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  1. I had 2 fins ripped like this ...I am hoping this is the problem! It's only a year old
  2. 200 degrees for about 1 min till I brought the rpms up and right back to 160....
  3. I think that is what had happened... I took the impeller completely out last night and found one tab/fin ripped in half but still attached bairly...and one half ripped...it was new last year and greased it when I installed it ...is it normal for a aftermarket impeller to only last a year? And the housing was new also....
  4. I was thinking that ...I just got on a few mercruiser forums and there all saying rule of thumb is low idle and overheating but cools down when high idle is impeller ....mine looked good I just lifted it up just enough to make sure fins were there .... idk for 20 dollar impeller i am going to try it
  5. I have a 4 3l mercruiser alfa1 gen1 ..just started having some cooling issues ...last weekend out trolling temp ran just under 200degrees.my boat has never gone above 160...I reved her up for a min or 2 and she went back down to 160 ...I brought her home and replaced the water pump since I was hearing a chirping sound like a loose belt but all was tight and I knew the impeller was new! I even pulled the lower unit today and checked the impeller ...and was good! Anyone have cooling issues similar and could give me a idea of where to go from here besides and a marina...
  6. I fished also ..from 130fow to 450fow ..didnt mark much,screen was blank most of the day...current was horrible...managed one dink in 130 and a nice one in 340 ...
  7. I fished the oak today also 50fow to 240fow and finally marked a small bait pod with active kings in 200fow .... no hits ... I wacked a 18lb king in 133fow and that was it ... my screen was blank pretty much all day ... tomorrow I will try farther west!
  8. I recently purchased a set of boats and went out today and was having a issue with the starboard boat was sometimes going under water but the port side boat never went down all day ... is this a normal issue with a boat diving under? This is my first time running boats.
  9. I have a hummingbird 788ci model sonar and gps .I have everything needed pickup only in oak orchard area ...reasonable offer
  10. Phone # 5858806407 interested can u send me pics please and thanks
  11. Looking for a set of used otter boats ...
  12. Ok thanks I am interested...let me do some more research and I will be in touch
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