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  1. I'll take them all at 10 a piece pick up tomorrow afternoon.
  2. Paul can you send me some pics?
  3. Brockport. I'll take the geese- I'll pm you
  4. What town? Might grab the geese from you
  5. I have up to 4 big jons for sale all brand new riggers besides the swivel base are original. Updated tourney pro blocks and new HD motors on 2 of the 4 serviced by big Jon this year. New wiring on switches new 10a breakers...The standard 2 riggers pull 12 lb balls no problem as well.
  6. If the rods fall through let me know
  7. PMed everyone. Didn't want to hijack the post.
  8. Yes the church board
  9. 2 tournament pro riggers of the 4 big jons
  10. I have 4 big Jon riggers that were 100 percent serviced this past year- 2 pro tournament models (motors less than a year on them) and 2 captains pack models (older motors but pull 12lb balls no problem). Older frames but have all new wiring switches fuses and boom blocks. All 4 have swivel bases and 2 of the 4 have the quick disconnect swivel bases. All 4 riggers come with dual rod holders on each one.
  11. If you're looking for 4 big jons nlong and I can combine.