or stick with wire divers when running braid riggers?
  11. Any one have a discount code for towboatus? Last year I was emailed a promotion 1 year of on the water towing for $47. This year I didn’t get any email promotion and by calling still can’t get that rate without a promotion or code.
  12. Have some extra. $1 a piece front or back
  13. Over 10, not sure exactly haven’t weighed. Tails are bendable to track out.
  14. $10 each Syracuse/Mexico area
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