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  1. Thanks for the report. Great fish! Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  2. Excellent...thanks for the report. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  3. Thanks for the report - hoping to get back out WED and TR. Got out for two hours MON eve and definitely super cold water in close, caught one nice King. Plan is to head out 250-500 FOW once the wind lays down little. White paddles and mirage flies (Pro-am, mirage, crinkle mirage, purple mirage) working for us. Tight lines. Thanks again for the informative report.
  4. Misdemeanor, Thanks - I purchased two rods at Narby's. Great price. Mission Accomplished. Thank you. Tight lines.
  5. Fished from 0500-1430. 190-270 FOW. We fished straight out and east of the harbor. Best depth 250 FOW +/-. Best rigs were wire divers out 200-220 with 42nd and White/green dots SDs with mirage flies. Started the morning with divers at 140, eventually out to 220 by afternoon. Rigger at 70 worked best for us. Purples did not work. Green and whites did. Fished the day 9 for 12. Six nice kings in the box from three year classes and the average was 16#. Two steelhead 6-7#. First fish on at 0515 and steady action until 0900. Then nothing for almost three hours, then picked up again 1200-1330. The nothing again for and hour and we headed in. A great day. Good luck and tight lines.
  6. Team, Am looking to buy 2 or 3 more wire diver rods. I already have the reels...am looking for a local dealer or store that has any rods in stock that anyone knows of. Am from out of town fishing for two weeks and staying near Oak Orchard. Alway like to use local stores vice express ship from amazon or big stores. Thanks. Regular diver rods would work and I have a couple twill tips ready to go. Any info appreciated. Hopefully can find someone local today while the wind is up to purchase from.
  7. Thanks for the great report - am getting into town later today for two weeks of fishing. I'll do the same to share. Thanks again.
  8. Monday 01 JUL - Blow Day, no fishing. Tuesday 02 JUL - Fished for walleye out of the Buffalo Small Boat Harbor. Great fishing. Game On. Incredible. Wed 03 JUL A.M. 2/3 both in 140-160 FOW west of river fishing solo. One King, One Steelhead. Slow. Nothing to brag about. King 16#. Fog thick. Fished till noon when the fog lifted a little and then scooted back in for lunch. Tried fishing the PM, trolled for about 90 minutes and then the wife and step father called saying a big T-storm heading our way. We ran back in and loaded before the lightning and hail started. Quasi-skunk. Thursday 04 JUL A.M. 1/2 from 0600-1000. Was letting the wire dispeys out slow when one gets crushed at 0600 in 150 FOW. Was out about 180 when hammered. 18# King. At the same time the full core gets smoking and that one escapes in the chaos. Figured it was going to be a fast and furious morning and then nothing...for three hours. Except light rain, flies, and fleas. At 0900 ran out to 550 FOW mostly out of boredom. Trolled back in to 450 FOW. No joy. Heading back out now until the fireworks. Wish a had better reports that might help - but it is what it is. Friday fishing AM & PM at the Oak and hunting walleye back in the Queen City on Saturday. Will report tomorrow night. Good luck.
  9. Kooter, Was great meeting you and the crew at the dock. Blow day today...will be back out tomorrow and report. Congratulations on the beautiful BT!
  10. Team, Back in WNY for two weeks of leave and will be fishing whenever conditions permit. I will report often. 29 JUN evening 1800-2030. 1/2, boxed a major King. 20+#. Broke off another major - may have been the mother of all Steelhead. Boxed King on a wire diver out 220 in 170FOW. Green nuclear SD/Fly combo. Lost the one on a full core (10 colors), broke off a gold back orange/yellow front spoon. Not sure the name. This morning 0500-0800 went 2/3. Both Steelhead. One 7# 4oz, the other 4#, 8oz. Lost one unknown on a rigger down 45 in 150 FOW. Both Steelhead on full core with spoon over 160ish FOW. Wire Diver no joy this morning. Will be back out this evening after registering the whole family for the derby. Game on. Tight lines. Boat is a Black/Gold Lund named Hazardous Duty. Water temp in high 40s starting 40 feet down. 69-70 on the surface. Lots of stuff floating in the water (styrofoam, wood, etc) between 150-170 FOW. Be careful - a fairly big tree was floating NW of the river.
  11. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Hazardous Duty ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Mon and Tues Time on Water: 0600-1200 both days Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: Monday just Shakers and Tuesday much better Total Boated: 2 major Steelhead, 3 sizable kings, and 8 shakers Species Breakdown: Hot Lure: Purple spoons and 42/42 FF combo on 400 copper Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: Lure Depth: ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== Fished on my cousin's boat Monday AM and not much doing. Small Kings. Tuesday solid action in the rain between 170 and 210 FOW straight out. Down 70 the best. Two big old Steelhead, forgot how awesome they are and built for speed. One over 11#. One King over 16#, three 7#ish, and a plethora of shakers. Also lost a few screamers on the copper. We are struggling boating fish on the copper. Added a snubber....seems to have helped. Tried a glow program at dawn and no takers, swapped to purples and greens at about 0730 and game one. Not breaking any records but a good solid action packed morning after a Sunday and Monday morning with the slows... Four days of fishing in a row and now taking a 48 hour break...life is good.
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