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  1. I just received the package just got home from work I will get a money order and send it out ...thanks again everything looks good like u said
  2. 241 oak orchard est .. albion ny 14411 

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    2. rapala


      Ronald, received your check, thanks Bill

    3. Delons


      I will send out the last payment fri ..  thanks merry Christmas 

    4. rapala


      Ronald, received your check, thanks Bill  You will like the radio, has clear voice, since Iam half deaf I can make out every word they say and the guys on other end say crisp clear.


  3. Interested still available?

  4. Always like pulling teeth to get a guy to go fishing ...anyone into fishing for kings in the lake ...planning on a am trip till around 12 tomorrow...I have everything and a 21ft boat to fish out of ..just looking to help with fuel ...
  5. I am close...like to meet up this week ..585-880-6407
  6. Delons

    21ft penn yan

    I deff will do that ...
  7. Delons

    21ft penn yan

    Thanks I will be installing them over the winter months ..
  8. Delons

    21ft penn yan

    I just looked them up on internet ...very easy installation....I am sure that would fix the problem I am having .. did u go with the smart tabs or electric tabs so u can control movement of the tabs? Idk which way I should go....
  9. Delons

    21ft penn yan

    The boat leans hard steering is fine ...sits in water level ...on plane leans hard left
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