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  1. We fished in the soup yesterday from 10 am until 3pm . By then fog was starting to burn off. went 2 for 8 all kings . All hits were just below the surface , between 100 & 150 feet of water
  2. From the clip to the rod tip, if I run copper line on planer boards I get alot of sag in the line . It drags the water,so I run a measured amount ( 300') copper & I run mono from the clip to the rod . Won't I have the same problem using steel line behind weighted steel line? Thanks
  3. Anglers Avenue, I have gotten stuff from you in the past . Didn't know you were selling the weighted steel ? I will check you out.
  4. torpedo weighted steel line I've been looking at weighted steel line to replace copper. I can't find a depth chart. Does anyone know, is it out 100 -down 20 like copper? Has anyone used it & do you like it? Can I tie it to mono using an Albright Knot? Thanks for any advice in advance. The line I'm talking about is Torpedo Weighted Steel. I think it something new?
  5. I would like to get 2 #14 . I don't see a phone# or address? My phone # is 315-331-1139 . if the manufacturer could TX me. Thank You
  6. Can you explain what a sabiki rig is? thank you
  7. I posted the sawbelly topic. I am amazed by how many replies I got. You guys and this web sight are amazing. I am fairly new to Ontario fishing.and don't have alot to contribute, but I check the website often and always find something I can use. A BIG THANKS to all of you
  8. When guys say they are using cut bait what are they using & where are they getting it?
  9. years ago we fished with sawbellies on the fingerlakes . I was thinking of using them ( frozen) on LakeOntario. You Guys are saying if I want to use them LO, I have to get them LO. Thanks for all the advise
  10. I live in the Newark NY area & I'm looking for sawbellies. I've called a couple of bait dealers & to my surprise they don't sell them. Anybody know where I can go for them. Thanks in advance for any possible help.
  11. I haven't fished in a long time. I'm looking for good advise. I can't remember how to set up dipsy's. If your going off the port side , you need to turn the dial witch way? also what's the best spread if you are running 2 on a side. Thanks in advance for any advice Much appreciated.
  12. I sold 2 cannon downriggers in the classifieds. Can't find where to mark as sold? Anyone out there who can explain where to find . THANKS in advance.
  13. Newark NY, I think they are sold , sorry
  14. 2 cannon downriggers for sale . HS mag - 10's dual rod holders 360` base plate ex condition $350.00 ea. 315-331-1139 SOLD
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