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  1. thanx for your input ,much appreciated
  2. thanx earl28 ,have to look into that ,sounds like an option
  3. oh ,ok got it ,thanx that makes sense will ez steer work with,Raymarine Evolution EV100 Power Autopilot anybody have this setup pros and cons?
  4. 1988 240 thompson mercruiser 5.0lx main engine ,and mercury 9.9 kicker motor, my question is; do they make an autopilot that controls both main motor and trolling motor ,instead of 1 autopilot for main motor and second one for kicker motor when trolling, that i could use autopilot to get to fishing spot and switch to my kicker for trolling thank you
  5. thanx ifishy ,,i will look at weather reports in that regard ,i use kicker motor for trolling ,but will be buying bags and try main i/o motor for trolling with bags in those conditions thanx so much for the knowledge
  6. left out of mexico point last sunday 8/15/2021 ,and when i got on the lake the waves were not white caps ,but large rolling waves, and i had a hard time getting out to any depth ,but when i did the waves where still rolling ,and had a hell of a time trying to keep speed for trolling ,so my questions are what makes these rolling waves ,how can i tell if they are going to be like that before i go on the ,lake . little salmon river was calm as ever ,but lake was tough,and another question how do you control speed(trolling ) in these conditions?
  7. still have available ,will be at mikes marina on saturday 8/7/2021 if interested 375 complete
  8. i believe i heard it on reel2reel video ,but can not remember could have tangled tackle ,IDK,i have 4 DR on boat and really never use 2 of them i run 2 high divers on copper and 2 low divers 124's on copper and 2 DR,so thought i would try putting an attractor on those 2 downrigger, also i switched to braid on 2 of my cannon DR ,so i run my 3rd DR with steel cable for my black box ,so why not get another flasher out there
  9. was wondering if on lake ontario ,new york side, 2 people on board ,can i run a 6 pole spread with no downrigger being used for fishing lines or lures ,and run my 4 downriggers ,1 with my fish hawk,and put flashers or hot spot attractors with no lure on my downriggers and run no poles to DR , has anybody tried this and had success or failure or what is the law for doing this ,is it illegal , LOL, im asking for a friend
  10. i know 2 people that bought boats , no motors for over a year so they had to get out of deal
  11. thanx for the pics ,now i know todays project
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