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  1. charb

    All done with Rage broadheads

    Mechanical broadheads are just what they say (mechanical) you do however have to service them. You can't beat how accurate they are. I would say the blades should have been open before the hair even got that far. You should always test your mechanical broadhead to make sure it if working free before you knock the arrow it is on, if it don't feel right grab another one out of your quiver. I feel the same about a muzzle loader that don't fire ( human error). Back to the broadheads carbon blades will rust for sure...but those looked stainless.
  2. charb

    Try the " Gary D " rig

    Shhhhhh….that's a secret....
  3. charb


    I'm going to be there from Sept. 6-12 what do ya think, will I hit it right or wrong this year?
  4. charb

    Help Diagnosing Electrical issue

    disconnect a wire to the bildge and turn on your bildge switch if it don't screw things up connect it back and see if it does if yes it does then I would say it was the problem
  5. What is the down temp in the trench? Is it bath water after this blow?
  6. charb

    Downrigger cable retrever cord

    It looks to me that you could use small engine recoil cord...
  7. charb

    Fish hawk x4 issue

    Maybe it thinks it's an x4D as that don't show boat speed...
  8. I'm in Champlain Ny. but I will be in Ozwego Aug. 10 and 11
  9. Smith top mount clamp on rod holders 100.00 for all 4. Big Jon clamp on manual planer reels 100.00 for the pair. Big Jon swivel down rigger bases with mounting plates 100.00 for the pair. Big Jon custom transom bar with 2 swivel bases 3 rod holders adjustable legs, drilled and tapped for 4 riggers 300.00.
  10. charb

    Price of cut bait

    last week I ran out of strips so I cut some strips off the bellies of the fish I caught....seemed to work as well as the store bought..
  11. I have chance to buy this autopilot, will it work on my 20 ft. Bayliner I/O?
  12. charb

    Spin n glows

    How long of lead from cowbells to spin n glow / peanuts?
  13. charb

    2018 Stocking levels

    They could cut out all the lake trout stocking, I don't go to Lake O to fish those slime trout. The only thing there good for is fertilizer. There just hogs to eat the bait fish...
  14. Get rid of the trebles, Tie two singles in tandem increased hookup to boat by I( say 90 plus %
  15. charb

    fish hawk x4d

    Ok I called fish hawk and the first x4d that came out did not show surface speed even though the transducer has the paddle wheel. Thanks anyway