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  1. Nice!
  2. Thank you for the info! Great day on the lake!
  3. Prayers...GOD bless
  4. Sounds good Captain Richard !
  5. For Sale : USA

    Normal price will be $179 / $350 Fall sale -----> Now $150 / $ 290 Also have prototypes / flaws starting @ $85. each
  6. For Sale : USA

    Fall sale, call for details 315-245-1538
  7. Was asked to show a 5 mph why not sure, I have a 3" bigger boat that will be designed for copper , full testing and videos early so spring ....bow season on now www.perrysnopeep.comSent from my SM-S820L using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. Sounds good Richard, Any one who purchases a pair of Perrys Planer Boats is on my Pro staff. Pro staff members can refer PPB to fellow fishermen / women and receive $ 25. for each referral ( right and left boat ) Thanks for any help!
  9. Trade a new pair of Perrys Planer Boats, or Perrys No Peep archery sight and $ ? just asking, Thanks Perry
  10. Modification ------> tow rope is routed thru 1/2'' diameter nylon bolts with large area washers and hull blocks.
  11. Trade for Perrys Planer Boat ? 315-245-1538
  12. Any testers out there this fall season ? Can meet up with local fisherman to test + special purchase price. 315-245-1538