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  1. TyeeTanic

    Weighted steel. Yay or nay

    Hold on, wait just a minute ... WHO said anything about a person being in the right mind. We are all mad aren't we? LOL. I don't know, I'm bored ... I 'm not going to do that, but I'd imagine if someone has enough time on their hands, would be interesting if you could get that extra 30' out of a MAG diver.
  2. It helps catch fish. It gives you temp and downspeed. It makes a difference. We are here to catch fish, if it helps in a material way (which it does), then it's highly recommended.
  3. TyeeTanic

    Weighted steel. Yay or nay

    You could. I'd imagine when kings are 120 ft or more deep, you might be tempted to use a bit of weighted steel to get that mag diver down deeper.
  4. TyeeTanic

    Leadcore set up

    Braid at least 30#. Leadcore already takes up half the reel, so why would you put on mono and get like 100' of it on. Use the braid and you can get on several hundred yards, so you don't get spooled.
  5. TyeeTanic

    27 pound king

    I have a place close to Clearwater.
  6. TyeeTanic

    27 pound king

    Nice, congrats to your 6 year old! Welcome back to the lake. By the way, where in Florida is your legal firm? I have a place down there too. I dream of the day I will own my own center console there and do some intercoastal fishing. The 15 lb Amberjack I caught two years ago was mightier than the 35 lb salmon we realed in!
  7. TyeeTanic

    All it takes is one to make us all look bad!

    We can't even call them animals. Animals don't trash the planet like this.
  8. TyeeTanic

    Getting/keeping your fishing boat clean

    Magic eraser is good on smooth gelcoat, it tears to pieces on the anti skid. Don't use it on vinyl as it ultimately scours it dull. Starbrite with PTEF is really good. Once you give it a good clean, then apply this, it puts a Teflon coating on and that helps stop stains from penetrating. Next time it becomes easy, you just spread this on, leave it for a few minutes and then scrub and wash. Keeps everything nice and sparkling clean! https://www.walmart.com/ip/Star-Brite-Non-Skid-Deck-Cleaner-with-PTEF-16-oz/51201199
  9. TyeeTanic

    Stevens Court - A Fishing Story

    That is outstanding. Well done my friend. Excellent work, you should be very, very proud. I'm looking forward to the next video!
  10. TyeeTanic

    Line for rigger rods

    I can only comment Lake Ontario ... minimum 20lb mono, preferably 30 lb mono. Use a leader around 20 ft long of fluoro ... weight is dependent ... smaller the more action on the lure ... but on Lake O 20 lb is typical. Captain Dan Keating will say try 12 lbs for better action and stealth ... I see his point, just never had the balls to do it. I do use the smallest possible bb swivels I can get, based on his recommendation.
  11. TyeeTanic


    That's basically how my buddy does it for the backing to copper, and he also heat shrinks wire tubing over the knot, so it doesn't fray as it goes through the rod eyelets. For the leader to copper, I think he went to a micro swivel. I'd imagine that takes strain off the copper, given paddles like Spin Doctors can create a mess if they themselves get tangled up, and the main swivel is locked up.
  12. Oh, and not sure you need to sell on ebay. For fresh water fishing stuff, there's a few boards like this one that have all the potential buyers you need. Take pictures of the lots and then post them along with the price you want. If you're going to have to ship everything given you are in N.O. than I'd distribute the less valuable stuff into each of the lots. I'd also say the shipping costs are extra, but you don't want shipping to be expensive, so the trick is to make sure the lot value is high enough .... like aim for $10 shipping for $100 lot price.
  13. He probably has hundreds of things. Best to group things into lots, by type and possibly by color (so all green lures in one lot). Selling price will dictate if it sells and how long it will take. I like to sell things fast to get it over and done with, so I generally look at how much they cost brand new and cut the price in half (a brand new lure's probably $8 to $9, so if you have 20 in a lot and go with $4 ... $80 for the lot). Now, after you separate the good stuff into lots ... you'll have a lot of "junk", stuff not worth much, not in the greatest condition, and will be difficult to sell in lots. There's two approaches that work ... distribute them into the lots, to sweeten the deal (without adding to the price ... so you are basically giving that stuff for free to help the lots sell faster), or when you have a person there buying, make side deals ... "Hey for $8 why don't you take all this stuff?" and sell lots of the lower value stuff. If it's cheap enough, someone will likely spend the extra $5 or $10 to see what he/she gets.
  14. TyeeTanic

    Painting aluminum haul

    I have heard you can't just use anything, some of the ablative paints have copper in them, which I believe damages the aluminum, also not sure if some are slightly acidic and can cause damage. Do your research for sure, and I'd be asking a reputable marine shop to find out. Maybe even call the boat manufacturer and get an opinion.
  15. TyeeTanic

    Dipsy wire

    Torpedo 7 strand is good, I never bought into the 19 strand stuff. You need a roller tip or a twillie. Twillie is actually easier, more forgiving. If you use a normal eyelette ... you will break that wire .... it's just a question of time. You should put 1000 ft on the reel and you may use 150 ft to 350 ft of it out, which means that the wire will always be kinked tight on the top eyelette. With wave action, it will fatigue and break eventually.