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  1. My opinion is spring to spring is a long time to sit for mono on a reel. Run 30ft or so off depending on the width of the spool then test the line using same knot on each end. I understand for a comparison you need new line but piece of mind when you have a big fish on is worth the effort. - Dave
  2. Close to bottom yes. Olcott launch was fine and will be long as the water doesnt rise too much more.but there is a lot of debris on the way out of the creek. Water is less than 2 ft from the top of the break wall and near the top of the grade at the launch.
  3. Olcott Sunday Evening Headed west inside for a bit, too much debris, headed deeper and marked lots of bait in 40FOW. Soon as I turned east we picked up a small king on a Northern King 28 GLOBKH. Same spoon netted 2 large lakers over the next few hours...... Note to self, put the scale in the boat and retire the hat.
  4. I have let unused 30 lb mono sit in a closed tackle box in a cool basement and suspected it may not be as strong as new mono and it was not. The old mono broke at the knot fairly easily while the new mono, same type, berkley big game broke the swivel I was using to test with. Take a portion of the old line and tie a swivel to each end. Put 1 end in a vice and grab the other with pliers, for me it was not even close, new line was substantially stronger.... wear eye protection when doing this
  5. Was out of Olcott in the NE wind last friday afternoon, didnt mark any bait but we did manage a few small browns, before deciding the cold wind was no fun. I have just never heard of the lake being this high. Hoping bluegiller is right as well
  6. Lake O Flooding I understand the added safety concerns with the high water levels but from a fishing standpoint how will the high water level impact this years salmon season? Browns? Anyone been through this before? - Dave
  7. Oak Orchard Marine Park This afternoon I took the boat out for the 1st time, looks like the left hand doc sank so only 2 launches working, bathrooms closed too. This may be the norm but I have been off for a few years. Chased the mudline for a few hours, was between 20 and 50 FOW, I marked fish but no bites. Cruised into the muck later in the day 43 - 44 degree water and caught / released a small brown in front of lakeside beach on a melon? (white with watermelon nose) bay rat in 14 FOW. Water was brown, lots of debris called it a day.
  8. How do they work with chamberlain releases? Do they still track OK even though nothing is dragging from the rear?
  9. Beautiful fish.... reminds me of buzz bombing early morning or drifting herring at night for salmon off Edmonds Pier in the 1980s. Many seasons it was hake after hake after hake before I saw a quality salmon... I used to tell my parents I was spending the night at a friends then stay up all night fishing. Was hard to explain when I come home covered in scales with a boatload of salmon steaks
  10. Thank you, I will make a trip out that way Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. HB2, Do you know what the part number / name was or recall where you purchased the replacement pads? My issue is I cannot locate the replacements
  12. Cannon Pinch Pad Replacements? Pinch pads on my cannon releases are all dried up, been sitting for 5 years. I am talking about the pink rubber pieces that grab the line. They pop off easy but cant find anything about replacing them on the internet. I can replace the whole release but hate to see them go to waste. Any idea if replacements exist? if so, part number or precise name?
  13. Herring After 5 years away I am back for more. Previously on Ontario I used lures only, perch and silver rapalas early spring then mostly spoons but I read people are now using herring. Growing up in Seattle I used to drift/mooch herring on Possesion Bar in Puget Sound, is this the same concept? Drift a cut plug a herring behind a sinker and a flasher? Is there a big enough current in Ontario for this or do I troll really slow? I have heard people use the term meat rig, same as cut plug herring or? Any advice would be great
  14. Port side on last 2 boats. 20HP is awful big for a 19ft boat.... unless your primary motor is tiny it may be a bit heavy if you find yourself in rough water