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  1. Thank you for replies todd there are 2 holes in bottom that lead no where . i was thinking someone had run an in and out hose that came from pump or seacock but really do not know and getting info on thompson boats is very hard on internet. wish there was a thompson 240 boat club online
  2. 1988 Thompson 240 ht need help with a what is it and can it be rebuilt. I believe its a live well but my buddy says its only good for beer and ice can some one help me should i rebuilt live well or just get external live well On aft end of boat i have 2 small tubs with drainage hoses what is this for sorry for stupid question . i have no clue thanx also are there hoses that need to be attached where holes are in photo
  3. i see, thanx for pics, gonna follow the same ideas will post pics when finished
  4. i have 2 older big jon manual downrigger, thinking about converting them into a planer board mast,anybody else ever convert these,i broke both downriggers down to where its the base and the crank wheel alone ,no rod or pulley ,now i am thinking of bolting this to boat on port and starboard side ,and then directly in front of crank wheel ,bolt mast base and aluminum pole with pulley on top ,anybody else go to the old use what you got method
  5. anybody have a black box on their boat ,where did you place the actual black box unit , was thinking of placing up near captains chair near instrument panel or should i place near back of boat close to downriggers any suggestion the instruction do not really explain where it can go and where it can't go
  6. planer board ? gonna make 2 wood planer boards anybody use flex seal to coat them,i am asking for a friend ,lol
  7. thats an option hard knox,maybe i will see you in the parking lot
  8. also i am looking to be in the sodus point to pulaski area to tuck into bay or cove for night
  9. i was referring, more to the last two answers , On the eastern end, there are multiple islands with coves, protected ponds, etc. that would work well for overnighting. As a matter of fact, I can think of a couple spots where overnighting is very popular. thats more what i was looking for will also look for stony island thanx
  10. thanx all ,sorry i put in wrong forum, after these replies ,i will definitely heed the warning and do day trip only on the LAKE
  11. days on the water i see alot of charters and weekenders that go out for the day then come back in same day does any one go out for like 2 or 3 days on lake ontario just wondering ,i was thinking of taking boat out to lake ontario would launch and stay out for at least 2 days anybody else do this or do not do this ,why or why not,sometimes i just want to get on my boat and stay away for days
  12. has any seen video on you tube, cannon uni-troll 10 stx manual downrigger new ,what do you think of that product and where can i get one or 2 using drill to pull up weight ,i likey alot
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