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  1. Good thing for him you were there. Sounds like a very interesting day.
  2. The I-Bay launch is a floating dock and it's closed? So what's the point?
  3. How tricky is it to use the launch at Sandy creek? Obviously boots required and the docks must be slippery.
  4. So $8 all together to launch and retrieve your boat? How's the channel out to the lake? Thanks!
  5. Genesee is open but you need boots. It's inches from being under water and it is under with any waves at all.
  6. Anybody if the Genesee launch is still above water and usable?
  7. Went by the Genesee launch today and it looks just like my picture above. I was surprised as that picture was taken 6 days ago. Not under water yet.
  8. Thanks for the update!
  9. Thanks! Got to carry boots!
  10. I was wondering if the I-Bay and Sandy creek launches are still open? I went by the Genesee river launch on Saturday and took a picture. Looks like it will be under water soon.
  11. Nice, time to buy another one of those spoons!
  12. I was out today and temp was 75-85 down in 120-220.
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