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  1. The rod holders alone are worth a bunch, nice snag. I run 4 of these up here in AK, they are bulletproof.
  2. CDQ are you guys still rearing some to fingerlings in the Mueller ponds?
  3. This in spades! I have seen entire incubators that were solid fungus. Not much survival in that kind of situation. Hate to see a lot of work go to nothing. Been there done that.
  4. I just got a box of maple sugar in the mail the other day, going to experiment with it a little. I got that and a gallon of real maple syrup. Between the two I should be able to put some maple flavor into some smoked salmon. If you like heat you can sprinkle on whatever hot stuff you have. I have a jar of smoked ghost pepper powder that I put on some of my salmon before the pellicle forms. I barely put any on and it is HOT! The sweet helps to balance it out though. I also put course ground black pepper on some. People really seem to like the pepper. The most important part is to put it on before you form the pellicle, otherwise it will just brush off. If you put it on before it pretty much gets locked on.
  5. I am curious too. I have used formalin, hydrogen peroxide, and saltwater to help control fungus up here in AK.
  6. I passed this info on to John Foust at FLCC, he runs the fisheries program there. Would be an awesome opportunity for some of his students to get some hands on experience. I raise salmon for a living here in Alaska, but if I was in NY I would definitely volunteer.
  7. My guess is $$. They wanted people to come fish the lake, dropping the size limit to 15" from 18" would attract more fisherman. NY has a pretty good record of making bonehead decisions when it comes to DEC regulations.
  8. I remember going to FLCC and helping Foust put radio transmitters into a few walleyes. Was pretty fun. Glad to see this program is up and running. We did horizontal tows 3 days after the state would stock 7 million fry into Honeyeye and we didn't find ONE walleye fry. A whole lot of perch fry though. Lots of males due to being early in the run? Are you guys going to hold some males in case the fun loving ratio switches?
  9. You guys smoke any salmon last fall? My buddy just got this sucker a couple of days ago, 30lbs. Might have to fire up the smoker soon.......
  10. I am using a big chief smoker outside, I don't monitor the temps. The fish definitely isn't cooked. Length of time is determined by the thickness of the fish. Normally at least 8hrs.
  11. Smoked salmon This is how I do my smoked salmon. Done around 50lbs of fillets so far, with a lot more to go. 3 cups brown sugar 3/4 cup salt That's it for the brine. I leave the skin on if I am smoking fish. Sometimes I like to grind some black pepper on the top before I form the pellicle. The pellicle is THE most important part of smoking fish. I rinse the brined fish in cold water after a day or two of brining. I lay the fish out under fans until the surface gets tacky. Then it goes into the smoker. I use a big chief with a mix of apple and alder chips. Smoke it until it gets to the consistency I want. Easy peasy.
  12. Here is a laker I caught in AK for comparison. Very similar. This was also caught in the spring, not sure if that makes any difference or not. Here is one out of the same lake but off the spawning beds in the fall. Go figure.
  13. I see messed up fish all the time working at a salmon hatchery. I have seen fry that are bent 90 degrees before and they do survive for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy came out of the hatchery like that, as it happens all the time. Here are a couple of freaks I have pictures of. Seen a lot of cyclops but this was the first triclops. This smolt was about half as long as the rest of the others in the round pond, a tiny little football. I have seen this also with browns at the NY hatcheries.
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