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  1. Fix it straight and use (or install and use) minn kota with ipilot
  2. Sorry to hear that as well, hoping you get some relief for at least the summer!
  3. They have been there awhile, maybe more were added? About 3 weeks ago coast guard stopped me and asked about them, they did not know what they were for. They do appear to be PVC capped on both ends.
  4. in my opinion it is worth the extra few bucks because you can leave the mounts in your Berts tracks and just pull the pin. Another benefit is when rotated in line with gunnel it can be used for rod storage while underway.
  5. I have seen that a few times with the doubles as well, basically the line for the boards can get behind a guide and try to pull the rod out. I rotate the rod and be mindful during turns, crazy Ivans etc
  6. I use the doubles on my 19 ft and love them
  7. A new ride Some nice lakers A LOT of crap for the hat... Too many nice fish in the boat last year to count A catfish that fought like a BEAST Currently I am fighting a terrible bout of Spring Fever...
  8. In summer, because of fleas I strongly suggest 30 or 40 lb mono (I use berkley big game) with an 18 or 20lb flourocarbon leader.
  9. Double crush spin doctor and hammer, crinkle green or stud / glow stud flies. (all made by a-tom-mik) Depending on conditions switch spin doc to silver...The gator spin doc was great for me last summer. I have spring fever BAD....
  10. I honestly feel the guy was harassing me on purpose. He was in a red lund for sure, I got a good look at it. Never had that happen when it is just me and another boat in open water but if it ever does again I will snap a pic or 2 for sure.
  11. More to the point of the post we had a slow pick of adolescents out deep, nothing to write mom about. Did not fish inside
  12. I had a similar experience noonish Sunday out front Olcoot around 400 FOW. 2 guys in a red Lund fishing w/ no boards just 2 poles on riggers. I was headed back south where it was less bumpy and he north slightly off my port side. We were quite a ways off from each other so I angled to starboard inside of him and he turned pretty sharply inside of my track so I angled back to port.... then he also started to angle back and missed my boards by maybe 50ft.... I ran a big loop.to get back on track and this same boat is now heading south same as me off my starboard side slowly drifting toward me forcing me to head SE.... There was nobody for miles and this ... "other person" not going to say boater... not worthy of the term boater basically harassed us for an hour. I have had close calls in traffic but to have a boat shadow me like that... not sure the guy's issue heck even if he felt I was in the wrong to get so close to my boards in open water is just plain irresponsible.
  13. Maybe a bit extreme for Lake O but on west coast the seasons for wild salmon and stocked salmon differ so you are required to use barbless hooks, they do much less damage when removing hooks that end up in top of mouth. I can say without doubt even the bigger fish I catch out of Puget Sound / Pacific have much better survival rate. That said surface and down temp difference not nearly as big as Lake O.
  14. I release most fish as well and agree totally about minimal handling. Shakers almost always good and sub 10 lbs usually head right down as well so the fight plays a part as well. It is not the funnest way to catch nor is it possible with the big ones but in my experience the fish that get horsed in quick stand a much better chance. I have also noted fish that come up from the deeper water have to equalize swim bladder before they can descend and have seen many belly floaters kick there way down eventually.
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