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  1. Leadcore line

    Most you'll get out of an Okuma 30 is 7 colors with around 120 to 150 yards of braid. By the time you let it out, put a board on, let it out some more, you'll get nervous. I suggest an Okuma 45. I agree with what others are saying to use braid backing ... mono would take up WAY too much reel capacity.
  2. My first

    Nice. Best fighting fish in Lake Ontario if you ask me (I don't fish for Sturgeon).
  3. 19 strand wire for dispey - Tak 500lc capacity

    Typically the 600 series is used to get all 1000 ft on, with a little bit of braid backing.
  4. Smart troll review???

    Good system, does things other systems can't. Yankee did do an informative review, search for it.
  5. Tiara, sportcraft, baha

    Any boat cost = initial investment + additional investment to fix things. 80's ... I agree with post above, you need to take a good look at the engine and drives, you don't want a big $ surprise. My friend has a awesome Pursuit, got it at a deal knowing he'd have to put work and $ into it. Still came out ahead, but he worked hard last 2 years and paid lots of $$ in. The boat is in awesome condition now, and again, he came out ahead (comparing to buying a boat in the current condition). But he knew he was going to invest $10k's more ontop of the purchase price. Be careful, it can turn into your worst nightmare.
  6. I always hold the netting in my hand on the shafts and only let go once the basket is below the fish and at least half the fish crosses the rim of the net. Alternatively there are net clipping mechanisms that release under the wight of the fish once it is in the net.
  7. My first giant tuna

    Awesome. This is definitely on my bucket list.
  8. Chrome frog and Atommik stud fly is doing a lot of damage.
  9. sd flasher setup

    Further away from the fin at the back, more action. Front hole, and fin side hole is standard, but if you want more action try front hole and side hole opposit fin. We've been using that more frequently these days.
  10. I'd try both, but mostly inclined to use it with a spoon.
  11. Yes use 20# Fluor leader, around 15 to 20 ft.
  12. Help! Downrigger install needed

    Can you take the gunnels out and epoxy them thick? That's what I did. You can use a cannon track to put a rigger mounting post on, that will fit the gunnels.
  13. Advantages of using auto, when you are reeling in a fish, you can bring your weight up. Your arm won't be broken at the end of the day. You can use a 15 to 16 lb weight and change out lures freaquently without anything breaking like your arm. I wouldn't use manual, but that's my choice. You can get electric ones at a good price if you look for second hand ones.
  14. Speed do you run flashers

    We run them 2.2 to 2.8 mph.
  15. Good suggestions. I'd add the atommik pro am uv glow fly and chrome frog spin doctor.