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  1. Exactly, and the snubber helps to soften blows to the downrigger/gunnel in wavey conditions.
  2. Can you take a few pictures of them, as follows: - close up of the arm. - close up of the entire board, connected to your line. - board in water a few feet behind boat - board in water in the final position (distance) behind the boat. With those, I'm positive we'll be able to figure this out.
  3. Okuma convectors are the best you can get at that price point. The important parts are steel, which is well ... important!
  4. What reel are you going to use to put 1000 ft of wire, and then 300 ft of weighted steel?
  5. My general rule of thumb is UV works best when there's sunlight, introduce glow on darker days or very early in the morning. Nowadays I like to use spoons with both UV and glow. Start off on a clear morning, when it's dark and the glow works, as the sun comes up the UV takes over.
  6. Yup, I've seen this in action. Actually they used it to take off gummy residue from my car logo on the back hood of my sports car. It didn't damage the paint. Use heat and peal off what you can, then the eraser wheel to take off the gunk. Polish with a polishing machine and it will be like new.
  7. I've safely put backing and 7 color on a Convertor CV30D
  8. We've started using the setup in Ontario. I still need to be convinced that it's worth the headache of handbombing the line in those last 20 ft. Tonnes of loose line in the boat and with a flapping fish, things can get tangled.
  9. Why not use wire divers?
  10. Haven't used braid. Don't know if fleas will stick to that large of a diameter, but they might, and if they do, you might end up with a pretty big ball at the head of the pully. Not sure if the rigger would cut through them. Why are you looking at braid instead of cable? My other concern with braid would be if you bottom out your rigger, it can likely be sliced by mussels at the bottom of the lake.
  11. Fixed sliders are my preference. 6ft fluoro leader on swivel that attaches to main line off rigger.
  12. I Used An Or16 clip To Attach The Torpedo To my Leadcore Line To Get More Depth. I Let Out All The leadcore and Then Added The Torpedo.
  13. I would run 1 more wire dipsey and 1 copper (probably 250 or 300ft). Wire dipseys catch most of our fish.
  14. I believe Atommik did in the past. Not sure now ... perhaps they will, with a special order?
  15. Pro troll or spin doctors are good. Lately I have been purchasing Michigan Stinger flashers ... UV Frog and UV Frog Black have been absolute studs for me. Most of the good ones are on this page: http://www.anglersavenueproshop.com/michigan-stinger-flashers/?sort=featured&page=9