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  1. Those sea trout are delicious ... I think I like them better than grouper TBH. I hope you cooked those up!
  2. My buddy did it and it lasted 3 years without fading or any issues, before he sold the boat ... so it probably lasted much longer, but I can't tell you. The benefits are ... easy to install, no waiting for paint to dry, AND it stays clean ... no more waxing! That is a huge issue. Was so easy to keep shining!
  3. Like just normal vinyl flooring?? Go to Home Depot ... the vinyl will work, as long as the base isn't made of cork.
  4. Get the line counter ... you need that for wire ... I mean there's other ways to figure out how much line out ... but they are a pain in the backside. I would never do that while trying to attend to a few other rods.
  5. I surprisingly got really good life out of the Convector CV30D's. I don't think you can get better value for money. Takota 600's are nice, but $$.
  6. Yes, this ... but for beginners I'd say set the outside ones first. The reason is, until you've locked the real and it bites deep into the water, even on a 2 1/2 or 3 setting, the dipsey is not pulling out to the side as much ... it's like just sinking in the water straight down where you plonked it in (on the extreme) ... which is why Gator is saying let it out slowly, so it bites and pulls a bit to the side ... but if you don't know how to do that, and have the inside dipsey deployed ... you can drop the outside dipsey down too fast, it can be inside of the inside diver! Then when you lock that real ... it grips into the water and pulls to the side, right into the inside wire and cause a massive tangle. If I haven't written that clearly, just trust me and put the outside divers out first. It'll save you a lot of headaches. If the outside diver hits with a fish, and you real it in and want to redeploy, the safer option is to pull the inside line, then deploy the outside first. Good time to check or change the inside wire bait. Once you get good at it, you can deploy the outside without retrieving the inside.
  7. Depends on use, I'd say every 3 or so years. But you'll feel it, the texture gets a bit rough, and it starts looking frosty/opaque ... that's when you definitely know it's time.
  8. Why? The picture shows the mouth ending ahead of the eye, not behind ... what is so obvious about it? I tend to think it looks more like an Atlantic.
  9. I can see why you are asking ... it's not a slam dunk either way.
  10. I think I'm going to bring a banana on my next charter outing and see what happens. LOL.
  11. Fish often come in to see the rigger weight, and drop back ... they come down to see that. We fish from around 42'F to around 52'F ... bigger fish normally caught in 42F to 44F ... but not always.
  12. So according to that research, we should all get rid of our dogs, this will certainly cause a rebound in the Alewife population, and as a result we will have record king sizes.
  13. Earl28 has provided some good setups in those pictures. You'll want to try the following combos: - 11" spin doctors and Atomik flies ... look at those frog patterns Earl has posted. Get ones like UV Stud Live, Mirage Glow, Glow Hammer, Ultra Green Glow, Pro/Am Glow, Bloody Death, Carmel Dolphin, Hawg Wild ... these can be on the riggers, and/or a braided line with a dipsey, or preferably a wire line dipsey (will impact type of rod you need). - Clean spoons on riggers. Northern King Green Monkey Puke, Purple Thunder, Watermelon, Hog Wild, 42nd Spoon (actually my favorite). Early spring silver, blues and coppers/golds seem to work ... the early summer moves to blue and green, end of summer colors are more purple, reds, oranges ... but the greens still work to. I wouldn't get a million spoons and flies of assorted colors, but rather get multiples of good setups. Some days there's only one color that works, and we often would through another one or two of the same/similar out in the water.
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