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  1. Congrats and happy Father’s Day- coming from a father of twins you’ll want to pick your projects wisely. That time saved will be better spent on the water.
  2. Looking for a recommendation for someone to work on my shifter- I have a sea ray Sundance 280 with twin merc 5.7l the starboard shifts well, the port shifts blurry hard and 80% of the time stall when shifting- i have been battling this for a year. I have had marina lol at this multiple times, 1st they replaced lower shift cable and something in our drive- pulled upper cable and stayed there was no issues with it. Problem was not fixed- they looked at it 3 more times last season and I requested it be looked at again w/ spring commission. Maiden voyage today and problem persists. Looking for a good merc mechanic near Mexico oswego area. I can’t trailer this so they would have to come to me or be on water with ability to haul if needed. Thanks
  3. Congrats... I’m hoping to play out the same scenario this weekend with the wife and kids out of Mexico-
  4. Hopppy


    Hello, my name is Jeff and my vessel is Seaclusion out of Mexico- 28’ sea ray cruiser- not a dedicated fishing boat. I am new to boating in general. I have MUCH to learn about boating, captaining, where to go for fishing and weekends with the family on the boat. Not to mention fishing. I bought the boat last year and d/t water levels didn’t get started until middle season. Had a few bugs to work out that I’m still battling w/ little success and the marina I use has been a let down as far as repairs. I am not much of a fisherman but want to hook up on occasion- and enjoy big fish! I am currently trying to figure out how to set up my boat to do some trolling with out going all out. Have a couple 10’ dipsy rods, okuma 30 reels that I am planning on dipsy’s being my set up- I am struggling to find a reliable mount system- my rail mount are turning under load- so thats my story- I will be doing a lot of research here on the forum to learn as much as I can, any recommendations are welcome- as well as I am looking for a new marine mechanic. Pics below of my boat and only fish caught on last years salmon adventure.
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