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    Hunting, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Nascar and spending time with my Wife and two Sons and Daughter Certified pipe fitter and X ray welder by trade and Interior Fireman of thee Shelby VFC
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    Oak Orchard
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0704171032.thumb.jpg.062d1ea0b58f9d6ff3faf21a80d8f3df.jpg0704171033_HDR(1).thumb.jpg.3a5bab66ea26a8ea3b40e2b99b4d0f48.jpg0812171259c.thumb.jpg.36a3fffdc918c4929db460b059b67990.jpgIMG_20170217_151111-1.thumb.jpg.a6f66be43b4322706cf310b368ce8fb9.jpgIMG_20170827_102932.thumb.jpg.46d2c00e7d7514ad2a2ea07e4303cb21.jpgIMG_20170217_151446.thumb.jpg.7a77f78fa9059bfee61ec0cdc887429d.jpg0620171900_HDR(1).thumb.jpg.2cbe21a5e0acedab3718a30d67c8ac0b.jpgIMG958342.thumb.jpg.4d19bdefb7715a08291101559887fd0e.jpgIMG_-q3hcrj.thumb.jpg.006bbb1e00c565be1edb54c9d9ad2a12.jpgIMG_20170217_151052.thumb.jpg.12e12e7ca471f4080d21890b1ca587ef.jpg0703171648.thumb.jpg.93a3dddea2b77df6081d6143eb2475d2.jpg In my 30s and been workin on farms since i was 12. My Dad is Karl Haist Sr the NY State Giant Pumpkin King. So i grew up around Farming and Auto Racing. Certified Pipe Fitter and Welder. Raising 3 kids the Old fashion way with love respect and accountability and responsibilities. Married the prettiest girl in my school and she has 50 chickens. I am a part of the Oak Orchard Pen Rearing project and i observe for Capt Bob Songin of Reel Excitement. Been running my own boat for 8 years on weekends with friends and hoping year 9 is awesome. 












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