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  1. Conditions have been a little too rough for me. A 16'er requires 1-2' waves. I'm not gonna mess with winds over 10. Especially out of the east.
  2. This time of the year.....how far out do you need to go to find them?? I know many people say "Offshore" but is that 400 fow? 500? Or even more? I'm fishing out of Olcott.
  3. Perhaps you need a new battery back??
  4. You did better than me today. I got shut out today in 70 FOW. Yesterday I got 6 in 70 FOW. All spoons.
  5. I'm heading out of Olcott tomorrow morning and could use any info also!!
  6. Did you choose inside or deep??? If deep, how far did you go??
  7. Thanks for the update!!! I am heading out early tomorrow morning. I have had poor luck lately so I hope your info helps me out!!!!
  8. I use 10# weights and do not have to increase my gain at all. Factory settings SHOULD take that into consideration. Now, if your speed is 2.7 or higher you may way to increase the gain or adjust your transducer angle. Your weight and probe may be almost outside the angle of the transducer??? My probe was brand new last year and the battery connections were not PERFECT. Just saying....there should be zero movement once you snap those batteries in. Mine were not perfect and I lost signal all the time.
  9. I have had the exact problem. 1st thing I did was replace the batteries. This appeared to fix the problem. When I noticed that it was still sending intermittent signals I looked closer at the battery pack to find that all 4 batteries were not snapped into place correctly. They APPEARED to be in place. But if I pushed on the batteries they were not snapped in correctly. In order to correct this I wrapped all 4 batteries with electric tape TIGHTLY. Haven't had a problem since. If this is not the problem, call the manufacturer and they will walk you through re-setting the gain back to factory settings.
  10. I worked same area, same presentation until about 9:30 am. 2 nice kings. Riggers set at 60-65 and divers about 40' down. One king caught on each. Looks like I missed the hot time of 10 am.
  11. I was out from 7-10am today. Got 4 kings. 250 fow was my hot spot. 40-50' down. Spoon bite.
  12. Thank you for the post. Seems like nobody has been posting lately.
  13. I tried 60-230 FOW today in front of Olcott. Nothing. People talking on the radio had same report.
  14. Fished inside 40 FOW this morning with J-Plugs and Rapala's. Nothing. Switched over to spoons and got 1 Steelhead 30 down in 40 fow on the diver. Still very slow. Glad I had great company with me!!
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