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  1. I owned a Crestliner 1750 for 11 yrs and now own a Alumacraft 1850. No complaints on either. All the boats mentioned are good. I'd just go with the best deal you can get. I'd also consider the dealer reputation.
  2. Look at OUTBOARDDIRCT.COM. Got a good price on my 9.9 Tohatsu this spring.
  3. Official name is Cercopagis pengoi. They show up in the lake when it warms up, usually from now through September. The problem they cause is they collect on your line going to the downrigger. Heavier line will usually help, like 30-40 lb test. I splice in about 150 ft of 40 lb test line and use a 20 or 25 lb test leader.
  4. Fleas were good today. Fishing wasn't.
  5. How are the fleas off Rochester?
  6. It's too bad. Owned a 2006 115 hp etec for 11 years and loved it. Put about 100 hrs a year on it, mostly trolling hrs. Only took it into the dealer every 3 years. Replaced boat and motor two years ago with a Almacraft and a Yamaha 4 stroke. Looked for boats with an etec but couldn't find much around here. It seems to be a choice of Mercury or Yamaha.
  7. Same on Friday for me and talk to couple other guys, all lakers.
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