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  1. Would you be willing to separate? Interested in the dual real mount rod holder. If so, how much? Thank you
  2. yellowgold


    Looking for input guys. Have an appointment soon (Wednesday) to install sonar transducer and fish hawk transducer. Question... do they need to be on opposite sides of the transom due to interference? Guess I'm looking to see if guys have had interference issues or not. Thank you in advance
  3. 1987 16' Smokercraft deep v with trailer, '87 mariner 20hp tiller. Included..., Eagle ultra classic depth finder w/ transducer, Minn Kota 50# trust endura trolling motor, Homemade planer boards/mast, 2 life jackets. Boat/motor is in good condition, painted camo for duck hunting option, outboard has been regularly maintained at Barrett Marine. Was used primarily for winter perch fishing on Seneca & Keuka Lakes or duck hunting. Also has plywood floor for safety/flat standing area. The Minn Kota is tired but still works. $2000/BO May also contact me directly @ 315-651-5327. I can text photos but haven't uploaded them to post yet. Thank you in advance
  4. yellowgold


    Thank you for the input. I appreciate it.
  5. yellowgold


    Hi guys... looking for a little insight and help What do I want for backer on okuma, 30's to fish planer boards on seneca or cand lakes as well as something sufficient for Lake O during late summer? Is 20# enough, any cheap mono will work? How bout braid? How about downrigger as well? Thanks in advance
  6. yellowgold

    Canandaigua Canandaigua Perch Tournaments

    Although you are prob correct, if someone wants to chase rainbows that have most likely come and gone already - have at it. I was more concerned with not having two competing perch tourneys on the same day. Your point is understood tho.....
  7. yellowgold

    Canandaigua Canandaigua Perch Tournaments

    Just a note..., there is a scheduled perch tournament on Keuka, April 1st as well. Might wanna contact them as to not compete. Typically its hard enough to get enough teams to compete, let alone two tourneys on the same day.
  8. 60-70# draw, 28", 75% let off. Includes Hoyt QAD drop away rest, Sims s-coil stabilizer, 4 arrow quiver, 12 Beman MFX micro diameter 400 arrows, feather vanes. New strings/cables. Mint condition, Bought a carbon matrix and has sat in a case for last 3 years. Professionally serviced/maintained by Heritage Outdoors in Phelps. As is.., will not part. $700/BO Call or text at 315-651-5327....., thanks
  9. yellowgold

    Kueka Lake Perch Time Yet?

    Yes Steve, impressive 5 fish total. YOU and I do realize that's definitely not the norm, if it was wouldn't you be spending more time there instead of Cand????? lol
  10. yellowgold

    Kueka Lake Perch Time Yet?

    The Avon tournament is tomorrow and Keuka is on fire! Yes, the fish are smaller but it beats getting skunked on Seneca. Good Luck
  11. yellowgold

    Sampson state park

    One more note..., do not confuse preservation with conservation! Conservation is the WISE use of a natural resource. Preservation is protecting something/setting it aside to NOT be utilized.
  12. yellowgold

    Sampson state park

    Johny..., i'm confused. Where have you read/researched that perch have the highest spawn success rate?? Per NYS biologist, They have ABSOLUTELY no idea about the perch population or anything concerning perch on seneca lake. We have specifically asked. They can tell us about some slimy lake trout but nothing on perch.
  13. yellowgold

    Sampson state park

    Amen to that someone finally flippin said it! Yes, Sampson has been outta control the last couple years, Helen Keller could catch fish there. Biggest problem is greed and facebook. People wanna brag about the huge jacks being caught and are not smart enough to release 14+ inch perch. It doesn't help that the perch are making it stupid easy being so close to the launch/marina/wall. The "meat men" that caught wind through social media from outside the local guys didn't help either. Why fight deep snow and long ass walks when you can get outta ur car and catch fish in minutes. Most fisherman realize that 90 percent of the fish are in 10 percent of the water. Without question no other spot on the lake has that concentration at the moment, shallow or deep.
  14. That would be awesome but thinking it may conflict with the "youth turkey" hunters.