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  1. New string and cables last year, 29" , 70# Asking 300 bo Buffalo area
  2. Struggled a little, caught 2 steelies both about 8#, biggest fish either of my buddies caught before so pretty cool, time for breakfast back out around 4, fished 300-400 fow
  3. Boys weekend at Green Harbor anybody fishing from the oak toj ohnson's to olcott lately ?looking for any starting points it appears there might be some warm water in tight but looking to get my buddies on some fish thanks in advance Matt
  4. I'm going tomorrow am and will be starting around 320
  5. Ended up 6 for 10, one right at 20# rest 10-12#
  6. 10 color with spoons heating up, out in 350
  7. Eyecatcher your riggers still in the 60-80 range?
  8. Dipsey with ff out 200, 12# king 220fow
  9. Turned around at 320 , heading back towards 200 still waiting for first hit
  10. Out now, started in 250, zip so far some marks around 50
  11. Thanks guys, gonna try host doctors, hope to be on water by 6, will see
  12. Is anyone aware of a place to pick up cut bait in the Buffalo area? I am hoping to head up to Olcott or Oak Orchard first thing in the morning and we were going to try this for the first time thanks in advance
  13. Selling 3 electric proos riggers, have been running these for last 2 years, but upgraded. 4 gimbal swivel mounts, and non functioning rigger included. Will need line counter springs. asking $350 bo, Matt