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  1. As a vet I just ordered a pass. One question, at an unattended boat launch like Irondequoit bay what do you leave on your dash to prove you qualify for a free launch? I guess you leave the pass, right?l Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. What does all this BS have to do with lake ontario fishing? When did this become a re elect Trump website?
  3. Is the Sandy creek still usable. I assume boots are needed.
  4. I'm going to order one for my 18ft Alumacraft. Just waiting to get it out of storage and do the measurements for the height. I'm 6'3" so probable the taller. Anyone have some insight?
  5. I'm just speculating about braid as I haven't used it in years bought I did just buy some new braid for my bass equipment and found a difference in the number of strains which I would think would make a difference with the fleas. Eight strain is smoother and might help with the fleas. A little more expensive but if it helps with fleas well worth it I think.
  6. Thinking about investing in this suspension system to smooth out the ride on my 18ft Alumacraft. Just wondering if anybody has one these or knowledge of them. Thanks!
  7. Another thing to keep in mind is the 2 modes of autopilot, legacy and advanced autopilot. They are different. For trolling I use the legacy mode. With the advanced mode the motor tries to correct for cross wind and current which can slow the boat way down. The legacy mode will just keep going towards a given heading.
  8. Took awhile to find the site, it's Escboats.com
  9. 4.5 to about 7. It's nice and easier to make small speed changes. I have an 18ft Alumacraft with a 150 yamaha and a 9.9 toshiba kicker. Boat alone is listed at 1600lbs. I don't have canvas either. I think that would complicate things with wind.
  10. I have a 9.9hp kicker and a 80lb terrova. I use the terrova for all my steering when I'm trolling. Won't go without it.
  11. Yes, this motor is 5 yrs newer than my old one.
  12. I had a 2006 etec 115 and they plugged it in and not only told me the hours but the hours at a given rpm. Had a lot of hours under 1000 because I trolled with it.
  13. Been using a terova for 3 years on my 18ft Alumacraft. I fish alone and the terrova does all my steering. I've netted fish while going in to 3ft waves. Bigger than that I'll call it a day. This is something I discovered and to be aware of is the 2 modes for autopilot, legacy and advanced. I use legacy as it just uses compass heading and keeps the speed steady when trolling. If use use the advanced mode it will compensate for currents and wind which you really don't need and can cause the boat to slow to a crawl.
  14. Haven't heard any thoughts or info on this coming years lake level?
  15. Seems like using a boat complicates things? Why not just walk out on one of the many piers?
  16. NY state record is 47 lbs 13 oz. This Lake Michigan one weighed 47.86 lbs which comes to 47 lbs 13.76 oz. so which is the Great Lakes record?
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