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  1. FYI: A friend told me he got a launch pass for $120. He uses the launch 4 or 5 times a week, spent $400 on launching there last year. He went to buy the pass and he only had $120 on him and they sold him it for that price. Apparently it's negotiable.
  2. I believe Braddock Bay is $9 and $169 season pass.
  3. I-Bay/Gen river launches Checked out the Irondequoit bay and the Genesee river launches yesterday. Here's a couple shots.
  4. Can you even launch there. Obviously need boots but still.
  5. Kayak or small boat trailer Kayak or small boat trailer. Used to move a kayak for the last three years. Portage Pal T1000.Galvanized and powder coated steel construction, galvanized adjustable steel tonguePatent pending coil spring suspension for a very soft ride, marine carpeted wooden bunks, White powder coated brackets and axle, white plastic fenders, 1 canoe or kayak capacity, 54 inch rear, 38 inch front bunk width, 1 7/8 inch ball size 8 inch wheels, 125 lbs weight, 275 lbs max capacity. $525 or BO. Located in Rochester.
  6. Sandy creek, Hamlin, NY. Sent from my SM-N900P using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Sometimes it's more of a comfort thing than safety. A 4 or 5 mile ride into 3 or 4 footers can be a long ride.
  8. Double check the wave forecast. It can be a long ride in 3-4ft waves depending on the size of your boat. I try to avoid that in my 18' aluminium boat. Speaking from 37yrs fishing the lake. Right now the forecast looks good but that can change.
  9. You might want to look at some YouTube videos on the subject. I remember going on another guy's boat years ago and he was using boards but he was putting the releases on backwards. He thanked me for correcting him and said he and his brother could never get the boards to work right.
  10. Most are using planner boards of some kind. Look them up in equipment and tech area.
  11. First I heard, Sandy Creek Marina closing?
  12. I've seen it many times where it would clear up past Shipbuilders but not today. That pic posted by Lucky13 is great. Might not have gone fishing if I'd seen it before.
  13. No bites. Fished from Shipbuilders to a couple miles east and back. Cold muddy water all over about 43 degrees. I was hoping the water would clear past Shipbuilders but it didn't.
  14. Don't know about Sandy but one dock at Irondequoit. I use it today.
  15. I used to stay there 16-20 years ago. It was called The Last Resort at the time. One thing they have a launch but it's a bear. Not good for big boats. Talking about the one on Guffin bay.