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  1. Spoon or stick bait I have a few I could part with one. I’m right here in Ontario.
  2. I’ll send a check what your address? i’ll have it in the mail today thanks steve 585 370 5720 broke one off today what’s eta
  3. I would like one 12 and one 15 lb torpedo please shipped to 14519 Ontario NY lmk thanks
  4. I got there about 630 and was back at the launch by eight I fish Solo yesterday and the fishing was so hot. I only ran two rods on the riggers and had a hard time keeping them in the water
  5. I have two transducers for the generation three if you need a new transducer
  6. I’m in Ontario NY and have one if you want to check it out .. rod and loaded reel Steve
  7. There’s four of them from night fishing Canandaigua, and Oneida
  8. Let me check. Pretty sure I still have some from night fishing lake trout in the 70s and 80s on Canandaigua.
  9. I fish out of bear creek and check the pipe line most every time I come in . Did see small mouth on the pipe one time out of about 10 times in July. Same with the perch there one day and have not found again. Yesterday lots of bait in 15 fow so maybe they will show again
  10. I have a few myself. Back in the 80s we would pound the fall salmon at the oak the clatter tad is a killer
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