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  1. Id like to sell my 1989 22ft Grumman GBW and 1994 Shore Lander Trailer. Boat is going to need a floor, iv replaced half of it. Over time some soft spots have developed in the transom and the boat leaks. If someone is looking for great running motor and freshly rebuilt Alpha 1 Lower Unit and brand new Gimbel Bearing it would make a great parts boat. The Bimini top is only 3 years old. I built a real cool Rocket Launcher for it and installed it. It works great! Id prefer to keep my tackle and electronics but open to talks. As i hope to get into a newer bigger boat down the road. The trailer is in great shape and the tires are 5 years old with very few miles on them. All the lights work! I have fished in that boat this will be 10 years. Me and a friend fished yesterday 6/29/2019 in it. She ran awesome. Reason im selling it.....life has changed alot, working 2 jobs, 3 kids and trying to build a cabin in the Southern Tier. So if anyone is looking for a project to get started or a parts boat i got one for sale. Asking $3,000 for Boat and Trailer. Call, Karl Haist Jr 716 425 7281
  2. 1989 22ft Grumman for Sale and 1994 Shore Lander trailer. Trailer has bearing buddies and all the lights work. Boats transom is going bad and the boat leaks. Why im selling it as a parts boat. I am hoping to get into a newer bigger boat down the road. The Bimini top is 1 year old and the bottom was painted 2 years ago. Engine is a 4.3 MercCruiser with low hours. Then entire ignition has been replaced just this year. Tuned up not long ago. Lower Unit is practically brand new. Was gone through by Lake Breeze Marina 2 years ago. We did the Gimbel bearing 2 months ago and the coupler was done by Lake Breeze Marina 3 years ago or 4. I am keeping all my tackle and will hate to see her go but she is at the point where i have no time to work on it, 3 kids and 2 jobs. Like i said the transom is rotting and theres a bad spot on the floor. And the boat leaks. So if anyone is looking for a motor a lower unit and a nice trailer give a holler. Asking $4,000 OBO Karl Haist Jr 716 425 7281
  3. Great report Mark! Will check out them attractors for sure. Love trying new stuff. 2 more busy weekends and hopefully will hit Summer LOC hard
  4. Yup he cant wait to go Sunday! Then i got 2 more youngins coming up. Thanks everyone! He is excited other fisherman n ladies can see his fish.
  5. Thank you for all the kind words fellas. Yup he is hookd!!!!!
  6. Went out fishing today with my Buddy Captain Lavi on his boat Intimadator. Brought my Little Guy Tommy to show him a good old fashion Brown Trout beat down. Tommy got to reel in 5 Browns and we tossd 3 back in. Tommy was asking bought some BIG fish, so Mike went out and i witnessd the best Laker Ass Beating iv ever seen. Mick and Miller Let Tommy reel in 13 of 14 fish boated. Lol we upgraded his Laker several times and succesfully released the others. As Tommy was reeling in his personal best on a spoon he pickd out he was laughing and yelld out THIS IS THR BEST DAY EVER! Well he landed a 19.5 lbs Laker. Its in the freezer and going to Doty Taxidermy. Tommy is hangn it in his room. Im so thankful to Lavi and his buddies for showing us a truly special day. One proud Daddy here and he was asleep in the truck before hit 104 headn home. Hoping to have a nice shakedown on Haywire next weekend. Good luck everyone!
  7. Been at it 9 yrs as a Boat owner, started out as a Walleye fisherman on Erie. Salmon n Trout fishing can be frustrating but OH so rewarding!!!!. Best of luck!!!
  8. Welcome aboard, hoping to get my the boat untarpd and rigged up myself next weekend. Weather pending!!!!
  9. It really depends on each individual dog. My Corgi is awesome on the boat and stays out of the way. My German Shepherd is a basket case and will never go on the boat ever again. On land she is a wonderful dog. When we went swimming she stayed in the boat but lost her mind.
  10. Fellow, Oak Orchard Pen Volunteers. Please return the buckets of food to the basement by the dock. We got raided by likely Raccoons last night. No Biggie just sayin. Thanks!
  11. Yup thats what i did, way less frustrating i just go to google, LOU pops up click on it and no issues at all. Good luck getting everything straightend out!
  12. Nice report and well said regarding making memories! Best of luck to you also!!
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