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  1. hello, i have 4 electric downriggers on boat ,all wired to battery,with fuse, has anyone put all their downriggers on a fused junction block and set up a power switch ,so downriggers are not on ,and drawing power when not in use thanx ,and if so how did you set it up
  2. new to salmon fishing ,i see alot of fishing boats (hardtop boats) have there spoons and flies all ready to go hanging from interior side of boat ,leaders already to go ,some boats have hundreds hanging ,can anybody put pics up that show how i can do this on my boat . i have 1988 thompson 240 fisherman hardtop,right now i have my spoons and flies with leaders wrapped around noodles ,works but like the setup on boats ive seen ,any help appreciated thanx
  3. would you still be interested ,im going to put on ebay ,but wanted to still give you a chance to buy
  4. hello, price to ship ups or usps is around 35 to ship , surprised it cost that much ,maybe you have business ups account,to get shipping lower ,or purchase and send me a shippng label ,if thats cheaper,
  5. southeast pa. 19061 zip ,i can see how much to ship whats your zip,
  6. hello, between 16 and 20 dollars ,not to bad of a price for shipping
  7. can you give me a zip code please I put seatle zip in ,and usps says 17.00 dollars ,ihave pay pal account,so i could send you bill thru paypal
  8. Mercruiser Fuel Pump 861155-2 1902a. Nos never used was a back up no longer have boat 75.00 you pay shipping
  9. Mercruiser 861006-c Thermostat Housing. Used working condition 60.00 you pay shipping
  10. Mercruiser Boat Shift Bracket. Check picture came off merc5.0 but will fit 4.6 and 5.7 switch works fine , 80.00 you pay shipping
  11. MARINE CARBURETOR ROCHESTER QUADRAJET FOR MERCRUISER BOATS WITH 5.0 V8 ENGINES. Carb was rebuild by I5 carb ran 1 season then pulled off 5.0 Merc. Works fine no leaks 120.00 you pay shipping
  12. Panther Lightweight 4stroke Bracket. By marinetech #55-0407AL. USED in great shape bolt holes show wear otherwise perfect condition 100.00 you pay shipping
  13. KEEL DEPTH RAIDER WATER TEMP DX10. This has everything EXCEPT 200 Foot downrigger cable .This unit was never used just setup on boat and then taken off please look at picture because that's everything that comes with it. 315.00 you pay shipping
  14. Raymarine Dragonfly 4pro gps/fish finder/wifi capable wifish With Transducer Cpt 100. Used cable have wear but all works flawlessly. Ball base for unit is also included but not pictured $275.00 you pay shipping
  15. Panther T5 Steering System. Outboard steering system by marine tech everything in picture included so look at picture USED price 350.00 you pay shipping
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