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  1. 250 my bad Fish on!
  2. Meat had 4 bites ran it 275 back on braid dipsy Fish on!
  3. Fished today went 2/4 saw this one boat that would double up about every 20 minutes Fish on!
  4. how do you fish the bar and what is the red can?Fish on!
  5. Anybody have tips on fishing the bar everybody is saying they cannot keep rods in water there. And what is the red can? Fish on!
  6. Same for me went 3/3 afternoon Fish on!
  7. Went 1 for 5 last night… Fish on!
  8. Hooked up again Fish on!
  9. Lost a nice salmon on a mix veggies some one doesn't know how to net Fish on!
  10. Out of olcott right now had one rip on a 300 copper with a j plug but nothing there Fish on!
  11. Thanks Fish on!
  12. Also battlehammer what is habanero is it a name of a fly or is it the spiny Fish on!
  13. We're planing on heading up Friday evening and then I have a football game Saturday morning then we are coming back to fish sat evening Sunday and Monday Fish on!
  14. When the fishing was hot in July the only thing that took fish was cut bait and got a few on flies too Fish on!