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  1. Totally agree. The part about mouths hardening I was unaware of so from now on anytime after mid August if I lose a fish that is my new excuse
  2. Not sure about that area but I launch out of Olcott and last few times I have been out current has been strong. Having to do almost 5mph SOG to get 2.5 at the ball depending on direction. Fish hawk worth its weight in gold but did not have on my old boat so I would watch blowback angle on rigger lines and listen as they will sort of howl or groan when going to fast. Find the bait and keep going back over it that way you are changing directions a lot and you can get a feel for the current and adjust accordingly
  3. Our boy Waffles, if I so much as touch the boat he goes ballistic, high pitched yipping and tapping his front paws on the floor really fast.
  4. Ran into a couple of small kings yesterday West of Olcott in 180 FOW. Both will live to fight another day, never left the water.
  5. Thanks for the report. Taking my son out tomorrow for the 1st time in many years.... Teen angst finally wearing off, hoping we do well.
  6. Caught 4 (plus 1 shaker steelie), lost 2, Was only out about 4 hours, off before noon. 44 degree water about 70ft down in 300FOW, stayed between 280 and 370 FOW seemed like every time I turned into the wind we were into something. Marked a decent amount of bait as well. Looking at the pics in this thread it seems all the 4 year olds are female, same for us, I dont think we took a male king.
  7. I know my mag 10's are supposed to emit positive ions or some crap like that, not sure what your riggers are but maybe one has it one doesnt? I will say my mag 10s do a lot better than the home made riggers I had on my old boat but old boat did not have fishhawk which in my opinion is the true game changer
  8. I dont recall opposite rigger taking more fish but I will watch for that. This year I have seen a number of fish come up for a look an bolt. Trying different colors, spoons, flies, leader lengths etc. Will be out saturday morning, hoping for more takers and less lookers for sure! Wish the lake would go back in time by 2 years....
  9. I worry a sticky trap would be completely covered with flies in about an hour but if you try it and it works please do update as any relief is welcome
  10. I am allergic to stable fly bites, get red hives that blister and pop. Anyone in same boat I have a regimen that provides relief.... Clean the bites 1st with rubbing alcohol (key step). Then benadryl cream and cortisone cream (or stronger if you have script). If you have to work the next day have a few drinks before bed. If you dont have to work take a few Benadryl pills or just plan on not sleeping for a week.
  11. Made that mistake a few years back, they went after my poor dogs ears
  12. in the end we lost 2, 1 was most likely a steelhead, looked like it when it cleared the water and spit the hook, could have been a silver, better than a day at the office. Flies were unreal, I had on jeans and thick socks to protect my ankles, used the biting fly repellent folks talk about on this forum, still was bitten on hands, arms and ankles... STILL better than a day at the office.
  13. Ya flies are brutal today. Ty for report Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Should call it dead out of olcott Sent from my SM-G965U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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