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  1. How old is this and can you text me a picture (814) 594-0998? Thank you.
  2. how much for the electric?
  3. Yamaha Cylinder and Mount Kit for Garmin TR-1 Gold Garmin TR-1 Gold Cylinder and Bracket Mounting Kit for Yamaha 6HP /Yamaha T8 HP: 2001 or newer. Brand new, never opened/used. Needed Honda kit and received Yahama kit...Cost new $187; asking $100. Please reply or text/call (814) 594-0998. Thank you.
  4. three weeks too late, just paid 2100$$ great deal for someone, good luck with sale...
  5. How much smaller do you want to go?? a 2600 striper,? single I/o 350..
  6. if no one got them, ill take them all....
  7. Wanted

    bayside said boat sold..
  8. Wanted

    Any info on this, ??
  9. 267 or 275 Penn yan Any out there for sale??
  10. I sent a pm and said I'll take them. No reply
  11. Ill do $125, you ship..
  12. I just had this conversation with my wife about our trailer, I think I might be at max weight and we tow 2.5 hrs to get to the lake, I'm going to have it put on a scale... you should too...
  13. I just got one from adventure marine, solid build..
  14. I have trolled with the main moters for years in both my four winns and striper boats, bags off the sides and r.p.m.s. at 800-1000 to get to speed needed, just do the correct oil changes and there was never a problem, I pulled out drive every year to grease too...
  15. Sold / Closed

    I would do $1000.00, Rick , 814-594-0998