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  1. Hi, I'm looking for 4 Tite lok adjustable rod holders. With or without bases Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Thanks all for the info. I'm not real far away- 45 minutes or so but the slow response convinced me to stay home last two nights. Will probably give it a go next weekend. I always enjoy going up for a few quarts of them. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Agree, might be a bit early yet Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. Wondering if anybody has any smelt reports for the lower Niagara? Seems time of year and lake temperature are hitting their prime for the run. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. Thanks - obviously I'll need ones that you can rotate each holder around the mast, correct? Also - are these any good for storage of rods while under power etc?
  6. I'm looking to add some more rod holders to my boat this summer to better facilitate running multiple inline planers per side or multiple lines off full size boards. I've run boards in the past but always stuck to one line per board/side and throw the rod in my dipsey holder or extra downrigger holder. When running multiple lines per side, what type of rod holders do you guys find to be easiest, most efficient, etc and why? It seems the options are either a vertical tree (great lakes planers etc) or horizontal (big jon, tite lok etc). Thanks!
  7. Nature - Sent you PM. Thanks.
  8. Looking to purchase a 200 or 225 HP outboard with 25" shaft. Would prefer a Johnson or Evinrude as boat currently has OMC controls but would consider anything. Thanks.
  9. Hi Everyone - Have been out in this area and not heard much chatter on the radio. Just wondering what channel most of the fisherman in the area use? I'm from the Mexico Bay area and tend to monitor 9 and 68
  10. Alpineski

    50 HP Force Outboard issue Maybe!!

    Force typically doesn't put out a sold stream, that spattering your seeing is normal for the 50 horse Force, in my opinion
  11. Well weather reports of 20-30 mph winds kept me away on Saturday. Based on the report of all the junk in the water, maybe waiting an extra week won't hurt to much. Thanks again for the info fellas.
  12. Paul - Thanks for the advice. Weather permitting I'll be out there using at least one of your suggestions tomorrow. Will post a report after.
  13. Hi Everyone - I've fished Mexico Bay and Oswego area for years, just moved to Buffalo and will be looking to fish this end of the lake for the first time tomorrow (4/23). Was hoping to get some general advice - plan to launch from either Wilson or Ft. Niagara. Don't really care what kind of fish I target, really just looking for a productive day - should I concentrate on trolling shallows near shore for browns? 50-60 feet with riggers for lakers? Fish the bar for kings? I've done some research and its seems like all these methods are used out here, but I'm not sure based on the time of year etc what would work best for me. Again, not looking for any secreat spots, just a general direction to head once up there. Thanks for any help! I look forward to contributing to these boards now that I found them.