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  1. It hasn't been discussed but we can make it work if you're running a charter- how does 2pm sound?
  2. A BRAND new tournament on Lake Ontario! A 5 part series including the ports of Bald Eagle Creek, Oak Orchard, and Sandy Creek! Dates: June 9 July 22 July 28 August 19 and the final tournament/ banquet on Sept 3rd $100 per boat each date 3 fish box (1 lake trout). Point structure for each individual tournament will include 10 points per fish and 1 point per pound. An additional $50 for the overall championship series **must be paid by June 9th to be eligible** The entire pool will be paid to the 1st overall Boat of the series. The point structure for the championship will be by placement per tournament, not weight. The point total of your best 3 placements out of the 5 tournaments will determine the winner. 100% payout to the top 30% of teams in each tournament. Weigh in is at Bald Eagle Marina. You must be in line by 3:45PM You can double dip the KOTO events as weigh in ends at 3PM for that event. Contact Bald Eagle Marina or myself for more info! Check out the Facebook page for event info and rules! https://www.facebook.com/events/427208387655143??ti=ia Susan 585 659 8603 Nick 585 746 8307
  3. I'll take them all at 10 a piece pick up tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Brockport. I'll take the geese- I'll pm you
  5. What town? Might grab the geese from you
  6. I have up to 4 big jons for sale all brand new riggers besides the swivel base are original. Updated tourney pro blocks and new HD motors on 2 of the 4 serviced by big Jon this year. New wiring on switches new 10a breakers...The standard 2 riggers pull 12 lb balls no problem as well.
  7. NickR

    for sale : usa Spoons!

    If the rods fall through let me know
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