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  1. for sale : usa Ice Fishing Rental Chaumont Bay

    Sounds like a place to be. I'm very interested and will be contacting broker if we decide to do a trip next year. A couple quick questions to those who have been there... 1. I have a 4 wheeler (no snowmobile)...I'd rather not trailer it from Binghamton ny up there if I don't have there good fishing close enough to walk right out and fish? The other guys in my group have no sled or wheeler (total of 4 guys and 2 kids) 2. What species of fish are we going to expect to target if we did just walk from lodge out on ice...I'm hoping walleye, perch, pike in that order. 3. Local bait shops I'm assuming Ill ask rest of questions to Amanda...but the place looks great and really affordable. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Otisco report

    Hit the lake with my first mate yesterday (son). Got 7 LM bass (all between 1-3lbs, no pigs), one smallie, and one eye early morning (19"). Got the eye on reef runner just outside deep weed cover in drop off (10 -12 fow). Bass were in weed cover hiding in holes. Slow day, had to work hard. Beautiful day, low wind. Lake level is good. Weeds all over. Clear water.
  3. Share your best LOU advice

    Specifics...what specifically have you learned from the advice you've gotten...basically, share a tip
  4. I'll take em...I'll PM you my info.
  5. Share your best LOU advice People on this site are not only knowledgeable...but willing to share their advice and help others be successful. I've learned so much, I don't even know where I'd start listing the best help I've received. I've gotten some great fishing gear deals from guys, line and lure advice and great tips of the trade...One of the newest tips and help came from the Landshark last month: Use metered line to help know how far out your line is if not using reels with line counters....(thanks again for sending me some) What are some things you've learned or deals you've got from LOU members?
  6. Wtb Brown trout rods

    Sodus Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  7. Wtb Brown trout rods

    Sofia, I PM you. Interested in your combos. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. marking line without line counter help

    Metered fire line? Hmmm, looks possible solution. You use that landshark? I'd be using trolling for eyes. 10' huh? Thanks broadhorizons for doing that. I appreciate it. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  9. Sam , go with metered Fireline

  10. marking line without line counter help

    ohhhhh, gotcha!!! Makes total sense...sorry for my stupidity. Thank you. I like that idea!! Just gotta measure out one pass back and forth on the guide and multiply it to my desired depth. You guys are good!
  11. marking line without line counter help

    how do you count or see the line going through the guides...with out it being marked or colored. Sorry about maybe dumb question...I mean I understand the concept...8' rod, 10 passes =80'...put how do you see or know when one length starts and stops? And I do have numerous CL reels, but for the ones that aren't..Thanks for input so far.
  12. marking line without line counter help I have 4 Daiwa 27 I want to use for Browns and eyes...trolling. So I'm asking, how can I or do you mark line to know how far out you are....theres gotta be some tricks that could help me. My thoughts: one of those cheap attach on Berkely or rapala line counters..........or maybe putting bobber stopper string knots every 10 feet or so. Your thoughts and help please...
  13. Trolling motor? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  14. Tale taker pm me please, I'd be interested if he's not. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United