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  1. I put some electrical tape. Basically tie the braid around the spool once, make a knot, then apply one turn of electrical tape. You don't need many revolutions after that for the braid to bite down on itself and prevent spinning.
  2. I used mono once to back ... led to creep ... basically the mono stretches with enough wire out, then the wire position and guide end up not aligned, and you saw a hole through the line guide, plus puts a lot of stress on everything, sometimes it just stops coming out, if it gets bad enough. For this reason, I would suggest using braid backing ... it doesn't stretch, this way the way (position) it went on the reel, always stays aligned with the line guide. I don't recall having to put that much on though ... maybe 200' of braid ... I normally just made sure there was a good bed of braid on the spool, to cover the base completely. With that much on a size 30 reel, the spool was definitely full with 1000' on ... in some cases, too full (but that I might blame on not putting the wire on tight enough ... which is another problem you need to deal with ... keep that wire tight when spooling!),
  3. Nothing more to be said. I think overall fluoro is the better choice, and I try and keep it simple and stick with that.
  4. Don't get Magda ... they are crap ... too much plastic. You will regret it, throw them away, and buy something a little better that will last, and in the end it will just cost you MORE money ... you won't save anything with magda reels. I'd much sooner spend a few more $ and get Okuma Convector Reels.
  5. Wooden poles? Or have they changed that? I snapped 2 Eagle Claws after 1 year of use, one on a laker, another on a big king. Snapped right above the first eyelet. I swore I'd never buy Eagle Claws again after that.
  6. Wire cuts through fleas that show up in drobes in July. Braid will become a mess if you go through the fleas. That's really the main reason people choose wire over braid. Some also say wire has a better sink rate because of its density, which I do buy the argument on.
  7. x4 on the mix ... but if someone had a gun to your head (it would literally have to be that drastic), then spin doctors.
  8. Twillie tips are great, but don't you guys saw through your other eyelets below the tip as well, if you are using the regular rods, especially the one closest to the reel, where side to side action will put wire pressure on sides of eyelets?
  9. Boca grip is the way to go... clip them on the lip, make sure the boca grip is tie to the boat using a rope, drop the fish in the water, and carry on resetting your rods. Fish will be ready to go in a few minutes. Very good response rate.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the trip, all in?
  11. What does a trip like this cost? Three things on the fishing bucket list: Tuna in the Atlantic Marlin off Costa Rica Salmon in Alaska
  12. I'm reacting to this: "Not sure why some CDNS are pissy about closed tribs because of the COVID situation and really don't care." Using COVID to close rivers is just stupid in my opinion, if on the other hand it's perfectly "ok" to have 500 people inside a Walmart grabbing from the same vegetable boxes. It's pure hypocrisy ... makes no sense, because you have probably 100x more risk catching COVID in the Walmart situation than on the shore of the Ganny. That is my point. Closing access to Ganny due to COVID, is just an excuse the Town is using because they don't want to enforce fishing and pollution rules in the town of Port Hope. So, I will write it down to laziness. "Don't care if 50% snaggers/netters/pitchforkers ruin it for the other 50% legal anglers." This is the I don't give a rats a$s comment ... let the good guys get punished, because we can't enforce the bad guys ... say goodbye to democracy and our rights with that kind of attitude ... welcome to the communist state!
  13. I fish Ganaraska in April ... so unless you are saying I'm delusional ... I don't know how the heck you aren't going to tangle with a guy standing 6' beside you if you both have +12' poles ... it's insane to think you can fish with another guy fishing that close ... that I'm sure of ... I've been doing this for a couple of decades ... so take your COVID excuses for shutting down access to Ganny, and chuck them in the lake with your next down rigger weight. It's hypocrisy (or just an excuse) when it's okay to have hundreds of people in Walmart or Home Depot indoors with unsatisfactory HVAC systems to protect against COVID, but then it's not okay to be outside in the wide open next to a river. YOU brought up the stupid COVID excuse on behalf of Port Hope ... I'm just pointing out how stupid it is. As for the Ganny, I don't fish it in the fall ... I do fish other tribs ... but I take exception to your attitude to all river fishermen who fish ethically and do have a right to access the resource, just like boaters do. You think it's okay if you own a boat, suddenly you have exceptional and exclusive right to the resource?? Whatever ... I pay enough taxes to know, I have just as much rights as you do. So, take your dismissive attitude towards river fishermen and chuck that into the lake, with your next down rigger weight too!
  14. I don't mind them closing Port Hope either. The COVID thing is just total hypocrisy though. It's okay to go into a McDonalds and stand 6 ft away from a person, but go forbid we fish outside in the open ... standing 20 ft from the next guy so lines don't get tangled ... yeah, that makes a lot of sense to me, not! fcboats ... seems you don't give a rats a$s about anything but your situation ... so let's leave it to that ...
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