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  1. Thank you, I will make a trip out that way Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. HB2, Do you know what the part number / name was or recall where you purchased the replacement pads? My issue is I cannot locate the replacements
  3. Cannon Pinch Pad Replacements? Pinch pads on my cannon releases are all dried up, been sitting for 5 years. I am talking about the pink rubber pieces that grab the line. They pop off easy but cant find anything about replacing them on the internet. I can replace the whole release but hate to see them go to waste. Any idea if replacements exist? if so, part number or precise name?
  4. Herring After 5 years away I am back for more. Previously on Ontario I used lures only, perch and silver rapalas early spring then mostly spoons but I read people are now using herring. Growing up in Seattle I used to drift/mooch herring on Possesion Bar in Puget Sound, is this the same concept? Drift a cut plug a herring behind a sinker and a flasher? Is there a big enough current in Ontario for this or do I troll really slow? I have heard people use the term meat rig, same as cut plug herring or? Any advice would be great
  5. Port side on last 2 boats. 20HP is awful big for a 19ft boat.... unless your primary motor is tiny it may be a bit heavy if you find yourself in rough water