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  1. I say try it and if it works please post it to this site. I spent 15 or so years with plexiglass hand crank riggers made by my father, 6 of those years on Ontario. Have cannon mag 10s now..... IMOP rigging for dipsy (snubber, swivels etc) is similar in effort/time than cranking a rigger but to be clear I have never tried combining them. Attaching a dipsy diver to a downrigger release, even a chamberlain seems to me to be problematic. I have however heard of people using leadcore, copper etc with dipsy. There is something to be said for hand cranked riggers as they dont come up or down too fast and you never have to depend on a sensor and or clutch setting. My opinion is use the riggers as part of a spread (lots of folks using the word program) in concert with dipsy divers and or weighted lines etc. Best of luck
  2. Ouch, people have similar reactions to brown recluse spider bites, sounds terrible. Let me know how spray works. I agree about taking serious, my wife's a nurse she would lose her mind if I didn't. I will master bite prevention best I can because in my opinion itching constantly is up there with real pain Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. I bought some on amazon, the biting fly formula. Thank You all for the suggestions. I wont be out until Monday and that will be out of the Oak with Reel Excitement... Cant wait
  4. My boat is open bow, maybe put it under my console but it seems like the flies know to bite when I am catching or rigging. After all this itching it is long pants for me no matter the temp
  5. Agree ifishy, my wife is a nurse and will not let this go. Pic is from this afternoon.... still itching bad right now from saturday's bites and deepwoods off is like an attractant.
  6. Thank You, just ordered a bottle.... still going to wear long pants. It is really odd, when I was fishing on Lake Ontario 6 years ago I dont recall having too much of an issue, certainly not the allergy.... the allergy is a game changer and not for the better, I am miserable.
  7. Stable Fly Bites I am allergic to them.... 50% will actually blister then pop and they itch a lot. Benadryl cream, pills and cortisone cream are only way I can function and this goes on for 3 to 5 days after bites. I will be wearing thick socks and pants from here on out. My wife is worried that my allergy could result in anaphylaxis when I am out on the lake. Stashing a bottle of benadryl in boat at her suggestion just wondering has anyone else had this reaction? If so how do you treat?
  8. Agree totally the launch is great, I am lucky to live within 10 minutes of it
  9. I have 2 12.5 pounders purchased from Troutman and they work great. Best of luck finding good lead, will keep my eyes open.
  10. I run regular planer boards, they are a must early on Ontario or if you get out in Erie for Walleye. I made my boards with plans from this site. If I had to do over (this winter) I will make a pair with 1x8 instead of 1x6 boards. You need a miter saw, drill, couple of paint brushes and some patience as it takes many coats of paint. Inline boards are not so great IMOP. Basically with a good bow mounted mast, 2 good boards you can run 4, possibly 6 more dipsy, wire or leadcore lines. I made pretty close to the plans in the image but cut compound at 40 (saw only goes to 45) and I will go with 30 degree on my next boards per word doc instructions. Planers.doc
  11. Olcott Saturday Evening Had the wife, daughter and dog out from 4 to 8. Started just west of Olcott in 300 FOW marking fish in top 50 FOW. Didnt even have all the poles in the water and I lost a decent but foul tail hooked laker right behind the boat. Daughter took a 6 lb king on drunken waddler and I landed another 6 ish pound king on NBK. 2 for 3 plus a shaker all on spoons. Nothing on flies. Speaking of flies, my poor dog was victimized by biting flies.
  12. Tonight on Ontario
  13. Throwback to 1989 when you could rent a boat with a single 15 ish HP POS motor and drive off into a dangerous waterway without life jackets.... Rental Boats out of Sekiu WA Best Ling Cod fishing EVER in front of this house west of Sekiu Halibut fishing at the Blue dot, mouth of the straight of Juan de Fuca - Vancouver Island in background Terrified friends after weather turned on a dime... Had to ditch the charter boat we tailed to blue dot and head back in some big rollers... Give me a break, I was a teenager when I took this.
  14. Gander Mountain is going out of business, would have been your best bet for selection (not price). They still have a decent spoon and flasher selection, flies pretty picked over. Deals not that great yet but worth a look if you have one nearby. I agree with jigstick mountain dew spin doctors, atomik flies, add in a glow frog spoon and for silvers maybe an orange crush spoon or other bright colors if you want to bring in a few eaters. Not to be a buzzkill but Lake Ontario has fleas. pick up a spool of 30LB mono for the upcoming flea season - Good Luck Out there!