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  1. Went by it today and looked open to me. Going to use it Saturday.
  2. Just bought a 9.9 Tohatsu with electric start and power trim from OUTBOARDDIRECT.COM. Free delivery and no tax. I talked to the guy on the phone and turns out he used to own onlineoutboards. For what ever reason he sold it and practice law for awhile and then decided to start another outboard business. After chatting with me for awhile he offered me a $100 off. I'm using this as a kicker on my Alumacraft t-pro 185. Ran it for an hour Thursday just for break-in, 9 more hours to go.
  3. Yea, on the east side. Don't know about the west?
  4. It does add up if you're retired like me and have the opportunity to go out several times a week. Could be $60 a week with 5 trips but it's convenient. The opposite side was $9 last year. I don't think I-Bay or Sandy creek will be available for awhile, nobody to put the docks in.
  5. Used the Braddock Bay west side launch last year and he was charging $4 in and $4 out until early July and then it went to $6 in and $6 out. In other words it went from $8 to $12. Kind of sucks, a %33 increase!
  6. I would thing the Genesee river or Braddock Bay.
  7. I think middle of July. Fishing is usually good and weathers usually good also.
  8. 4 years ago I pulled the boat out of storage on March 7th. Went out the next day and caught a couple browns. Next day the weather went to hell and didn't get out again until April 14th. I'll wait a couple weeks.
  9. Just ordered a motor from Outboarddirect.com. Choice a 9.9 Tohatsu with elec start and power trim. Talked to the owner on the phone a got an extra $99 off $2575 delivered.
  10. My point is if your going to get a new motor why buy old tech when new is available? That's my opinion but to each their own.
  11. Yamaha are Carburetor not efi. Same with the Mercury unless you go to 15hp.
  12. The nearest service dealers is Frontenac Harbor. About 50 miles away. I have dealt with them as that's where I boat my boat. It does get expensive because DeLago casino is right on the way there and my wife insist on going along. I drop her off at the casino while I take care of boat business. Ha!Ha!
  13. Got one on sale price of $2595 long shaft, elec start, power tilt and hi thrust from port-a-boat. Might do that. Lot's of good reviews of Suzuki.
  14. Good info. I've got an Alumacraft tournament pro 185 with a 150hp Yamaha.
  15. Thinking about getting a kicker this spring. https://onlineoutboards.com/collections/outboard-motors seems to have best prices with no tax and free shipping. Debating between the Mercury, Tohatsu or the Suzuki 9.9hp with elec start and power trim. The Suzuki is the least expensive then Tohatsu and Merc the most expensive. Has anybody bought a motor from onlineoutboards? Opinions on the brands of motors. I think they all make a quality product but is there a good reason to spend more on the Mercury or Tohatsu? Prices start at $2625 for the Suzuki, $2737 for the Tohatsu and $3030 for the Mercury.
  16. Do you leave the hooks? Just a thought!
  17. Bay Rat lures 30% off till midnight tonight 12/2/19.
  18. Anybody if the docks are still in at the I-Bay launch?
  19. Used the launch yesterday with my boots and when I came in somebody had wrapped both docks with plastic safety tape and block both off with plastic gating material. Don't know what that's about. Thinking the town is afraid somebody is going fall on the docks and sue?
  20. I was just wondering if the launch is any better than the last report?
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