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  1. TyeeTanic

    Best time for fishing

    I prefer beginning of August. By mid august onwards, especially if it's hot, the salmon already slow down on eating, and may not be as active.
  2. I do strongly believe that criminals don't really care about any laws. That's why they break them, and are called criminals.
  3. TyeeTanic

    Center pin, loading line

    I use braid, and yes it's to fill up the spool, then put a full spool of mono, then tie your lead.
  4. TyeeTanic

    Weird Steelhead Skeins

    Yeah I've never seen that ... could it be eggs that are still developing? Maybe they are small and still developing?
  5. TyeeTanic

    Weird Steelhead Skeins

    Are you referring to the black stuff all over it?
  6. TyeeTanic

    Wtb float rod

    I love my Raven 14.5', 3 piece. Awesome rod!
  7. TyeeTanic

    What are these and what will catch them?

    Stacked kings, ready for a run up the river is what it looks like. They don't eat this time of year, you need to tick them off. Use irratic bait such as plugs, with bright colors. Speed 2.5 mph.
  8. TyeeTanic

    Another 20% CUT in Chinook Stocking for 2019

    I agree with this ... so far we've seen a nice initial run, and then most of those fish cooked when the weather got to 30'C on the weekend. I'd imagine with all this rain we are getting now, the remainder of salmon are running, and that will be good, except it's meant to go to 25'C this weekend again ... so for the stragglers, that won't be good. By the way, did they state WHY they want to cut stocks? Are they worried about the alewive population?
  9. TyeeTanic

    What's my boat worth?

    Take the equipment off and sell it separately. You'll make more money. Don't package the equipment up in the boat sale, you'll lose.
  10. TyeeTanic

    Cleaning the deck

    Star brite with PTFE coating ... spread it on, scrub, leave it for a couple of minutes, wash off. Puts a PTFE coating on the gelcoat to keep it from griming up again too fast.
  11. TyeeTanic

    Recommendations for speed monitoring

    Fishhawk x4D or smart troll.
  12. TyeeTanic

    Dipsey leaders

    30 or 40 lb Seagar Fluoro. Not sure why you are breaking off with 30 mono ... is the line old? Perhaps it's kinked from a wrap around the wire?
  13. TyeeTanic

    When fishing boats and sailboats disagree

    Sorry, should have clarified. Not trolling, but getting tackle out, rods down, etc.
  14. TyeeTanic

    When fishing boats and sailboats disagree

    I don't think the sail boat was trying to overtake. I heard the captain of the power boat wasn't looking and slammed into the sail boat. My guess is the autopilot was on, and the captain was busy attending to fishing lines, not paying attention.