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  1. I am selling three magnum metalz electrics with dual rod holders. All with the 30 inch booms. Used one season (2019). Also two Magnum Metalz triple rod holders. 1250 takes all.
  2. I’m an attorney and Although I’m not licensed in New York all I do is insurance related to Law. If anyone has questions as to coverages and what it all means feel fee to message me. I’ll be more than happy to assist or answer questions.
  3. I’m in Sodus and have 4 twelve pound balls
  4. I’m confused. The filter is turning but not unscrewing, but then screws on tight?
  5. What’s your price range? I rent a house from a guy in greig street that has two great rentals. Bay front facing the lake. If not try the lodge on Grieg street. Both are great options
  6. Where Are you located?
  7. That’s what I thought. I’d stick with a split shot or two 15feet ahead of the spoon. Ones you get out past 15-20 feet you can go to sections of lead core. Problem with leadcore shallower than that, unless you’re doing one color, is it will snag on inside turns.
  8. I started taking my five year old out two years ago. Now he’s seven and my three year old loves it as well. I used to charter and was away from it for ten years. When I chartered my young son at the time loved it and now he’s 18. He still fishes all the time. It’s great when the kids get into it and want to go with you. It is an amazing experience to fish with your kids.
  9. When I first saw this I assumed the author was referring to flatlines spoons for brown trout when using spoons in lieu of stick baits. I prefer on in water less than ten feet and two for water between ten and twenty feet. If you really want to get deeper than that I’d consider using leadcore or cooper. Real chaos can you clarify what you were referring to?
  10. 1 or 2 size 4 split shot 15 feet from spoon
  11. I just went through the same thing. I have run scotty’ and cannons. I opted to rig my new boat with magnum metalz. I spent a lot of time and research and I to go with them. I like the all metal frame, the configuration options, and the low profile. I was willing to give on the auto stop . I really loved my cannons too but for my liking, I chose the magnum metalz’. Not trying to persuade anyone one way or the other, just giving you info as to what I did
  12. Looks like you’re at Arney’s. My brother is there as well. That was my first LO boat too and it served me well. Nice rig
  13. Sk8man....well said. You were a bit more eloquent than I but the same sentiments here
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