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  1. Still at it out in I’m guessing 430-450ft water. Our depth finder isn’t picking up the bottom. We just got a 15lber. Last another that big we r sure of and caught a smaller eater so far. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Where are all the fish in Olcott??? We caught a 12 lb laker at 300ft on 400 copper @ 0700am then only 1 bite out near 425ft since then of course it got off! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Where you located? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. I'd be interested in either set or both if Joesmo doesn't buy one or both. Not sure how you PM someone on here. Still trying to figure this site out and this is the first item I may try to buy. So any tips would be great. Thanks phone is 304-377-9131
  5. Father-in law and I fished Friday from olcott to almost Niagara River and got out limit. It was slow and rough. We’re in 330’ water and caught on 400 and 500 copper, 2 on meat 2 on a spoon. And rest came on dipsys setting 1 out 200’ and setting 3 out 225. Average was prob 28-30 inches. With biggest at 19 lbs. Couple throwbacks and misses but finished at 3 pm for long ride back. Saturday went east of power plant in 350’ and fished east 0530-0930 got our limit with 2 steelheads close to 30 inches. Biggest king was 16 lb. pretty much same setup as Friday. Threw back 4-5 Kings all close to 30 inches but tried for bigger one till steelhead bleed out. Sunday was incredible for us. Same place and depth as Saturday. We started at 0530 and stopped at 0830. Threw back 7-8 28-30 inch Kings. To get our last one in on a dipsy #1 out 125’ 21 lbs. finally caught a couple on rigger set around 95’. We had a blast 2 guys 3 days got 94 lbs of meat. Only 3rd time fishing salmon on Ontario. My freezer is stuffed. Prob won’t make it up again this year so cant wait till next year.. fish on!!
  6. The 385ft line is where we caught all our fish Friday-Sunday last weekend!! all down 80-100 guessing. Didn't mark anything due to basic knowledge of Sonar unit but caught 20 keepers 400-500 copper, and 120-180 on setting 1 and 200-250 on setting 3 dipsys, rigger around 95, all on spoons other than couple on 1 meat we had out.
  7. Will try it next time. I appreciate it. Thanks
  8. How do u even mark anything on your sonar down that deep? We got a helix 7 and have tried every setting and can’t really see crap in Ontario. We see fine in Erie for walleye down to 75 feet. But have no clue how to set it up for deep water. Any help would be greatful.
  9. Went out late Friday evening got 2 around 10lbs, started in about 100' water, and worked deeper. 3 releases. Saturday started early out deep in 350'+ worked it to 380-400 and picked up 4 by 10. 21lber and couple smaller teens. Came in to replace copper we had a board pin cut off 2 times. Took 1.5 hrs to get in from 11 miles out of harbor. Went back to same spot around 3pm and finished our 3 man limit just shy of 730pm with couple close to 20lbs and few smaller ones. Released 3-4 small fish all day. Fish were caught on dipsys #1 setting anywhere from 120-175 back and #3 settings 200-250 back, couple on rigger set between 90-95 with spoons. And 400 and 500 copper with spoon or meat. Had a good drill going with both coppers tangled laying in floor of boat when started catching on dipsys and rigger. Took another 1.75 hrs to get in that evening from 14 miles out. Sunday went right out to 380 and started picked up our 3 man limit by 11, pretty much identical to Saturday evening. Speed mostly between 2.2-2.8 all weekend. Started straight out of harbor and worked east due to smaller boat, and waves. Not sure how many got off this weekend, didn't seem as bad as few weekends ago, hard to keep track of all the info. Not too bad for our 2nd weekend salmon fishing! I am definitely hooked. Usually Walleye fish on Erie out of Vermillion or Conneaut. Hope to be back up in couple of weekends again. Thanks to this Website and everyone that posts to help me catch fish and learn!!!
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