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  1. crapshoot after this wind but it is the time of year to start nailing matures inside regardless of down temp.
  2. Started late morning in about 100 FOW and worked shallow, best luck was between 80 and 90, flasher fly almost on bottom was best, took one on green NBK as well. Marked lots of fish and lots of bait. Currents not as bad as last week went 3 for 5, lost a nice one right behind the boat.
  3. I thought about listing badfish but kind of more about Heroin then water right? RIP Bradley Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (takes place in the rain) Charon - Kind Diamond Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Iron Maiden (ship turns out OK, crew not so much)
  4. a little late but cant leave out the classic, Baby Shark Baby Shark do do do do do do
  5. Good news, no fleas. Started in 430 FOW nearly straight out maybe a bit east. 48 degrees about 75ft down but varied a bit until fishhawk transducer wire to battery pack broke.. New battery pack is on its way ($15 dollar part). Rigger popped before we finished putting in, buddy picked it up, nothing and I see what was most likely a steelhead jump twice behind the boat. After 3 hours of fishing between 50 and 100ft down and nothing to show we picked up and went inside near coal plant, setup at 150, went as shallow as 90, marked bait and fish, lost another jumper but at least got to fight it for a minute. Learned that carrying extra AA batteries for transducer is just not enough some days
  6. Im heading out of Olcott in an hour or so, reading about bait inside and fish caught deep too.... anyone want to chime in? I will check the app once I am past the break wall. Tight Lines!
  7. Agreed it is slow, yesterday I got out late afternoon took 1 decent bow and a shaker west of olcott 400 ish FOW down about 70ft, spin doctor gator and atomic fly. It was absolutely beautiful on the lake yesterday. Seems to be same as last year around same time when most matures were not biting, should normalize soon.... Missing coho, boated only one keeper all year .
  8. I am an android guy, cant speak to the issue you are having but have deleted the app before on past phones with no issues, account remains. To be clear your account is contained on a server somewhere, removing the app from your phone will not delete your account. Long as you know your username then worst case you will have to reset your password
  9. cabezon99

    A Fatty

    Yearly I drive to Cattaraugus creek at least a few times for late season walleye where / how are you coaxing these beauties from Lady O?
  10. https://www.olcottrentals.com/en/786020/marina-webcam
  11. Been a bit slow lately, please let us know how you do and enjoy the beautiful day!
  12. pretty similar west except no bait.... fished evening out of Olcott, marked fish off and on but never once found bait, lost 1. could have been less waves but the bottom did not look like the teeth of a saw blade on the fishfinder so wasn't too bad
  13. Agree often forecasting sucks Olcott Webcam: https://www.olcottrentals.com/en/786020/marina-webcam - eventually zooms past break wall, that view and view of break wall are useful NOAA is better than nothing as well: https://www.glerl.noaa.gov//res/glcfs/glcfs.php?lake=o&ext=wv&type=F&hr=01
  14. Great to hear your getting back to work, currently furloughed myself and it is not cool. Dunkin commercial takes me back
  15. I definitely suggest planer boards for leadcore, copper and flat lining sticks or spoon with a split shot etc in early season. Not for dipsys but for sure something to have in the arsenal, there are days weighted lines off boards kill compared to dipsy or riggers. I built my boards using cedar and plans I found on this site, if you want the plans PM me and I will find them
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