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  1. for sale : usa

    I was going to have this mounted on a 26' striper, it will do fine I just went with a solid mount and now I need a x-long shaft, this was purchased from a member of this site in the fall, (Rodbuster )was his name.. I bought it, took it to anchor marine, and got the call yesterday, need longer...shaft Rick
  2. for sale : usa

    This is a 4 stroke, high thrust, long shaft,
  3. Sold / Closed

    Just posted my honda 8hp. long shaft, remote controls,electric start and charging... 1750$$ thanks Rick
  4. 2006 honda 8hp long For sale is a 2006 honda 8 hp, long shaft, remote controls, power tilt, This was purchased for my boat to use as a kicker but I need an x-long, motor is in erie pa. 1750$ Sorry but i cannot find the pics I had of this, motor is at marina not here for me to get more..
  5. Wanted

    are these hrs correct or new fresh, motors, ??
  6. I got a used honda last fall to put on my boat, 4stroke, controls, power tilt, 1600. i say keep looking..
  7. Wanted

    Boat trader has a baha 2005, 299fb that looks nice..
  8. I just ordered a new one from adventure marine, nice brackets, it will be here next week..
  9. Wanted

    I'm thinking the same thing, pics please..
  10. I had a rugger for the girls and than this last yr we got a Thompson center venture, bolt action, nice, check them out..
  11. Wanted

    I'm still looking
  12. I have one daughter that has shot a 7mm-08 for 14yrs now, great gun...she started with this at age 12..,no issues... the other daughter started with a 243, we chased a lot of deer that got away, two yrs ago we switched her to a 308., now the deer drop... this too has been over 12 yrs. is this a coincidence or was it the gun.. all gun were new with new scopes..Winchester, Remington, and now a Thompson, the last two yrs they go down....Im getting too old to chase deer, good luck Rick
  13. electric planer reels wanted.. want a pair of electric reels, I can mount them on a arch or mast, tell me what you have.. Thanks Rick
  14. I switched my rods last yr to stelth core, I fish walleyes and run 6 rods with 5 colors,
  15. I switch from magdas to convertors for all my rods from dippseys, to board rod with lead core and now wire, I run the 30s but just set up three rods with copper, I got 3 cv-45-ds from angler ave at the show for 75$ line counter good luck Rick