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  7. souther allegany/stuben county

    I hunt in Friendship NY. I've seen plenty of big bucks. The problem is they have so much more cover to hide in then up by the lake. Hilton/Hamlin/Kendall/Ogden/'s nothing but fields and funnels. So it's much easier to track down a big buck when he has only a few spots to hide. Take a look at the topographical maps of the lake vs the southern tier. I have a very hard time getting a mature buck on trail camera in friendship, But once the rut comes they all come out to play. Hunting them mountain bucks is fun!!! But they taste like **** compared to deer that i harvest closer to the lake. My thought it because of the food sources they have access too. Good luck hunting this year
  8. 35lb Laker

    Wow. Awesome Fish
  9. See this?

    Bow hunters will understand this....How many hunters have seen the biggest buck of a lifetime at 50+ yards during bow season. Only to watch him walk away for another day because he was just a little to far away, had it been GUN season i'd have A LOT of giants on my wall. NYS needs to have more restrictions on ANTLERS, this is a half ass step in the right direction. They need to let the hunters make the laws and not the idiots in Albany. Muzzeloader season is a shame to lose because i know of several hunters who have taken the biggest bucks of a lifetime in those last few days...but anything to help save some little bucks is worth it. Last year i sat at hunting camp and saw on facebook all these hunters holding up tiny little 2-1/2 to 3-1/2" 8 points, acting like they made some giant kill, When i passed up several 3-1/2" yr old bucks last year because of the TRUE bruisers i was actually hunting. If all the hunters in NYS passed up the standard 8 points and let the bucks grow we could have a state like OHIO/ILLINOIS....etc. But people think a 120 class buck is a "Trophy of a lifetime" when it's a young buck with potential. I've talked with several true BIG BUCK hunters and they all tell me the same thing. Let a buck walk because next year he will be even bigger, And if you hunt and manage property in only a few short years you go from 4 and 6 points to 8 and 10 points with mass. But the biggest thing in hunting is this, Make sure you have fun and take a kid or new hunter hunting and fishing and teach them ethics and good management and maybe 10 years from now people will talk about BIG NYS bucks. Do i fully agree with the new laws...NO, But i hope it's a step in the right direction. Good luck this year to everyone
  10. Potbelly pike

    Did you cut it open....i wonder what it had duck or a big frog.
  11. Nice Report Dave......Team work was the biggest part of this victory....Even when we had to hand line in a 22lb king...Fishing is all about making memories you can share for a life time. Good fishing and a memory i'll never forget. Watching that steelie jump was worth waking up at 3:15am. Or not sleeping at all for sum people. ha
  12. Wellesley island... Help please

    Perch......My only tactic for perch is to fish bigger minnows. Use bass minnows or BIG perch minnows for bait. Walleye.....Fish at night....or troll deep diving stick baits after sun up....and before sun down. Good luck !!!!
  13. Bullhead

  14. wait for the ice to go out. Go back to work, Save the PTO day. for turkey season or ice out.
  15. coyote hunting question

    Cows and other animals are starting to have babies.....use baby animal noises along with coyote vocalizations. Starting tonight i plan on hunting hard for the last part of the season