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  1. Maybe a bit extreme for Lake O but on west coast the seasons for wild salmon and stocked salmon differ so you are required to use barbless hooks, they do much less damage when removing hooks that end up in top of mouth. I can say without doubt even the bigger fish I catch out of Puget Sound / Pacific have much better survival rate. That said surface and down temp difference not nearly as big as Lake O.
  2. I release most fish as well and agree totally about minimal handling. Shakers almost always good and sub 10 lbs usually head right down as well so the fight plays a part as well. It is not the funnest way to catch nor is it possible with the big ones but in my experience the fish that get horsed in quick stand a much better chance. I have also noted fish that come up from the deeper water have to equalize swim bladder before they can descend and have seen many belly floaters kick there way down eventually.
  3. Snapped brand new 20lb flouro leader saturday when I left drag too tight off the boards, rod doubled over just got my hand on the reel and it snapped. Considering the flea issues how do you get away with 25LBS test?
  4. I was out deep yesterday in my 19 footer with no issues, fished between 400 and 500 FOW and it was well worth the run out Used to make runs out that deep in an old 16ft Sylvan Sea Monster on nice days as well.
  5. Nice Report and I agree, our fishery is amazing!
  6. Looks like you guys had a great time. Me and my 19 ft boat stayed home, changed oil, lower unit oil, battery water checks, replaced leaders, yard work bla bla bla
  7. gator spin doc with crinkle green atomik fly has hands down been killing it for me this year and not to sound like a broken record but but double crush with glow stud fly Decently productive spoons this year are SS drunken waddler as well as Michigan NBK stingray usually paired with mountain dew spin docs
  8. On the west side of the lake (Olcott) since late june I have seen no advantage to getting up and on the lake by dawn. Find the right down temp and the bait and its on. bout time - That is a great bit of info for me as fishing for salmon on the west coast/washington state during a full moon is worst time no matter what time of day. I have followed the same assumption here in NY but I have 0 evidence to back it up, just assumed.... Thank You for the tip!
  9. From what I can tell and others have mentioned is the majority of the troubles come from the Stable fly. I have seen plenty of deer and some MONSTER horse flies on the lake but they are easy to deal with. Stable flies are the ones that swarm your ankles and harass your dog... look like a small house fly. Their bites hurt but dont have much of a lasting effect for most far as I know. I say far as I know because I am allergic to them, have to wear pants with thick socks on the lake.
  10. Shortly after last post I lost a steelhead at first jump then wife called... up with the riggers, in with the board and I went from solo to wife and 2 kids. Back an hour or so later and into a double almost immediately back in front of red barn 320fow. Marking bait off and on 80 to 120, thermal varied but mostly around 90FOW. Stepson's first salmon (almost) was in the 20lb range lost at the back of the boat although I was able to land the other fat steelhead. 2 for 6 on the day.
  11. It looks like they're spread out pretty good because I was in 360 foot of water just took a Steely on 10 colors ledcor off the board Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Out too, in front of Red Barn in 310fow thermal about 90 boats all spread out, just got down a few minutes ago, nothing yet Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Just to add my 2 cents have not had any issue using 27lb lead core or 40lb Big Game mono clear with 17 to 20 lb flouro leader. To remove what does build up on mono grab and release a taught line like strumming a guitar sort of and they will go flying. Try not to let them mass at the eye of your rod like a cotton ball it will trash ur mono, good to have a buddy on the boat to avoid that.
  14. I am allergic to those little bastards bites so I wear long pants (jeans) with thick socks and for arms I use Buggspray - biting fly formula works but you must reapply often. Supposed to be a NE wind this weekend so should not be as bad
  15. Used to use but can be a pain. I know kings are "supposed" to run deep after getting hooked but in my experience if the fish takes the bottom line at the ball 30% of the time I am landing the fish and the tangled line from the other stacked rod. I prefer boards with leadcore or copper