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  1. Seems like using a boat complicates things? Why not just walk out on one of the many piers?
  2. NY state record is 47 lbs 13 oz. This Lake Michigan one weighed 47.86 lbs which comes to 47 lbs 13.76 oz. so which is the Great Lakes record?
  3. Problem with that is there may not be a place to dock other than the "active docks". I launched a lot at the Genesee river and there is no non active area. They are marked thought for launch and retrieve.
  4. Just went by the launch, open but only one dock in.
  5. I'm assuming your motor has an alternator?
  6. I have a 18 ft boat now but owed a 22ft and a 21ft boat in the past. Always ran downriggers off starting battery and never had a problem in about 35 years. Now I have 2 cannons but in the past ran 4 downriggers.
  7. Was also out of the Genny yesterday and similar results, one laker.
  8. I have launched my 18ft boat there but the docks are short because of low water. Not sure about a 27 ft boat?
  9. Yes but with low water there's risk of trailer going off the end.
  10. That's good news to hear. I thought it would be the middle of summer before they'd be finished. Thanks!
  11. I use this for bass fishing. Really nice to be able to move a good fish away from trouble like a dock or tree limbs using the pedals. When I can't use the pedals because of weeds I find it's a pain to hold the paddle in one hand and the rod in the other.
  12. Got my torpedos today, 2 12 lbers and 2 16 lbers Thanks Harvey!
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