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  1. Run UV spoon colors or non UV spoon colors

    Ok, make your own decisions of the following, but this is my take: In clear blue open ocean water, most colors penetrate somewhat until about 160 feet (50 m). But keep in mind that the stronger colors at that depth are blues and greens. In the coastal water (think greener water), the stronger colors are greens and yellows. Maybe this is why green is a more popular color in Lake Ontario vs. Lake Michigan. I was also reading that UV penetrates well into very clear water, but hardly at all in dirtier water.
  2. Salmon Showdown ?

    Definitely slim pickings on the kings - they seem to concentrate in certain ports more and those ports seem to vary year to year. I will say I did catch my biggest king on the lake this past summer. I like watching the strategies from the show though.
  3. It's Over !!!

    As this relates to fishing... any chance we can get the new administration to reduce the Lake Trout stocking numbers?
  4. It's Over !!!

    Um, ok... the Dow has gone up more than 140% since Obama's inauguration in January 2009 with steady yearly increases - but sure credit it all to Trump.
  5. Run UV spoon colors or non UV spoon colors

    Glow spoons were TERRIBLE for me last year on Lake Michigan. I don't remember getting bit in the dark while fishing mornings. And looking over my records (yes I keep records for every fish) I only caught 3 fish using glow! My Moonshine flounder pounder didn't take a fish all of last year!
  6. Run UV spoon colors or non UV spoon colors I suppose my question comes down to UV-fluorescence. I've attached 2 pictures below that show what I'm talking about - and they show three types general color patterns: A. UV-fluorescent coating (first picture far left, second picture right & left) B. UV-fluorescent colors (first picture dots on spoon 1 & edge of spoon 4, second picture center C. Not UV-fluorescent (first picture spoons 2 & 3) What conditions lead you to run what colors over others? I generally fish with a large number of type "A" and type "B" spoons. Any situations you would switch to type C? Lets see what people think!
  7. rubber bands for blow back

    Sorry for the late reply. I fish Lake Michigan so the fleas aren't as bad as on Ontario - but I've never had a problem with the rigger wire.
  8. rubber bands for blow back

    I had to buy online. I got Mason MULTISTRAND Leader Wire - 300 ft of 125lb. I went with "bright" wire but they also have a brown colored wire too. The item number is MS-125. I've been running that for a couple years. I change out the ball swivel connection once a year.
  9. rubber bands for blow back

    I didn't want to go to heavier balls - so instead I switched the diameter of the wire. I went with a 125 lb wire instead of the standard 150 lb wire that came with the riggers. It helped!
  10. Usually without fulling tearing out the floor and flotation foam, it's not going to be easy to repair or replace the solid rivets. They do sell stronger aluminum pop-rivets for boat hulls that you can install directly. They do require a stronger than normal rivet tool. Drill/cut out the old rivets, coat the new ones liberally with 5200 sealant and set them. Just as an FYI - if it is an older boat its possible the flotation foam could be saturated in areas adding a lot of extra weight to the boat that you don't know about.
  11. Lake O lake trout table quality?

    Cut off all the dark meat. Trim into 1" lake trout nuggets. Coat in yellow mustard. Let sit 20 minutes. Coat with your favorite breading. Fry. Enjoy.
  12. Dr weight to lure distance

    This could vary a lot depending on target species and the mood of the fish. I'm guessing you are fishing lake trout from the mention of bells. Lake trout fishing with dodgers I've been running leads of 6-15 ft. Spin doctors in the 10-20 ft. Large white paddles 20-25 feet. I'm not sure about cowbells though. I'm sure some wiser people than me will chime in.
  13. setting the hook

    I tend to not set the hook because the fish ussually set it themselves well enough. Keep in mind that if the hook is already set, trying to set it again may just rip it out of the fishes mouth. If you are trolling really slow (less than 1 mph) there might be some who say to set the hook.
  14. Copper/Lead Core question

    I'll run leadcore & copper about 20-30 feet back usually. I have a splice of mono before my braid backing. For copper this seems to soften the blow on an initial hard hit putting less stress/shock on your knots. I'll also experiment a bit with leadcore. Shorter cores with mono backing (5 color or shorter) I'll sometimes let back 100-200 feet more before the planer board when I'm targeting fish in the top 25 fow.
  15. Downrigger cable length

    I would think 200 ft minimum. I have one with 200 ft and the other with 300 ft. The deepest I usually fish is about 120 ft down, but I've sent stuff down to 175 before with success. It's nice to have it when you need it.