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  1. Phone # 5858806407 interested can u send me pics please and thanks
  2. Looking for a set of used otter boats ...
  3. Ok thanks I am interested...let me do some more research and I will be in touch
  4. I just received the package just got home from work I will get a money order and send it out ...thanks again everything looks good like u said
  5. 241 oak orchard est .. albion ny 14411 

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    2. rapala


      Ronald, received your check, thanks Bill  You will like the radio, has clear voice, since Iam half deaf I can make out every word they say and the guys on other end say crisp clear.


    3. Delons


      Hey bill I sent out the last check yesterday ...thank u for your patience and I hope u have a great new year :))

    4. rapala


      have a happy new year, Wife and I came down with the flu, sunday just starting to ricover, hope you don't get the flu. I had flue 20 some years ago, so I guess it was time .  Have a great new year



  6. Interested still available?

  7. Always like pulling teeth to get a guy to go fishing ...anyone into fishing for kings in the lake ...planning on a am trip till around 12 tomorrow...I have everything and a 21ft boat to fish out of ..just looking to help with fuel ...
  8. I am close...like to meet up this week ..585-880-6407
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