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  1. will be going back and forth to camp soon,so turnaround times will not be as fast.
  2. awesome! Thanks
  3. check this out ,special orders don't upset us. Lol
  4. been a while since I've six pages deep. This site is awesome!
  5. found a new supply of lead!
  6. Exhausted yet another lead supply yesterday!only have 200# to work with. That isn't going to last long. Searching for more! Has to be soft!!!
  7. Today was a great success! Thanks again to everyone!
  8. see them tomorrow at Watkins Glen FLTA flee market
  9. I make wooden boxes for them,but they don't fit in the medium flat rate box. I have to disassemble and use a large box in order to ship two weights making the shipping $20
  10. no holders. I make wooden boxes for them but they don't fit in flat rate shipping box. The shipping would be much more expensive without using flat rate. I can disassemble one and use a large box .the shipping cost is $20, making the total $130 for two tens,as long as you are in the U.S. not Canada
  11. friendly reminder order by today and save $.
  12. due to the rise in costs,the new price list is as follows.. 10# weights are $55 12# weights are $60 14# weights are $65 16# weights are $70 effective March 1st.
  13. I do have a table rented for Watkins Glen flee market but I recommend order for pick up to be sure you can get what you want. Thanks
  14. was just informed of a10% increase in the price for lead. So you know what that means prices are going up!
  15. there's no charge for the paint!