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  1. zipnzim

    Brown trout rod and reels

    DIAWA 27's with fish 307 9foot med RODS real nice setup
  2. zipnzim

    Looking for kicker steering options

    RICH, Panther T-5 only need 4 inch clearance $565.00 putting one on my 8HP
  3. I bought two at the end of 2018 season, Prior to that I owned cannon riggers got tired of having cannon riggers in the repair shop in august of 2018 (riggers in shop again talked with MARK FROM CANNON he stated he would look into it and get back to me I MUST have called his phone left messages at least 15 times still haven't herd from him as 1/18/19
  4. Can you call me 570-878-5268 Tks
  5. Hi I’m interested in the8hp tuhatsu outboard if you still have it in April if You still have it call me570-878-5268 Tks
  6. zipnzim

    Downrigger advice

    You might want to look at Maguman MetelZ American made
  7. zipnzim

    Lake Ontario Bait fish trawls

    Went out on the Seth Green Yesterday we did 6 - 5 minute trolls netted somewhere around 10,000 bait fish had a GREAT Time very interesting great crew (they really care about the fishery and the lake, along with all of us Anglers)
  8. zipnzim


    I carry my outdated flares but got tired of haveing to buy new flares so I purchased a coast Guard approved S O S Distress Lidht
  9. Nick are your parents ok, let me know if they need help
  10. zipnzim

    Hand held marine radio

    Fishinman for a back up hand held radio I have a uniden (Atlantis 250 g ) I think they cost around $80.00 they operate on 1 watt or 5 watt Great back up radio
  11. zipnzim


    tackle buster Troy/Dawn or whomever if you read my post correct you see that I stated nothing negative about WHLS ONLY THE FACTS if you need me to read it to I will after reading 7pages of post I thought it would be nice come to tour defense but you still want to be angry with any body that questions you an
  12. zipnzim


    WHLS - Big water derby is like playing the lottery you don't know the payout until all tickets are counted so don't **** you put money in for something that did not give entrees a up front payout I like to know what you get for your dollar ( that's what is good with the L.O.C.) I sure if (WHLS) was bigger the rules & prize structure would change ( JUST SAYING ) go fish & have fun
  13. Final Flight by car left turn out of Huges marina onto lake road go about 7 miles to stop sign turn right onto rt 14 go about 1 mile Arneys is on the left 10 to 15 min
  14. zipnzim

    New bags

    if you have trim tabs lower them this will slow you down you could also trim up your motor to slow you down