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  1. i believe i heard it on reel2reel video ,but can not remember could have tangled tackle ,IDK,i have 4 DR on boat and really never use 2 of them i run 2 high divers on copper and 2 low divers 124's on copper and 2 DR,so thought i would try putting an attractor on those 2 downrigger, also i switched to braid on 2 of my cannon DR ,so i run my 3rd DR with steel cable for my black box ,so why not get another flasher out there
  2. was wondering if on lake ontario ,new york side, 2 people on board ,can i run a 6 pole spread with no downrigger being used for fishing lines or lures ,and run my 4 downriggers ,1 with my fish hawk,and put flashers or hot spot attractors with no lure on my downriggers and run no poles to DR , has anybody tried this and had success or failure or what is the law for doing this ,is it illegal , LOL, im asking for a friend
  3. i know 2 people that bought boats , no motors for over a year so they had to get out of deal
  4. thanx for the pics ,now i know todays project
  5. thank you ,i like it thanx
  6. depth raider for sale ,put on boat never used 375.00 firm boat is at mikes marina mexico point ny anybody interested before i ebay it and charge more
  7. whats going on ,why is all the tackle i need sold out ,ipurchased fish hawk x4 and it had to be last one available any where in usa ,rods that i need (dipsy diver rods) ,sold out ,flies ,meat rigs ,spoons (popular colors for salmon fishing sold out ,meat strips ,sold out, fishusa ,i use them alot ,but every item i want ,sold out ,what the hell is going on ,is everything made in china and thats the problem ,anybody know whats up ,thanx ,needed to vent
  8. thanx sammygee just wanted to make sure i wasn't crazy , if anyone has pictures ,would appreciate that tremendously
  9. just purchased a fishhawk x4 ,my question is ,i want to use this right away ,but my boat is in water in slip (thompson 240),so adding a transducer while in the water would be tough ,any body ever rig the transducer to a piece of wood and lower it down in water to get reading ,just for weekend til i can pull boat out and complete the job ,thanx
  10. thank you ,finsntins,were you at mikes marina or salmon country this past year ,profile says little salmon river ,if so,how do like it there ?thats kind of where i was thinking of mikes or salmon country this up and coming season
  11. i was talking about oswego ,ny area ,erie is to far for me or i would get a slip near erie ,and stay in pa. and not worry ,i was not sure of the current law,thank you
  12. thank you ,would hate to put down some money for slip ,then find out , i can't go there ,because i live in a different state
  13. hello, i am from PA.,i was going to try and get a slip up on lake ontario this year ,what's the covid law in new york for out of state boaters ,should i put deposit down on a slip or wait to see what the gov. does,what are out of staters doing amid the crisis
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