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  1. Great glow pic! Nice job.
  2. I'll take the accudepth $70 shipped. I can send you postal check tomorrow. 


  3. Agreed
  4. Daiwa GL vs accudepth older GL vs Newer accudepth ? GL 47 serviced, but accudepth is newer , thoughts.
  5. Hello, I'm interested.  Would you consider $90 shipped. 

    1. dieselhp


      No thank you

      Thanks anyway

    2. slamminsam


      Thanks for replying. How old are they?  I am interested. Your price is fair enough.  100$ includes shipping to NY?

    3. dieselhp


      Yes it does

      They are about 6 or 7 years old

      I only used them for a few days each year for the fall run. Not many miles on them at all

  6. They do not have to be Diawa or the 27...just in good shape. The ones I got this winter I was pretty disappointed with the condition they were in. Had to send to Tuna Tom for help. Now I could use your help.
  7. Check out nijajordans Kabooms for sale post...they may work for you.
  8. WTB 2 line counters Looking to buy 2 line counters. I picked up 2 reels this winter without the counters. Would really like two counters please. Preferably Diawa 27. Trolling for eyes. Please pm, pics would help. Thanks Steve 607-427-774two
  9. Interested in picking a couple up. Please pm me some available colors .

  10. Love the "no early entries" rule....I show up 15 minutes early and people are walking out with arm fulls of gear...
  11. Nissan gear oil plug I'm looking for a oil plug for my lower gear oil outboard. Where do you get these or your parts from. I've found a place online that wants $5 and $7 to ship...not opposed to that too much...but can I just use a matching screw from somewhere? NS15B2 Nissan 15hp outboard, 1992, part # 33260-0050/ gasket 33260-0060