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    Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiling and spending time with my Wife and Son and baby girl. Certified pipe fitter and X ray welder by trade and Interior Fireman of thee Shelby VFC
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  1. Rapala Brown Trout Stickbait Blue n Silver Apeena Diamond Spoon Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. Big pat on the back to all the Captains and dedicated Conservationists that came out today to receive are Fingerling Salmon. And compliments to Capt Mick on a great job mounting are new feeders! They look great. A huge thank you to Gatlin at Lake Breeze Marina for all the patients and help they have provided us over the years. Great to have a Marina Owner that realizes how important are Pen Project is for all of us and local economy. To bad NY doesn't. We recievd are fish so late this year that we all agreed it was best to cut them loose as the River is allready 56.3 deg. Between constantly changing delivery dates and receiving are fish 15 days late it was a shame to not utilize are feeders and pens. Hoping the Muddy conditions will hide the from the Gulls n Comorants. Great job by all the Oak Orchard people involved. We did are part. Tommy caught his first ever 2 Perch!
  3. ARE FUTURE SLOBS ARRIVE TOMMOROW. 12 o clock @ Lake Breeze Marina. All hands on Deck! I need to appologize for the short notice as i had a bad mishap at my home last Saturday. After unloading firewood from my idling truck i accidently ran my sleeping dog over. Upon trying to calm her she tore me up real good like a true Shepherd. She was scared. Well she is home and resting, surgery scheduled for Wedsday and i got home Thursday evening from a 3 day stay at ECMC. So i never askd my wife to update are Face Book. So please come out and lend a hand if you wanna see how this whole amazing process gets started. Thank u in advance and hope to see yall tommorow.
  4. Great Job by all the dedicated people and Dogs that showed up this morning to zip tie are nets. Met some new guys and even a fella named John from Maine that came to help out. Big thank you to Lake Breeze Marina for giving us the space for the pens. Waiting for are future monsters to be deliverd and itl be all hands on deck again. It was a little cold n muddy but a good time was had by all. Take care everyone!
  5. Oak Orchard Pen Project Saturday April 1st we will be attaching the nets to are pens to prepare for the receiving of are Thousands of Baby Chinook Salmon. All hands on Deck! We all love catchin those fish so please come and participate and meet some great people. April 1st 900 hrs Lake Breeze Marina Bring a pair of wire cutters dress for occasion. Take Care everyone!
  6. 2013 Haywire Crew couldnt go wrong. It was my 3rd year owning the boat and we were putting fish on the LOC boards and catching 5 to 6 fish each trip! Well we have struggled the last three. Granted i do not fish like I used to due to the Band getting married and Babys and myself included. But ya i dont know anymore. Glad me and my Boy are on the Pen Rearing Board for Orleans County but its tough. I got skunkd 3 out 7 trips this year and 2 out 5 last year. I think im a better fisherman than i was in 2013 but boy it dont show. None the less excited for huntin, snowmobiling holidays and then Pen Project! Keep your head up and your not alone. Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. Dont know how to get my pics turnd the right way lol sorry Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Well the fish didnt cooperate like yesterday but he got to drive the boat while i broke down. Had a good lunch and alot of laughs with my boy amd my lovly wife. Happy Labor Day to all my fellow LOU rs, its people lile us that makes the world function. I tell ya im pumpd for 2019 when we are wrenchn Kings and Steelys that me and Tommy fed for the Pen Rearing. Best thing for a kid and honestly it opend my eyes to how delicate and how much work goes into sustaining are fisherie. Iv met people through LOU and the Pen Rearing that have become friends in my personal life that is the best part of all of this. Dont get me wrong catchin a 44 inch Male Salmon 2 weeks ago with Capt Bob on Sunrise 2 is a dream come true but its the people. We are all Brothers and Sisters out there and God Bless forbid when the Boat breaks down we are all there for each other. I love comin home and tellin Tommy well we got a few and we got 1 that we were feeding! And he tells me "O how was he doing and you let him go right?" lol. Today i told him buddy we got Skunkd but ya know what that means? He said No what? I said your first Lake Fish os still out there and getting BIGGER! He told me OH thats cool! Everyone have a safe and awesome Holiday Season, Hunting season and my fellow Snowmobilers keep the shiny side up! Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Going try to get Tommy a stud Brown! Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Lmao. right! lol id love to have a center mount wheel! Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Also we dida 2nd place in the Drews Crew Juvenile Diabetes Tourney. Awesome cause and Lotsa Fun. Great work Capt Bob! Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. Havnt posted in a long time cause honestly we havent had very many good outings in 2 years on Haywire. Dont get me wrong we have gotten a few here and there and along with Marriages and Babys it is tough to get the band all out together. But today Capt Bob (Duece) Stevens restored are faith and addiction on the Big O. I got the Biggest fish of my life and Beers probably did his biggest Salmon to. Thank you Capt Bob and cheers to making memorys. Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  13. Thanks for the text when ya got in town it was nice to text with you. Really stinks the lake flipped on ya like that it was really good the weekend before. One of these years we must meet up for a Beer. Iv been to more wakes and funerals than i have been on the lake and my Sisters wedding fell on a good weekend to not fish also. Take care man stay in touch and i hope you have a awesome Hunting Deason. Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  14. Capt, let me know when y'all wanna do that. Tommy and I will bring my pressure washer up and get er done Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  15. Check out @JrHaywire's Tweet: https://twitter.com/JrHaywire/status/730941974140887041?s=09 Sent from my VS880 using Lake Ontario United mobile app