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  1. Talked to the supervisor today and he told me they wouldn't be done till mid December. He also told me they would dig out the 100ft on the east side so you won't be able to walk out on it. Of course he said it might fill in with sand. Looking at the picture, I don't understand what the front part is about? (lake side)
  2. Good day and report, thanks!
  3. Nice! Best report I've read this spring.
  4. I used it on Tuesday and there was only one launch clear. The other two had snow or logs blocking them. When I checked this afternoon it looked like all three were clear. I don't think the cones are anything official.
  5. What's with the cones blocking the Genesee river launch. No signs or explanations? Anybody know?
  6. That was probably me. Launched at the river and ran down to Shipbuilders. Cold water everywhere, about 34.5 degrees, 6-12 ft. Picked a couple small browns and lost a couple more. My earliest I've been on the water in 35 years.
  7. You notice they took one of the launches away.
  8. Thanks for the reports!
  9. Hobie's are nice but they have one draw back I don't like, you can't back up. That's why I went with a Native ultimate propel kayak. I do a lot of bass fishing around docks and this gives the ability to stop quick and back up. Of course with the propeller it's useless in the weeds. In the weeds the propeller comes up and the paddle comes out.
  10. Sorry but this is from the DEC about Black Lake. Fish Species:Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead
  11. I wasn't out there this morning and lost more then I landed. 3 for 8. At least there was some action.
  12. Ocean Trident 11 for sale. $650 or bo. See add in Craig's list:
  13. Excellent condition Beckman net. $75 see add on craiglist: