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  1. rhorst77

    Where to Find Brown Trout This Time of Year?

    Fish creek mouths and pierheads.
  2. What’s the cost? What payment methods do you accept? Thanks
  3. rhorst77


    Pats 13 rams 3 lol who saw that coming ??
  4. rhorst77

    Rotating gimbal mount rod holders

    And I mean the rotating gimbal mounts with tracks mounted to them.
  5. Has anyone used the rotating gimbal mounts for Dipsy rod holders on their boats? Thoughts?
  6. To be clear, your 16 foot aluminum was a “real” Lake Ontario boat. Don’t diminish what you accomplished in that boat. You’re simply upgrading. We all should be proud of any boat we have up there.
  7. rhorst77

    Is it spring yet?

    Great video. Was watching some of your you tube videos yesterday. Keep it up.
  8. My first lo boat was a used 212 tournament I bought in 2001. Great boat. Fast, seaworthy and large enough to take a couple friends out and not be uncomfortable. Having a used boat has its issues but pay to get the engine looked at by a trusted mechanic and don’t miss service. Should be fine.
  9. Are these the rotating gimbal mounts?
  10. Im in the same boat right now. Interested to see other's recommendations. I think you have to look at how often you will be using the planers and how much you want to spend. The ciscos are more expensive but a better product. they are also upgradeable to electric pretty easily. I am not sure about the big jons. I a also considering the great lakes planers brand as well.
  11. rhorst77

    Fishing in the Florida Keys

    Where are you fishing out of? I head down to tavernier quite often to the courthouse down there.
  12. rhorst77

    Downrigger advice

    I have used both. Always loved the looks and the durability of the big jons. Had big jobs in my old boat years ago without problems. Running cannons now now and I love them. Love the auto stop system. I really like the cannon stainless steel base, swivel base and booms. I think that has stepped up the quality from years ago in my opinion. Keep in in mind I was away from this fishing for ten years. All of the riggers that have stood the test of time are good but I really have shifted from big Jon to cannon.
  13. What’s your price range and how far are you willing to travel. I bought a boat in July and recently upgraded. I’ve been through tons of brokerages and can probably give you some guidance. There is a great looking 28 foot rampage at Arney’s marina in sodus. Almost bought but opted for larger boat because of wife and three kids.