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  1. TyeeTanic

    Dipsy wire

    Torpedo 7 strand is good, I never bought into the 19 strand stuff. You need a roller tip or a twillie. Twillie is actually easier, more forgiving. If you use a normal eyelette ... you will break that wire .... it's just a question of time. You should put 1000 ft on the reel and you may use 150 ft to 350 ft of it out, which means that the wire will always be kinked tight on the top eyelette. With wave action, it will fatigue and break eventually.
  2. TyeeTanic

    Cancun Fishing Charters

    Man, it was a long time ago, for our honeymoon. We booked through the hotel, now what is the InterContinental Presidente. Cost about $100 USD, but that was 20 years ago! LOL. I can tell you, that was the best fishing day of my life ... we caught several 60 to 80 lbs barracuda. Have the photos to make sure my memory doesn't elaborate over time. HAHA. I guess the take away is if nothing has changed, you might rely on the hotel's recommendation.
  3. TyeeTanic

    Best dipsy rod 10.5'

    Can you post a picture of that? I'm having difficulty picturing it.
  4. TyeeTanic

    Best dipsy rod 10.5'

    Talora. Good investment.
  5. TyeeTanic

    Fake teak

    I called SeaDek up, find the number here http://www.seadek.com/ First step is to order a template kit, they'll mail it to you, basically transparent sheets and you lay it on your deck and draw out the profile with a marker. Send in those, and then they draw up AutoCAD plans of the SeaDeck, which they'll send a pdf to you to approve. Once you approve, they cut and ship to you. It has 3M backing, so you lay it out, and once you have it positioned, use temp tape to keep a few corners in place, then peel and lay it down. Obviously clean you deck first, don't use anything with PTFE or wax residue. Wash and then I'd wipe it down with acetone to make sure there's no gunk. It'll stick really well after that. I had my boat with the seadek for 2 seasons before I sold the boat. Never had an issue. Really nice stuff.
  6. TyeeTanic

    What's my boat worth?

    I sold my boat. Sold my gear separately. Everything was priced attractively. When guys arrived, I showed them other stuff at good prices. Everything sold in 7 days, $6500 in my pocket, cash. Just look at new prices and discount 50%, it'll all likely sell fast.
  7. TyeeTanic

    Fake teak

    Hard product or something soft like SeaDek? I've done SeaDek, it's easy to install. But you have to get a template done of your boat. That's the hard part, outlining the deck, and then you send it in, for them to design it and finally cut it.
  8. Doesn't sound like non-sense to me. You could still run the outer riggers with dipseys out, as long as you swivel the booms to be closer to the boat. Otherwise, yeah, just use the back two. Other than what you said, I would rather be using leadcore in cold water. The fish are high, and copper could get too deep, even the 250. I'd save the copper for July/Aug.
  9. TyeeTanic

    Tie mono to 7 strand dipsey wire

    Exactly what I'm thinking, and then if you tie that small swivel, if you have a roller tip, you need to watch out for it, don't reel it right up, or you will ruin that rod. Plus, mono stretches, so you might have a problem popping dipseys if you need to retrieve that line ... although it won't be as bad as having 200 ft of it out. I'd not put on mono for those two very reasons, and just put braid. There's very few right ways, other than the right way.
  10. TyeeTanic

    how to firm up weak cured eggs?

    I always do that, I wash them in the river, try and get as much blood off as possible, and then they go into ziplock bags full of river water. But I'm still worried these skein eggs are going to be a problem. When I cured them with salt/sugar, they looked great, but I have a feeling when I defrost them ...
  11. TyeeTanic

    how to firm up weak cured eggs?

    Let me know if this works. I got some eggs still on skein, and I removed them and cured. Normally I cure loose eggs, so I'm worried these ones will be weak when I defrost them ... don't want it to go to waste.
  12. TyeeTanic

    Costa Rica on the pacific side

    Yeah those Mahi Mahi make Chinook look like babies. We caught one about 15 lbs in Hawaii, was like a 25 lb salmon on steroids. I'd take that fishing over freshwater any day.
  13. TyeeTanic

    What do you consider a trophy steelhead?

    +20 lb steelhead, +25 lb brown (they are getting fat on gobies), +35 lb king, +2L beer bottle.
  14. TyeeTanic

    Best time for fishing

    I prefer beginning of August. By mid august onwards, especially if it's hot, the salmon already slow down on eating, and may not be as active.
  15. I do strongly believe that criminals don't really care about any laws. That's why they break them, and are called criminals.