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  1. Great info!! Thank you for posting. I hope to get out tomorrow morning.
  2. Well, the weather man wasn't quite accurate. Sigh. My buddy and I left Olcott harbor and headed east. We fished 9-12 FOW all the way just past Keg Creek. We used spoons and Rapalas. The only thing we got was wet. Once we turned around and headed west we caught a nice, big brown on a firetiger Rapala and later a small, pretty steelhead on a hammered Cleo. The water cleared up a bit since the weekend.
  3. I went out of Olcott on Sunday as well. 3 hours. I got nothing but some nice sunshine. And a nice afternoon with my sister. Spoons. Rapalas. Nothing. I spoke with one person who got 1. I wonder why the water was so muddy? Muddy on shore. Muddy all the way as far as I fished. That went out to 60 FOW.
  4. I do not live near Oneida, but I would tend to think that Oneida wouldn't bee TOO bad since the water level can be somewhat controlled by the Erie Canal that runs through it. Any thoughts??
  5. So I went out to 450 fow. Got our 1st King on a home-painted Bloody Nose before we had all our lines set. Unfortunately, we only got one more King. But boy was it beautiful out there!!
  6. I tried 120-300 fow on Saturday and barely marked anything once I got past 200'. And not a single hit. Looks like I might start at 500+ today if conditions allow.
  7. Olcott offshore or staging Kings? I'm planning a trip to Olcott this afternoon and was just wondering if anyone was still going out to 350+ fow? I am more interested in catching (and releasing) shiny salmon than staging kings. But....I will go where the fish are. Just hoping for a good report offshore. Any thoughts??
  8. Courtesy goes a long way. Great to hear a good story!!
  9. I have to wait for the waves to settle down a bit. Waves 1' or less is ideal. We'll see when that is in the forecast.
  10. iPilot controls the boat steering with GPS. I was on a straight course with the wind partially at my back. Most boats heading due north. This boat turned due east on a collision course. He changed course. I then had to turn west to avoid him. Any semi-skilled fisherman can hook, fight, and land a fish solo.
  11. OLCOTT 8/2 MORNING Went right out to 400'. No fooling around. 60' down temp was 46. Perfect. trolled north and as soon as I hit 440 fow it was on. Conditions were rough for me on my 16' boat fishing solo today. Winds and chop were an issue. Landed 7 between 440-480 fow in about 2.5 hours of actual fishing time. Not one single hit on a spoon today. Nothing over 18 lbs. Great day for me. The bonus was landing a king right in front of a charter boat hat had cut me off. That makes 3 times in a row that I let paying customers on a charter boat watch me pull in a nice king as their captain cut me off.
  12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE DOWN TEMP AT OLCOTT?? i have my best luck at 46-47 degree water. Today I went 50-55 degrees because there was so much bait there.
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