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  1. Well, North Shore gets tough ... staging salmon are not the easiest to catch. I'd much rather pick end of July to fish than September, that's for sure.
  2. Kings in August and particularly September? I wouldn't waste my time ... September they are well into staging, have stopped eating and some have even started running up rivers. This starts mid August. The best time of the year to fish them is end July in my opinion. Anyhow, if you do go in August, try going earlier rather than later. The bite changes from one of appetite, to one of aggression that time of year ... and so normally we switch up to bright colors red/orange/purple ... even start going to erratic baits like lymans, j-plugs, reer runners, etc. Staging salmon normally move to shallower water, but sit right at the bottom, so you need to troll with your lines about 10' off the bottom.
  3. TyeeTanic

    Meat substitute

    I've had okay success with them. I've caught some big salmon with them, but they probably only take 10% of the fish, if not less. Sometimes it's flies, spoons or real meat. Anyhow, we always try them at least for some time ... Size is important ... the larger ones seem to do better. Color is MORE important. The one Bosun Cowboy shows is a great one. There's two similar ones, one is green with black dots and the other is the same silver as he shows with black dots.
  4. I assume you are fishing lake Ontario. If so, look at this site, find out how deep you need to go to get in some 42 to 44F water. Set hooks anywhere from 42F to 52F. https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=vwt&type=N&hr=06
  5. Wait for July and go to Bluffer's in Scarborough ... fish off Toronto Island. Best time of year, and best place to be.
  6. TyeeTanic


    Meat has to go behind a flasher ... the heads by themselves just don't provide enough action. A pro troll paddle or spin doctor is the way to go. Normally 11" or larger paddle.
  7. TyeeTanic

    Fishing from shore

    Not sure if you've considered a charter from Wilson. Nice time of the year to go salmon fishing.
  8. TyeeTanic

    Wire line

    Braid. I used to use electrical tape, which is okay as long as you use only 1 revolution. If you put a cushion down, the wire can squeeze into it like a sponge and that throws you spool alignment off from the worm gear guide. I put on like 100' of braid and then attached the wire, and got 1000' perfect to the top of the spool. Closer to the top you are, the more accurate your line counter is!
  9. TyeeTanic

    Lead core questions

    We apply them to boards. They are great when the water is cooler and fish are higher in the water column. Not sure where you fish, but I don't find them that productive from end of June. Water is just too warm, and fish are too deep for the leadcores. We always put 20' of leader on them, and used 15 to 20 lb fluoro. As others are suggesting, make sure you completely submerge the leadcore by letting a bit of backing into the water.
  10. TyeeTanic

    Spooling 7 strand stainless wire

    Braid backing, probably 100' to cover the base of the spool, then you can do a "wireline to mono knot" (except it'll be braid not mono), see this link https://fishing.boyslife.org/8-fishing-knots-to-know/ Then roll that wire tight and slowly, after that a swivel at the end using this knot: http://www.fishdoctorcharters.com/videos/video3F.html
  11. TyeeTanic

    Skaneateles flat line question..

    When I started out, I would hang 1/2 lb weights off my lines. It worked to catch rainbow for sure as they are typically higher in the water column. One thing though, this is experience from Lake Ontario. Anyhow, doesn't hurt to buy some heavy weights and hang them off the line. I basically used a split ring connected to the main line, and tied a short leader (5 to 10 ft of fluoro) from the ring to the spoon, and I snapped a heavy weight off that split ring.
  12. TyeeTanic

    Rod holders for dipsy rods

    Cannons, you will appreciate being able to adjust with one hand when there's a fish on the line in the other hand!
  13. TyeeTanic

    Best Downrigger and Dipsey Trolling Line

    30# wire for dispeys, 7 strand. 30# mono good for downriggers, and then some 15 lb or 20 lb fluoro for leader (20').
  14. TyeeTanic

    2 dipseys per side

    Run inside at 1, and outside at 3 for max separation. Let the outside one out first, and then deploy the inside one. You should be fine, unless you hit a situation where you try and deploy the outside diver AFTER the inside is in the water. This sometimes happens when a fish hits the outside diver and you bring it in, then redeploy it. The issue is when you redeploy it isn't biting into the water and pulling to the outside nicely. It just sinks behind the boat and inevitably tangles with the inside diver line. It can be done, but you have to release it really slow on the outside of that inner diver. Otherwise, for first timers, I'd say just bring in the inside diver to check it, and redeploy the outside first, inside second.
  15. TyeeTanic

    WHY!!! Fishing certian color flasher

    We normally put a variety of colors out at the beginning of each day, and see what works. No doubt there are many days when a certain color takes preference for the fish. In general we see the colors I indicate above working as a big picture guide through the fishing season, but that isn't a steadfast rule, which is why we put a variety out.