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  1. Date(s):Fri Sat Waves: choppy Total Hits: 15 Total Boated:3 Species Breakdown:2 Chinook rainbow Hot Lure: flys and spoons Trolling Speed:2-3.1 Boat Depth: 100-260 Lure Depth:45-100 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Went out both evenings pretty dry searched alot not many hits lots getting off the riggers with nothing lost a few hookups early, caught a 24 lb on troll home and the next day me dad and brothers hauled in a thrity makings great back to back fish it was a screamer off the rigger it was pretty stuning i thoght the 24 would have held up a little longer into the season but the lake has great potential this year, caught a 6 pound rainbow along the way. Good Start to the season. Happy fathers day Dad. Setting the bar for us pretty high. I need to get more pics from my brothers but heres mine. ====================
  2. guess thats how they earned the name snake, they need to learn how to unhinge the jaw more, wonder if he was thin before he ate it or if it caused him to be thin (stuck in there for a while. Last year i caught a largemouth that was super super thin, had mono comin out his you know, so i tried to remove it pulled out a sinker and hook that was corroded straight (missing the bend), hope he made it. But it did tell me they can spend alot of time without eating and losing weight if in a situation like that. About 10 years ago we found two pike floating, both were the same size about 28 inches, one had tried to eat the other and the pike went through his gills so they were in a X shape crossed at the heads, thank goodness muskies dont do that or theyed be extinct.
  3. Thanks I think that about anwsers it thanks hope to see a couple more this year
  4. hey everyone yesterday was out on the lake at grimsby pulled up a bunch of lakers, but this one was far more colorful, didnt know if it was just an older male with spawing colors in spring? or is it like a splake or something, the dots are more circular than the others it was darker reddish and had beautiful white fin edges. havent really seen any like this yet, more experiece needed, can someone give me a lesson in this. thanks Adam
  5. it would make more sense to keep the weigh in stations open longer maybe to 10:30 keep people out there not worried about having to rush to weigh one in if they hook up with a nice one after 8
  6. suprised that sucker could still eat with a jaw like that must be alot of easy prey out there
  7. Your flasher is too close to the dipsey, i have 8ft to flasher no less than 7ft for me, longer is better but makes landing fish difficult if too long, 24 inches to fly but as they stage it can decrease in length. colours make a difference but takes experimentation when fish are biting and you have confidance in your set up. good luck
  8. Took my little bro out on sunday, not many had 3 hits on at 630pm, next one at 915 just as the sun was going down lost it, and one more prob just before 10 sun was down and we were going to head in, after we landed it weighed 25 on my scale so give or take, didnt have enough wieght for the tourney but he was happy 3rd fish for him over 20lb in 3 trips hes been out there this year. amaing watching the fish come out after sunset. Was the first king of about 20 this year with a clipped fin.
  9. Good to hear you had a good day yesterday, we did too out of grimsby fishing 130 pulled up two kings 18 and 20, 9 lb coho and a bunch of nice bows, we quit early after the bite stopped prob 9-10 ish. thanks for the knots they have held up, lost a monster came off the rigger and was swimmin around the other rigger cable snapped the line far too quickly, only go to see it when it surfaced and was splashin around beside us at boatside tring to get rid up my equipment
  10. Thanks guys, Im tring the uniknot and the improved clinch tomarrow, see if they hold up they look better than the one i was using thanks again
  11. Hey ive been fishing on the riggers a little while now, using 20lb mono and last week i got 30lb floro for leaders on dips and riggers the 30lb stuff is a lot thicker than the mono and my double loop knot just doesnt look as strong or as well rigged as it did with the mono checked on you tube and other sites for knots but failed to produce anything with thicker line. Can i get some info from somebody that does this all the time and what knot you are using to get me back rigging please and thank you> Also I want to pre rigg some rods to go out and running low on flashers, has anybody used spin docs with spoons dont hear too much about it, cant see why it would not work though seems better than just putting just the spoon down.
  12. While reading the post i found it disturbing that the officers would do something like that, I'm not familiar with all the rules, subsections and other law lingo, but just as a fisherman I find it disgraceful. I am a Canadian and I'm sure I will not be the only one to read it either or the only one who feels like I do. I fish with lots of Americans throught the year and have many that are friends of mine. I find it terrible that this has left a bad taste in some of our mouths and I hope it gets ironed out for the best. Please try and understand that a couple of overthetop officers don't speak for everyone as individuals. I believe that as Countries that share these waters and the fish that we should be United in our efforts to make it a comfortable place to fish and share good times with one another. As one fisherman to another.
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